How I knew she was the one

Our entire first few months of dating Was just I'm gonna work all day you can Work next to me that was what we did From the day we met and this really Hasn't changed we went from like first Date until today with very little Changing in our relationship you know When someone laughs and they're like You're stupid she said that to me once I Was like I just don't like being called Stupid even if it's a joke and she was Like okay never did it again if you Define learning as same condition new Behavior like if you haven't changed Your behavior with the same condition You have not learned and intelligence is Speed of learning which is speed of Behavior change my marriage is atypical This is just what has worked for us is That I like working all the time and I Wanted someone who would work all the Time with me because if I didn't then I Wouldn't see them and then we would Drift apart because I'm getting way Different stimuli from my life than they Are and inherently we're going to adapt To the things that we're exposed to all Day and eventually we'll look at each Other be like oh we don't know each Other and some people that's exciting to Me you might as well be a stranger and I Can just keep doing my own thing

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