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Getting a Client In One Day for My Agency

Over the next one two weeks I'm gonna Try to get a client from scratch and Let's see how many days does it take for Me to get a client we're gonna start Creating some content and try to get our First close deal so I'm gonna post some Follow the signs I'm gonna post some Educational content kind of build up the Authority a little bit by just posting About funnels for course creators for a Couple of days alright so just a quick Update it looks like we already have Leads coming in from my social media Post and my profile is looking good the First post is already bringing in leads And obviously that's not always going to Happen if you're starting from zero you Have no audience it's gonna take you a Couple of days couple of weeks but I got Great news we just close our first Client I keep saying this but it doesn't Have to be complicated and anyone can do This YouTube can do this make it simple Focus on Simplicity then eliminate any Other distractions and you can do this As well

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