How Media Can Grow Your Brand

Warren Buffett invested in so many One-town newspapers because they were Monopolies there wasn't enough room for Another paper to come in town and a Newspaper had two monetization things Which may never be available again cable TV had the same thing people would have Access to the content and advertisers Would pay to have access to the eyeballs They got paid on both sides and people Became exorbitantly wealthy the thing is Is that digital media eroded that first Sale to the customer which is when Facebook came in and said it's free and It always will be they stuck with that Because they realized because it was Free they were able to gobble up so much More media their cost to acquire Eyeballs at a platform level was so low That it made more sense for them to not Try and monetize the audience except Through the advertising it took me way Too long to realize that the game had Changed fundamentally in terms of how Media is monetized and how media can Grow a brand and the amount of reach That a single video a single bout of Effort can deliver

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