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When I was a wee lad a young man I lived On fifteen hundred dollars a month and Believe it or not during that period of Time while splitting a room sleeping on The floor with another dude I was taking Home about fifteen twenty thousand Dollars a month and the reason that I Lived like that is because hey I'm Incredibly risk-averse but B because I Wanted to have money to go on the Offensive later if you don't know I am My name is I own it's a Portfolio of companies it's over 200 Million a year and I have nothing to Sell you I make these videos because I Want you to make shitloads of money and Make a big company so that someday we Can partner together and take it to 100 Million dollars and beyond for me making 20 grand a month was never an amount of Money that I wanted to brag about or Feel like I had made it I wanted to Shoot really really big this was only Stuff that was going to be stepping Stones for me to achieve what I wanted To later what I want to do in this video Is I'm going to break down how I was Able to live for so cheap this is for All the single guys all the single Ladies now if you can live with your Parents even better for me somebody Would have died it was for the best that I didn't have to live at home this is What I actually did in order to live at

1500 a month or less and I did that Eating out every day there's three big Cost centers you got Transportation you Got living and you got food so food wise Some of you guys have seen Mosey meals Meal hacks the things that I do at these Chain restaurants and I did it that way Because I don't like cooking and I Wanted to have more time to make money But made more financial sense for me to Not take eight hours on the Sunday to go Grocery shopping and prep all my food Versus me getting Chipotle twice a day Which is what I did at the time then 15 A day today 20 bucks a day 30 days in a Row 600 a month you can also go to Panda Express which has a phenomenal 110 gram Of protein hacked with extra chicken so You can have 200 grams of protein every Day recommend it third best option is Chick-fil-A is one of my favorites they Are on the pricier side just go with a 220 packs of chicken nuggets and get in Close to 12 bucks this is a shitload of Meat or two sandwiches either way you'll End up in that 10 to 12 range and you'll Be at that 600 700 a month range and if You're like huh did he really do that I Sure did that's all I did I picked Between Chick-fil-A Panda Express and Chipotle and that's what I lived on so Much to this point that Layla didn't Know that we were going on dates but for Me these were the fine establishments

That I was frequenting on a regular Basis they knew me by name and they knew That I knew how to work the menu so First step was Mosey meals and that for Me time to money wise was worth it when I would go to the grocery store and I Would get all the fixings and all the Stuff I spent 150 in a week and I ended Up spending almost 600 a month as a Single guy when I went grocery shopping And did all the prep and all the clean Versus me running out next door grabbing The food eating it and heading back and It was a nice mental break for me I ate Cheap and as crazy as this may seem it Is easier to figure out how to get all Of your calories in eating out stuff Ahead of time the absolute cheapest Route which I'll tell you right now Loaves of bread peanut butter Cheapest thing in the world and if you Really want to make sure that you're Covering your basis get a multi item you Can live on it if you want to add a Third Staple in there you can add Lactaid milk if you're Dairy sensitive You'll get your protein you'll get your Carbs you get your fat in if you want to Be extreme on it you can be extreme for Me I didn't want to live on peanut Butter sandwiches I did eat them when I Was trying to bulk up but I did those in Addition to my normal calorie intake and To that degree you might want to do one

Of those Mosey meals and then do peanut Butter and milk is the other one which Is a nice cheap in between the reason This is so important for everybody who's Watching this you got to know how to Live cheap so you can save up to build The business you want so you can invest In the skills and the experiences that Are going to make you money number two Is transportation this is where MOSI Mobiles came in there's lots of M's when It comes to mobiles meals and mansions From the mobile standpoint the most Efficient way to own a vehicle is to Purchase it in cash a used vehicle that Is ideally between 5 and 10 years old Any place in America right now today you Can find a used four-door vehicle that Is between 5 and 10 years old for 10 000 Dollars you don't have car payments the Only thing you really have to manage is Car insurance which is not too expensive And here's the cool part the cheaper Your car less the insurance you are Young and you are living on 600 a month For Mosey meals and you live on a Hundred dollars a month after you've Made your one-time Capital expense of Actually getting the car which I Recommend doing and not taking a loan For it all you have is your Mansion your Chateau where are you going to rest your Head at night I lived in Southern California one of if not the most

