God doesn’t call the qualified, he qualifies the called…

God doesn't call it qualified he Qualifies the call your job is not Saying oh I'm ready for this like you're Not going to be ready for it when we Build click funnels 1.0 Todd and I eight Years ago neither of us were qualified To do it we set a launch date because I Was like if we don't pick a date we're Never going to launch this we've got Everybody involved we did this big Launch and the night before the launch Uh Todd and Dylan at the time when They're coding and they're like hey just So you know software's not ready I was Like what Dylan had this idea he's like What if instead of launching the entire Software to everybody right now what if We do a reverse launch we'll each day Finish the feature and give them that Feature next well do we have any other Options like no I'm like okay so here we Go and Todd's back they're coding like Crazy and also like the next night like Midnight's like feature one's done it's In there and then poor Todd's like Drinking red bulls like you can't go to Sleep talk because we need another Feature by tomorrow and every day him And Dylan will sit there and they get Another feature we launch the next one The next one and they just crank this Thing out and over like a two-week Period of time we had click funnels

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