Here’s what I’ve learned after acquiring so many companies…

You are required magnetic marketing and Other companies as well what were your Top learnings that you've learned after Like acquiring those companies out there I've learned some things very quickly Number one buying companies it's pretty Powerful I guess the fastest way to Shortcut things right like a buying down Candy's company I was able to acquire 40 Years of his intellectual property his Customers his Goodwill and then now we Can leverage that for all the things We're doing right the negatives the Biggest thing that I learned the very First company we acquired was Dudley Which is the hand doodle software toonly Which is a cartoon software I never Bought a company before I know how it Works but basically after I send a whole Bunch of money he sends me the keys to The company here you go your company now I wasn't prepared to take on 100 Employees in one day we were looking at The marketing side I forgot about the Operational side which was a Russell Mistake we almost drowned by like a big Part of understanding yes you're buying The sexy assets and the traffic and the Funnels we're also acquiring a team a Family a whole bunch of employees and Managers and people we dropped the ball In that one it took us almost a year to Understand the operations and get people In place now almost a year later we're

Finally like relaunching that a Dan Kennedy's company we bought almost like 4 five weeks later but we knew the Mistake we had made so like first thing We stopped everything okay who are the People we got to know the people who They were the managers we have the Structure of it like okay now we know How it works we had a really good Understanding so when we launched that Within the first month we made our money Back from the entire acquisition and Then it was off to just like oh figure Out what we want to do and how we're Going to grow it and strategically it's Been really fun and so we lead now with Operations to figure out that piece and Making sure we've got people on our side That can they're gonna be able to plug In and make sure that foundation's safe And then from there we can run with the Funnels and stuff

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