How Alex deals with interpersonal conflict in his company

So if I see the team having Interpersonal conflict or issues I'll Usually talk to each of the two people Individually first to get you know her Side his side and then I'll usually chew On it first so I can kind of walk around In both of their shoes and then usually I'll get agreement on both of those like Do you think it'd be better if we talked About this you know together but my First intention is I will give them the Words that I think they should use with One another without me in the room if They can't resolve it that way then I Think we would come in as third party Mediator and then usually it has to be More like a papa talk of like Big Picture This is where we're trying to go These are the values that the company Stands for where are we having conflict Here what is the problem that we need to Solve the very worst case scenario is These are the conditions under which you Guys need to work together if Johnny Gives you the materials in this way Sam Is that acceptable to you yes Johnny if Sam interacts with you in this way and He says it this way are you good with That yes if they both adhere to those Principles trust ends up getting rebuilt And then mutual respect and like we Don't need everybody to like one another But we need everyone to respect one Another

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