Here’s What You Missed in the Exciting News Week of AI” – A Recap

Welcome to our blog post where we recap the most exciting AI news of the week. In this article, you will catch up on the latest advancements and breakthroughs in the world of artificial intelligence. From innovative technologies to groundbreaking research, we have summarized the most relevant and eye-opening stories for you. Join us as we dive into the fascinating world of AI and explore what you might have missed during this exciting news week.

Here’s What You Missed in the Exciting News Week of AI” – A Recap


The field of Artificial Intelligence is rapidly advancing with each passing day, and the week of May 22nd was no exception. This week was particularly noteworthy due to the Microsoft Build Event that took place on May 23rd. In addition to Microsoft’s new developments, Meta, Adobe Photoshop, and other companies made headlines with their own AI inventions. To help you keep up with the latest news in the world of AI, we have compiled a summary of the most significant events from the week.

Multilingual Speech AI: Meta Announces Game-Changing Technology

Meta, commonly referred to as Facebook, made headlines this week by announcing its new Multilingual Speech AI. This new AI allows for speech-to-text capability in over 1100 languages. This innovation is revolutionary as it surpasses the current benchmark of approximately 100 languages used in other technologies. Meta believes this will help individuals around the globe communicate more effectively and bridge the language barrier through technology.

Exclusion Image Rumor Drops Stock Market

A picture circulated this week, causing a brief drop in the stock market, particularly in companies such as Meta and Tesla. This image highlighted a supposed “AI exclusion” list, which was later found out to be a hoax. Despite this, the picture’s viral circulation shows the increasing concern and fear around the development and usage of AI.

Adobe Photoshop Jumps on Board AI Train

Adobe Photoshop added its own AI innovation this week with the integration of a native AI generative fill feature. The generative fill feature simplifies image compositing processes by making it easier to select and replace parts of an image with new content, which is often used in productions such as movies and advertisements.

Microsoft Build Event: AI Front And Center

May 23rd was Microsoft’s big day, with the Build Event showcasing its new developments. The company demonstrated innovation ranging from new Windows co-pilots to the use of Bing to new plugins for Windows terminal.

Windows Co-Pilot: Now With AI Chat GPT Built-In

Windows now has a new AI-driven chat function, known as Windows Co-Pilot, that can help users navigate the system more easily. The AI chat function, built on GPT technology, can act as a virtual assistant and track user behavior to predict and solve potential issues.

Bing Becomes Default Browser for Chat GPT

Microsoft’s search engine, Bing, can now be integrated with chat GPT as the platform’s default browser. This integration allows users to search the web, view media content, and essentially multitask with ease.

New Plugins for Windows Terminal

The Build Event also introduced new plugins for Windows Terminal, including ones for command auto-completion and the ability to interact with Azure services.

Chat GPT Members Get Beta Features

For those subscribed to Microsoft’s Chat GPT Plus program, they will now have access to beta features such as proactive error prediction and solution suggestions, and the ability to browse with Bing while using the chat GPT function.

New Fabric Analytics and GitHub Co-Pilot for Windows Terminal

Microsoft’s Build Event also announced the release of Fabric Analytics and GitHub Co-Pilot for Windows Terminal. The Fabric Analytics tool will provide more extensive visual information on data trends, while GitHub Co-Pilot will provide code snippets and suggestions to aid in coding for developers.


These developments in AI are exciting and demonstrate the rapidly expanding capabilities of machine learning software. From Microsoft Build to Adobe Photoshop, it is apparent that this technology is infiltrating many aspects of daily life. It is clear that the future of AI is bright and full of opportunities.


  1. What is the new Microsoft Windows Co-Pilot?
    The new Microsoft Windows Co-Pilot is an AI-driven chat function designed to make it easier for users to navigate the Windows operating system.

  2. What is the benefit of using Bing with chat GPT?
    By using Bing with chat GPT, users can multitask more efficiently by being able to search and view media content without having to leave the chat GPT function.

  3. What is the new Adobe Photoshop generative fill feature?
    The new Adobe Photoshop generative fill feature is an AI-driven tool that simplifies the image compositing process by allowing users to select and replace parts of an image more quickly.

  4. What is Fabric Analytics?
    Fabric Analytics is a tool introduced by Microsoft that provides more extensive visual information about data trends than traditional analytics tools.

  5. What is GitHub Co-Pilot?
    GitHub Co-Pilot is a new tool from Microsoft that provides code snippets and suggestions to make coding easier and more efficient for developers using the Windows Terminal.

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