How Much Did My Business’ Website Cost

How much did how much did the website Cost you I think it was 370 something 370 dollars thousand what the was It someone just domain squatting yeah You just talk it down what was the Original price no I just came into Asking they were in talks for somebody Else and they made a negotiator I am but What's the goal you know what I mean for Me the cost of negotiating it because You had another buyer that they had been Haggling with and so I figured that the Seller was kind of tired of haggling With this other guy I think the number That they were at was like 325 or Something like that and they were trying To create some sort of payment plan and I was like I'll pay 370 today cash I can Wear it tomorrow and so the deal closed In like two days and they had been in Talks for like two months for me it's Like is there actually a difference in How much value I'm gonna get out of Something if I pay 50 000 less or the Downside risk of me just not getting it For me is significantly higher

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