Here’s Copywriting Solved

If you're trying to write copy one of The things that I think through as a Framework is what I call plus plus minus Minus self friends enemies what are all The ways that I can say more good plus Plus right you get more of these good Things in your life on the flip side It's how can we get less of these Negative things in your life and then I Frame that within the perspective of Yourself how your friends will see you And then how your enemies will perceive Those pluses and those minuses because It's not always just convincing them About their benefits but how their Benefits will be perceived through their Competition how their benefits will be Perceived through their wife if all of a Sudden you being successful your wife Sees you a different way that might be a Much greater benefit than actually being Successful and you crushing your Competition might be more of a benefit To you than actually being successful Which oftentimes status and how we are Perceived in the eyes of others is more Important than the thing we did itself

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