Expensive markets in the United States I Was in Costa Mesa was where I lived and After I slept on the floor of my gym Which is the first place which Technically was Zero but at the same Time it was five thousand dollars a Month because it was my actual rent for My business I then really splurged I Ended up having a member at my gym say Are you really sleeping here said I sure Am another member was having me sleep at Their place for free I was able to move From the free place to my own place Which is really in quotes here we split A single bedroom in a seven bedroom House key and I were roommates not Housemates roommates and I I had one Mattress that I got off Craigslist and Put on the floor fan next to my face Because it's really loud by the way so You can not have to hear what someone Else is doing because every other Bedroom had a couple there were three Dogs in the house my roommate had a dog Another couple had a dog and another Couple had a dog and one of the couples Had two dogs and they were both big so There was marking of territory there was and piss in the house every day It's horrible my half was 400 Bucks a month if you're in like North Carolina or you're in Boise Idaho you Can probably get a room for 400 a month Without having to split it big picture

Here I would recommend you go to the Place where shit's happening 400 a month That you'd spend to be in an area where Things are going on and people are doing Things with their lives to get out of Your area of the world where nothing's Happening and your friends are still in The same place and your parents don't Encourage you and think this internet is weird to tell you to stop Watching videos on YouTube and trying to Better yourself and just tell you to get A job whatever it is if you want to get Out of that environment it is worth the 200 to 400 a month the easiest thing to Do is to to connect with people online Join communities join Discord groups Join Facebook groups whatever it is try And figure out where there are pockets Of them because people congregate you Can find pockets of people that have Similar goals to you and get around them Every move for the first few years of my Career was only to be around people as Long as you're a person who's going to Hustle and people see it people will Open doors for you move from SoCal to Puerto Rico briefly from there we move To Irvine and then Albuquerque New Mexico because I had people there that I Wanted to learn from and I didn't know Anyone else besides this one couple if You just say hey do you know anybody Else who lives in this area and this is

Where like now the world's even more Connected than it was a decade ago see a Lot in SoCal you see a lot in Miami You'll see a lot of New York a lot of Chicago and a big thing here if you see Cleveland rich is not the same as SoCal Rich not the same as New York happens is Your standard of Excellence raises in Some ways you feel worse about yourself But to the same degree it shows you What's possible my recommendation is to Use that as inspiration it is possible They're made of the same flesh and bone As I am therefore I can too and when you Get around people like that they start Talking at different time increments and Different money increments if you're Hanging out with or talking in terms of Weeks talk in terms of paychecks talking In terms of of 100 000 Investments you got to be talking to People who are talking about hundred Thousand dollar Investments we're Talking about years talk about decades You can judge How wealthy people will be by how they Talk about how they allocate resources Time and money and the increments that They measure those I've moved a lot Faster in life through handshakes Instead of hacks so who who introduced Me and opened way more doors than any What ever did getting around the who a Lot of times it's hard to measure but

When I look at all the big deals that I've done in my life it's all been one Or two degrees connected from people That I met one recommendation that I Have for you don't turn down the first Invite you connect with somebody at a Thing it's like hey let's grab dinner if You make that first one happen the Likely that you end up staying friends And connecting is significantly higher If you turn down the first invite it Shows that you're not as interested they Also turned out your counter invite and It becomes this whole thing and I'm just Saying like one big move is just make it Work on the first invite when you go to That meeting do some prep work do 30 Minutes of research on the person you're Going to meet with and try to bring Something valuable to the table now it Might be your skill and you just apply It to them and this is the thing this is A hack a life no one wants a Free pass audio like hey you got a buddy Who builds patios you don't have a patio You have a couple people bid for it your Buddy's like hey I'll build it for you Right he says he'll do it for free and You say sure cool I'll save some money The other guy said they can do it in Four weeks he starts taking four weeks And it's you know a third of the way Down he said oh sorry I'm working on Some other jobs he'll be around to work

On it later this weekend and now it's Eight weeks and it's still you know Halfway done and at 12 weeks now you Start to hate the guy the thing Is is that if you want to do somebody a Favor if you really want them to take it As a favor blow them away make them feel Awkward for the amount of work that you Did and if you've never had this Experience I can promise you I've been On the receiving end and it is Uncomfortable I owe this guy Something and the nice thing about this You just provide value you go in and you Know just probably a little bit of value You actually do what a full-scope Project would be for whatever it is that You're good at and you just set it up For the dude or you spend a whole day Walking them through how you do this Stuff you're like well how do you find The time for that you work all the time That's how you do it this is work it's Investing in the long-term relationships They're gonna pay to visit later does That mean that I'm going to give to Somebody and I might not get anything Back yes didn't you say you want to be An entrepreneur and make the world a Better place that's what it looks like At a micro level the ultimate leverage That you can have in a relationship is Not needing anything back if you do that You can be the guy that stacks ious and

