How I Manage 8+ Businesses At The Same Time

Have eight companies under you right now Is there like a breaking point where It's like holy we need more team to Support the amount of companies we want To have under us right now we run a pod Structure we'll have a handful of people Who are Specialists over a specific pod It's like you're doing a big meeting Like every day to a point where you have No idea what's going on with anything Essentially it depends on what the type Of the meeting is if we have a Cadence To check in on how they're doing on a Playbook I'm not required for that from A monthly perspective me reviewing the Numbers we already cleaned the data on Our side so that we can see it the key Numbers that we care about I'm sure like When you read financials for your own Company it's like I'm not looking at Everything I'm looking at the handful of Things that matter to me I'm looking at Every cash flow I'm looking at growth I'm looking at sales units I'm looking Conversion numbers and that's about

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