Here’s how you can find opportunity in times of uncertainty…

Most people say we are in a recession or We are about to get in recession now how Are you actually planning to transition Things out there just to make sure Everything stays relevant in your end The recession is something on most People's minds nowadays there are Certain types of businesses that do Really good during times of recession I Feel like historically over Time Entertainment does really well and what We teach and we talk about all the time With being entrepreneurs like Entertainment like we're entertaining Through podcasts and through videos That's a big piece of it number two is Like anything in like an opportunity Market does it really well during times Of recession there's uncertainty in Their current jobs so any type of Opportunities do really well I've seen This in the in my inner circle coaching Program like a good example Annie Grace So she spoke at funnel hiking live a Couple times and she is a business help Overcome alcohol addiction which is an Amazing company as her students have Gone through her programs and alcohol Addiction themselves they all want to They want to become like Annie so she Created an opportunity like hey if you Want to go and become a coach and go and Do this you can so she turned her Business into awesome opportunities

People can go and they can they sign up They become coaches and so that side of Her business is now thriving during Times of recession the big thing is Looking like how do I turn whatever Product or service you're selling into An opportunity click funnels is an Opportunity for anybody right if you Have it you don't have a job it's an Opportunity so traditionally does really Well during these times of uncertainty And if you're not in that business it's Like how do you take what you do and how Do you create an opportunity for other People out of it if you can do that it Opens up a whole new Marketplace a lot Of big opportunities like that can open Up inside any business

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