How I Gained a Lot of Weight and Strength

I trained six times a day and gained an Insane amount of weight and strength I Had a roommate named Greg Knuckles who's Really knowledgeable in the strength Space he suggested I try something Different lifting six times a day but Each time only taking 10 minutes to do It so I set a timer and every 45 minutes I do one set of three different Exercises and then I go back to work I Also adopted a pure carbohydrate diet With no fat with the idea of being that The efficiency of fat conversion to Stored fat is almost 100 while the Efficiency of carbohydrate storage and If that is lower than that and so if I Had 200 grams of protein and 800 grams Of carbs with zero fat it was horrible And unsustainable but I gained a lot of Weight and strength then I dialed back The volume but I kept the split

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