Going from 6 figures to 7 figures by doing this…

How you build a six-figure business it's Not how you build a seven figure Business so I want to talk about what I'm doing right now to not just build a Consistent seven figure per year Business but also a eight figure Business in this online marketing space And so if you're new here I have a Funnel agency we do about 30 to 40K per Month we help personal Brands info Businesses we build done for you sales Funnels for them and then a lot of People ask me how I got you know Hundreds of clients I built over 500 Funnels clients like Tony Robbins Dean Garcia's Russell Brunson Robert kasaki Steve Lars and all these kinds and so I Started doing mentorship and courses and Built digital templates who people Couldn't afford the funnel Building Services that we have and all these Different things but that got me to six Figures then I started you know sort of Using the word leverage more in my life And I built Partnerships with people Like Pedro Moreira where we have a Coaching program called Funnelclients.com and then I have like All these things right where I build Funnel templates I sell it it's just 37 Bucks low ticket stuff but I sort of Become the go-to for funnel templates in This space and I'm like okay I built This business that is generating six

Full to six figures per year and now we Recently had our first 100K per month so That's the seven figure business but I'm Like got to do something bigger Something that's like bigger than myself And I call this Market domination so you Can do this in any industry and I went Online and this Marketplace that we're Launching which I'll talk about here in A second it's called funnelservices.com And it's a marketplace where people can Go to find funnel Builders so funnel Designers copywriters tech people Agencies for ads and all these different Things and we're constantly updating it You can slide and pick the budget and Just find those people you can see what Their expertise as in what industry They're in and then you can click to Those you know portfolios and check out And hire people that way so we don't Charge a fee or anything but by having Funnelservice.com and I'm the owner I Own the IP and this is digital real Estate so now I'm building a portfolio Of micro Brands and so six figure is the Agency you get your freedom nice office A car car a house all these things but When you build Market domination IP you Can either you know easily build Something that's worth seven figures or Even a figures if you want to sell it in The future so I look at the marketplace And I'm like what do we need right now

Because I'm also a funnel Builder I'm an Agency owner like what do we need right Now we're obviously need great software So I'm talking with a lot of software Owners and you know in this space and They're also reaching out to me because Of my personal brand and then I uh I Bought funnel templates.com as well so I Have funnelservice.com freedomphotos.com I bought funnel I have funnel clients That come with Pedro I bought funnel Templates And so my plan went there you know I'll Share more in a second I probably don't Want to share everything in this video But I want to involve you guys to build Funnels host your templates through Application you have to apply we don't Allow crappy templates on there so There'll be approved approved by me but I build this IP to sell funnel templates For multiple different platforms right Then we're launching another thing so I Have the course full-time funnel Designer but then we're launching a Certification actually next week with That so now we have certification a Course an agency templates relationships To software owners and that's not all Like I also bought funneldesigners.com I Own a few different domains and and I Made a list about you know of all the Domains I have right now they're premium Domains that are paid thousands for so

In total about 20 000 something 30 000 Probably for all the domains and you Might say that's crazy but if you made a Million already in in Revenue online and You want to go to 10 million and you see This opportunity in a unique industry That's kind of blue ocean is on the Upwards Trend why not build Market Domination and IP in the industry right So that's why I'm building the Marketplaces the blogs and then you can Add YouTube channels to it and we have My channel then we can have freedom Funnels Channel then we I actually have Domains around like sales funnel Tutorials.com and these things so I can Build micro blogs around reviews around You know tutorials and then challenges To try side hustles and making money Online and all these things and I get to Have fun I serve clients in the agency I Educate my education company I Coast Together with Pedro and I talk and meet With software Founders and it's just a Fun business to build and it's worth Already you know quite a lot of money And so I want you to take this and you Know sit down and brainstorm and shut Down social media and close yourself in A room and just put on some nice Inspirational music and sit down and ask Yourself what can I build and if you're Starting out this the first one is you Know the six figure funnel building

Business or the six figure side hustle Or the six figure something you go all In on that but then once you have you Know six figure 10K per month per month Or 20K per month you're like okay what's Next for me what's bigger than me and That could be the agency just doubled on The agency sell it for seven figures That could be the route that you want to Go but if you're in SAS and you help you Know SAS Founders and you build funnels For them and you help build the software Websites and sales funnels then you Probably want to also sell templates for SAS companies or you want to do a Podcast in your interview SAS owners and Then you know if you're a really good Consultant you might want to work with People on performance basis and have no Income roof there's no ceiling because You can make more you think bigger and You create this Market domination within The software space you can do this Within you know the community space so Start building Community funnels buy the Domain Community funnels.com become the Goal to community funnel person and then You go into communities like school.com The Sam ovens platform Circle kajabi Teachable these Facebook groups and go In and network with these people and Become the person who builds funnels for Community owners or you go to people who Have a course and then you say hey we

Build communities we manage communities For people you charge something per Month right think bigger think different Think what is the thing that is super Valuable to them that can allow me to Build my personal brand become the goal To in this industry this Niche and try To take over from there and hopefully That was helpful to you if you want to Learn more how we do these things how we Get clients how we build businesses Check out the link to my stuff in the Description I'll see in the next one

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