Goodwill compounds faster than $

Goodwill compounds faster than money if You actually think about what Goodwill Is it's that you have positive sentiment And you have a degree of influence over A person's Behavior if one person has Good will with you and then shares your Stuff with somebody else and you create Good Will in that next person you can Double your Goodwill or 10x your Goodwill in a matter of 12 weeks 10xing Your money in a matter of 12 weeks is Very very unlikely good will because It's based on audiences and humans can Compound significantly faster than money Can and when I realize that that Goodwill could be translated into money If I so desired at a future date and Rather than focusing on the money that I'm trying to make today why don't I Focus on the compounding vehicle that Compounds at a much faster rate than Money does that compound's tax-free by The way and then when you choose to have The conversion event you can do that at Your own choosing but if you focus on The audience you focus on the Goodwill That will grow significantly faster than Any kind of monetary move

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