Getting started with Payments AI

Learn how to “Getting started with Payments AI” in ClickFunnels 2.0.

ClickFunnels education team and on This video we are going to go over Payments AI payments AI is a new Integration that will help you to Process payments it can be used Standalone or you can also integrate With the payment Gateway of your choice Such as a stripe or PayPal Payments AI is required for all of our Users you don’t need to use payment AI As a payment Gateway but you will need To sign up for an account anyways in Order to process any payment Well-being in your account you can Access payment AI from the left side Menu at the bottom you need to click on It and then you will be taken to Payments AI registration page you need To select your country and click here at Two accepted terms and conditions and You will be taken to the next step Here you will see this pop-up where it Tells you which documents you will need Later Uh so it is a good idea that you gather This information before continuing Now let’s click on continue and you will Be asked for your business information Once you have completed your business Information you will be taken to the Next step which is adding your business Address you can add your address in here

And then click on next step Once you have completed your business Information the next step is complete The owner information You can add this information in here and Then click on next step Now for the owner address you have the Option to use the address provided in The business section or you can select Using a different address in this case I Will select the use the business address Now your billing information will be Required you can you need to complete All of this information about your Billing about your billing information And then click on next step Once you have completed your billing Information you will be sent to the Verification step in this step you need To upload Um some Documents to verify your information After uploading these documents you need To click on next step and then you will Be sent to the summary step which will Show all of the information provided as A summary and after that you will be Ready to go Once your information is verified you Will be able to access your payment AI Account from your dashboard by clicking Here you will be able to reach out Payments AI From your payments AI account you will

Be sent to this dashboard where you can See an overview of all of your Transactions right now we are in the Home tab Where you can see these General metrics Of your account You can see also if you have any Notifications on the right side of the Screen you can see an over on the status Of the payment gateways that you have Connected to your to your payments AI Account You can see new customers refunds also You can see an overview of your Subscriptions Now let’s check each one of these tabs That are on the top uh the first one is The transactions tab you can see more Specific informations about each one of The transactions you can use these tabs To filter the transactions you can see All of them you can see the sales the Refunds and the failed transactions you Can also use this filter here where you Can filter the information by time Or you can use this filter from here That will help you filter the Information according to the amount of The transactions currency status or type Now in the next tab we have the Subscriptions which this is also an Overview of all of your subscriptions You can see the active subscriptions From this tab the ended subscriptions or

You can see all and similar to the Previous Um tab you can also filter the Subscriptions from here using this a Drop down menu or this filter here The next tab I will show your disputes If you have active disputes or ended Disputes you can see them from here and The next tab will show the gateways that You have connected as we mentioned Earlier you can use payments AI but you Can also use a stripe and PayPal Along with payment AI so in this area You will be able to configure your an Existing account disconnect Um In this case the stripe account or if You want to add a new one you can always Click here in a request a getaway A Gateway Um and then in the last tab you will see All of your customers uh the right now I Don’t have any customers in this account But you will see all of this information About each one of your customers Lifetime Revenue country uh the primary Payment instrument the last payment when It was created and the customer type Uh and you can also use these filters to Um to find any customer that you’re Looking for Um lastly here in this in this uh widget Here you can reach out to support in Case that you have any question or any

Problem with your payments AI account You can reach out to their support by Using this widget I hope this video was Helpful and this is Alejandra from the Customer education team thank you.

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