Hacks to never lose clients

Most people make the decision whether They want to stay with your company Between the sale and the first call so Like not even when they've tried your Product just through their experience Between when they were sold and what Their first real touch point is with the Company how they've been treated during That period of time they've made their Decision of whether or not they want to Stay with you what are some of your Favorite things to do between sale we Send handwritten cards we send stuffed Animals we make sure that everything is Always documented everything that's Verbal is also documented in writing so It's like I'm going to tell you right Now what's going to happen next you're Also going to get an email after this Call that says everything that I'm Saying right now if you have questions Reference the email you're also going to Need a recording of This call that's Also going to be sent in a meal so if You need to watch this again or show it To your team so the next call is on Tuesday that's the third so on there You're gonna need these three things in Between now and then if you don't give Me those three things I can give you Access to this thing cool great it's Really just Clarity it also makes them Feel safe yeah right because people just Want to know

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