How I built a SAAS with ZERO experience

So about two weeks ago I just launched My first SAS company and I have no Experience in SAS I don't really know How to code I pretty much have no clue What I'm doing but we were able to Launch this thing and we've already Reached almost 250 paid users so in this Video I'm going to share with you how we Got to this point of building a SAS Company how we came up with the idea how I marketed it and the hope is that by The end of this video you'll feel Inspired to create your own tool that You can sell to hundreds and even Thousands of people on a monthly rate so Let's dive into it so if you don't know Who I am my name is Peyton Clark Smith And I am a web designer that went and Built a design agency which then turned Into a search engine marketing agency And then I've gone to build courses and Sell courses I do stuff here on YouTube I've been able to try a little bit of Everything but the one thing that I have Not tried up to this point and had zero Experience in was building a software or Selling a software or creating a SAS Company And I was really excited to see that After our launch of my company Sim flow Just a few weeks ago we're about to hit 250 paid members while it isn't quite as Many users as I would like to be at Right now I definitely consider it a

Success and I've also learned a lot About this process I would like to share All this with you in hopes that you Might have an idea that you could turn Into a software and then sell to Hundreds and maybe even thousands of People so to explain a little bit about What my software does my agency works And builds websites exclusively in a Tool called webflow This is an up and Coming tool it's a great tool to design Incredible websites and it has a Community that's growing really fast now I've participated a lot in this Community and then of course I have my SEO agency that provides SEO services For the people in this community and These two worlds collided when I decided That hey we should build an SEO tool That works inside of webflow this is Very similar to what other companies Like yo most have done for WordPress but There was no one doing this for webflow And so we put our heads together me and My team and we found a great developer And we started building this thing out It was really fun to design and think About the different features that needed To be incorporated in this and really Early on I learned the difference Between building something that I think Is cool versus building something that I Know other people will actually find Useful and I had a lot of ideas early on

That seemed really cool and almost Gimmicky but when I would ask myself Would I really use this or would our Agency really uses the answer was no and So we would go back to the drawing board And continually refine this idea until We finally had a product that I felt Completely confident in and in fact once We finished this thing I had never been More proud of my entire career than I Was of this tool because I felt like This was going to bring more value to This webflow community than anything Else that I could possibly do and this Is the first thing that I learn is if You're going to put the time and effort And money into building a software don't Just Chase something that is gimmicky or Might be hot right now choose something That you have experience in and Something that you can truly be proud of Now I've learned this in this business And also my other businesses is you're Going to have a lot of failures along The way and if you aren't truly Passionate about what it is that you're Building you're going to give up and so When thinking about the ideas of things That you could turn into a software make Sure that it's something that you have An expertise in something that you're Passionate about and something that you Can stick with long term now going back To talk a little bit about how we built

This again I don't know a whole lot About coding definitely not enough to Build a whole software and so what I had To do was reach out to all of my Connections and find a developer that Had experience in building Chrome Extensions and also other apps like in Shopify and this person was a great fit To help us navigate this whole process Of building out this Chrome extension Which is now working inside of webflow Now the thing that was really useful is Of course I'm a designer so I was able To design out how I want this thing to Look and I know that a lot of times this Is where companies hit a lot of friction And have issues is they don't really Know what they want their product to Look like and so if you're a designer or You can spend time in the design process It's going to make it much easier for You to get your vision down on the Screen and show a developer what it Needs to look like what it needs to do How it should function what happens when You click every different button and by Doing this it's going to make the Development process a lot easier now the One thing that I will say is I invested A lot of money in this I won't tell you Exactly how much but definitely you're Going to spend some money if you're not Doing it on your own so again this goes Back to make sure it's something that

You are confident in something that You're passionate about because at the End of the day you're going to be Spending a lot of money a lot of time It's going to be stressful you still Aren't going to really know if it's Going to work and so if all else fails Just make sure it's something that You're proud about all right so let's Talk a little bit about the performance Of sim flow up to this point so like I Mentioned it's been live for just a Couple of weeks and anytime you launch a New software you're going to be met with Some apprehension and I'm sure that There are a lot of people that have seen My app they've seen this company but They're unsure if it really is Everything that it claims to be and so You're always going to have a lot of People that are apprehensive to dive in It first but we were fortunate enough on The first day to have about 50 people That dove in to try it out and I was Really grateful for these initial people Because right when they dove in we had Some major bugs and this was something That I didn't anticipate and a ton of People were emailing me saying hey like I just paid 15 for my first month but This SEO tool isn't crawling or auditing The site or it's not returning a score And there were a lot of people that were Frustrated and honestly they had a right

