Here’s my method to to really understanding and mastering something… 📖🤓

So I'm actually not that fast of a Reader if you try to speed read a book You can read it but you lose all the Enjoyment of it If I need to speed read I do have a Method for that whenever I buy a book I Buy the audiobook as well so I did is I Put my headphones in and I listen at Three and a half to 4X speed which is Fast but I also have the book at the Same time when you're listening and Reading it shuts off everything else Because for you to keep up with the Audio and to read at the same time You're able to catch it that way Speaking of our minds like our conscious Mind can only learn through five senses Sight hearing smelling touching pasting And say 80 of what we what comes in our Subconscious mind is through our eyes so Reading is like 80 of it between eyes And hearing that's like I said probably 90 of our inputs come from those two Things and so now that book's become Part of me like I know what a deeper Level because I've heard it I've read it I have all my senses have really Connected with that book at this point If I need to like really understand and Master something I'm doing both together

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