How I met my wife

How did you meet her Bumble I swiped Right she was an Iranian girl who's into Fitness and when I met her on our first Date we talked for like four hours only About business and I was like this is Great I don't have to pretend to like What you like she was telling me what Her dreams and aspirations were she Wanted to open a gym someday at the time I think I had five I was like I'm Starting this new thing you should do it With me she didn't really believe me yet She had built up her own personal Training business like a roster of Clients and so she had her own thing Going and so I went and I launched three Gyms came back I process like 100 Grand In front of her and she was like what The hell is this is this legal and I was Like yes and she was like okay she ended Up quitting and joining me there because She knew it was I was good at it

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