To be but I was so grateful that those Initial people were willing to be Patient with us and give us an extra day Or two to fix these problems and after That initial batch things have been Running super smoothly so that's another Side note to remember you should expect Bugs they're going to happen but just by Being transparent with your users and People that are spending their money With you more often than not they're Going to be pretty forgiving so if you Are one of those people that had issues With some of those early bugs thank you So much for being patient with us now After those initial 50 users we had a Pretty consistent stream of people Coming in since that time every day We've been having between five and eight New paid users and so it's slowly and Steadily growing the thing that's really Exciting with those is with every new User we're getting a new person that Hopefully will give us a good review and From what I've heard the only people That have had a negative experience are Those people that ran into those early Bugs once we got those fixed everyone Has has been overwhelmingly positive Which means to me that hopefully we're Doing a good job and that this tool is Really useful for people we've been able To get a couple great reviews on the Chrome Store and this is slowly growing

Our reputation and the hope is that a Lot of those people that were Apprehensive before are going to feel More comfortable about the fact that we Fixed all those early bugs and that this Tool is working really well and then it Is extremely valuable we've had almost Nobody cancel which is a really good Sign as well that means that hopefully We priced it properly it's only 15 bucks A month so it's really affordable but Also that the value is there and I hope That everyone that uses samflow uses it Forever I hope that it becomes something That they Implement into their everyday Practices when building websites in Webflow now with our users being between 200 and 250 people I think this lands Between two and three thousand dollars In monthly recurring Revenue now this Might not seem like a lot especially in Considering I'm paying way more than That to maintain this and make updates And improvements but that's all part of The process is reinvesting back in your Tool but the fact that we're bringing in A couple thousand dollars a month means That I can pay my team I can invest more Into the development of this thing and The hope is that within maybe the next Year it's going to become extremely Profitable because we're going to have Added a ton of new features we're going To have our users up to hopefully two

Three four five thousand happy users and We're going to be generating a lot of Revenue and the most important part is Those that are using the tool are going To feel like it's a massive bargain so With all of this said it is still very Much a work in progress now if this is The first time that you're hearing about Sim flow and you want to try it out like I said it's just 15 bucks and we're Getting some awesome responses and so if You're interested in seeing what it does You can go check out this video right Here you can also go to to Learn more about what all you're going To get when you purchase Sim flow now With all of that said a few other things That I've learned is you should expect The worst in terms of bugs and things Breaking and make sure that you're Taking all the precautions necessary to Avoid those things because you want to Make sure that you provide your users With a great experience especially the First users because they're going to be The ones that go back to their friends And tell them about that experience They're going to hopefully be the ones That leave you a positive review and you Don't want them leaving a negative Review because that's going to really Slow down your progress and on top of That and it kind of goes hand in hand is You want to make sure that you have a

Very forgiving audience that's willing To try out your products and be patient If not everything goes according to plan Now the last thing that I'll mention That's really important for those of you That are trying to build whether it's an App a tool a Chrome extension a course Whatever it is it is always going to be Extremely beneficial if you build these Things within a market or an industry That you have experience in and also That you have some sort of following This can be on YouTube Instagram Twitter Wherever it is but you want to have some Sort of following so it's really easy to Get your product out in front of a ton Of people really early on the other Benefit of this is I was able to reach Out to people that I have interacted With throughout my social channels and Bring them in as a beta group so they Could test things out early on even Before that initial 50 paid customers And so build an audience build some sort Of network a community and make sure That you position yourself in a place Where once you launch your new product You can get it in front of people get People that are that trust you and are Willing to try it and it's going to help You gain momentum a lot more quickly so I look forward to giving you an update Here in a couple months about my new SAS Company letting you know how it goes but

Also I want to encourage you and and let You know that it's not as hard as you Think you can Outsource the things that You don't know and you can learn the Other things that you don't know along The way you're going to make a lot of Mistakes but this truly is an exciting Endeavor and I could really see myself Taking my entire design and marketing Agency and putting all of our resources Behind this software because it truly is Something that I'm extremely proud of so Thanks so much for watching again if You're interested in samflow be sure to Hit the link down below or go to and if you want more videos Like this one be sure to hit that like Button so I know this is the kind of Stuff that you like so thanks for Watching and we'll catch you in the next Video

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