Gas Station Protein Mania

Protein protein protein this guy so you Got like 30 35 grams of protein in this So this whole thing has 110 grams of Protein there's also these core Powers This is 42 grams per person with 230 Calories tuna Creations 17 grams of Protein no carbs basically no fat almost Pure protein ham and turkey is not bad So there's a four count in here 560 Calories and 32 grams of protein hello Sir so the biggest most expensive item On this thing was this which ended up Being 20 bucks so with this turkey sub All I would really do here is Rip this Center out toss the the breads on the Outside but if I were going pure Efficiency on a dollars to protein basis I'd be going tuna packets and this guy Got 106 calories here with 34 grams of Protein we got 230 with 42. so all in These were three bucks each so this is Six and then my power thing was four ten Dollar lunch 400 calories 76 grams of Protein Mosey meals we out

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