How ANYONE gets their first 10 paying clients

What people ask you to do as a favor is An indication of the things you can Charge for later if you've got stuff That people ask you to do for them Because you're good at it maybe you're Good at Tech it's like can you help me Set up my like Wi-Fi and stuff you know Blah blah it's like that means you're Solving problems I had all these people Who are asking me for programs and stuff And so what I did was during my last Year of Consulting I started something Called the free training project I would Charge 500 to a thousand dollars I Wouldn't charge it they had to donate That to the charity their choice in Exchange to work with after a year of Doing that I had probably 12 really Great before and after pictures once I Had that I transitioned many of those Customers said hey I'm going to do this Full-time now are you comfortable paying The same amount you're paying to charity Except just making a charity of Alex Because Alex can't eat either all I had Was an LLC and a PayPal account so like For everybody's like I don't know how to Start a business you literally just need A bank account and a way to process Money that is it

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