Here’s how you go from drifter to driven…

If the pattern of your life has been you Always switch back fear overtakes you And you become a Drifter the biggest key To becoming driven is you have to make a Decision and the word decide means to Cut off all other options so you have to Make a decision like I'm going to move Forward and I'm going to cut off all Other options and keep pursuing it you Probably heard Tony Robbins say before If you want to take the island what do You do you burn the boats you cut off All other options you decide and so if You are going to shift number one is you Have to decide I'm going to do it no Matter what I'm cutting off other Options like going back to the Ordinary World is not an option for me that's What I'm going to do I'm going to decide Today that there's no going back to my Ordinary World because I'm pursuing that Then when the fear comes like you have No other options you can't sedate Yourself you can't go back and hide you Have to go forward through the pain Instead of hiding from it that's how you Shift from being someone who's a Drifter And someone who's actually driven

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