Then when you do need to make your move Because you are going to do the next Thing then you've got all these blank Checks ready to cash in and then that is How you can Propel yourself way faster And you just load the deck early when You don't need anything the time to dig The well is not when you're thirsty but When you have enough water so that when You are thirsty it's there now we can go On the offensive my plan B was always Strip at night drive Uber during the day And I'm dead serious if you're making Less than 60 70 000 a year I don't Understand why you wouldn't take that Car that you saved up for that's got Four doors it's 15 years or younger and Has no visible damage on it if you got Those three check marks you can drive Uber it is the most flexible job you can Make money immediately there's no risk Besides the actual vehicle itself you Can work whatever hours you want want You can do it on separate apps and when I say whatever hours I said there's Flexibility but also how many hours you Want you work 12 hours a day if you feel Like it living on 1500 bucks a month or Less spend 20 make another 200 have Saved up after taxes so I could go on The offensive again if you know it Doesn't cost you much to live Your risk tolerance goes up because you Don't have other to worry about

Real cost of the that you can't Afford or shouldn't be affording right Now you're paying for the car but you're Sacrificing your dreams you're paying For going out with the boys at the club Buying a table getting bottle service Buying girls drinks all of a sudden boom 100 bucks boom 200 bucks in a night like What just happened I was half my rent You become less dangerous because it's Very hard to fight someone who has Nothing to lose And it's very hard to find someone Who can live on nothing if we had to Pick between living on ten thousand Dollars a month and making ten thousand Dollars a month or living on fifteen Hundred dollars a month and then Spending the spread if you spend five Thousand dollars a month three thousand Dollars a month two thousand dollars a Month on your education so that you can Increase your earning capacity It's hard to be stopped side note if you Can get competitive with yourself at how Little you can spend recommend one of The other hacks that Dave Ramsey has That I'm a huge fan of is taking out the Amount of money that you're gonna spend For the entire month putting in your Wallet and leaving it there don't spend More than that period that's it that's All you got you're one of these people Who wants to credit card hack you'll get

Two percent here and I get one percent Here and I get three percent here you're Focusing on the wrong percentage Side if you're trying to be financially Disciplined just be disciplined So I get asked a lot about the income to Spending ratio I never had one that's Because I just try to maximize both Sides how can I hack the game to spend As little as humanly possible period and Then how can I hack the other side of The game make as much money as I Possibly can I just saved every dollar That was in food Transportation living The other way of doing this is getting Competitive with your bank account one Of the habits that I highly encourage You do is that every morning what's the First thing you check is it Instagram Is it YouTube is it your text I will Tell you the first thing that I checked The mornings when I was in this period Of my life it was my bank account every Day I would wake up and I'll check my Bank account and what happens when you Do that is you develop this muscle of Kind of this understanding of the money Flow it might be uneventful to check Your bank account every day but if I can Give you a habit that will make you a Lot of money it's just like weight loss If you get on a scale every day and You're trying to lose weight and you Don't do jack but you literally

Just get on the scale every day people Lose weight drawing and putting Awareness to the problem or the thing That you're trying to change improves it If you're in a business and you want Sales to go up start tracking everything If you just start reporting publicly on Close rates and put a leaderboard up Sales go up think about this from a Human behavior standpoint punish bad Behavior with yourself as quickly as Possible and you want to reward good Behavior as fast as possible so you do More of it that's why you check the bank Account every day start seeing it go up And you get this little ticker it goes Up and if you really want to be a g About it this is how I did it check your Bank account and you have a Google sheet On your phone and every day I put my Balance in and if you can start getting Addicted to getting personal records in Your bank account like if I can give you The one gift of this is to gamify it the People who make the most money they Think about money as a game and the best Way to do that is early on track two Things you check your bank account and You put it in and what's nice there is That you can start seeing long-term Trends when I would look at that Trend I Got a tremendous amount of Good Feeling I would look at it and be like I Did that and every month it get a little

Bit bigger a little bit bigger a little Bit bigger and you start feeling Progress for the sacrifices that you Make every day because you look at where You're at this month versus last month And you see progress so if you want to Improve your money situation you got to Check it got to look at it every day and The first thing in the day priority it Means it is happening prior it's more Important so you wake up you make money A priority you check your bank out every Day you start get a pulse on what's Going in and what's going out what's Going in what's going on you look at all Of the pluses that go in you look at all The minuses and next month you try to Make that column go up and that column Go down you keep running that cycle and And I promise you if you actually look At your bank account every single day Even for 90 days 90 days you will be Amazed at what goes in there they're Like huh didn't even know I still had That app most people get anxiety they Avoid the things that they don't like Gotta confront it I'm poor don't Want to be poor I'm going to look at This money until eventually it starts Paying attention back to me because Money sticks to the person who pays it The most attention this is how the Economy works the person in two parties Who pays the most attention is where the

Money ends up

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