“How much does a website cost?” – Sales tip for designers #2

Here's a quick sales tip for designers That will help you close more projects One of the biggest mistakes that a Designer can make in the initial call With a prospect is answering the Question how much does it cost and this Is usually one of the first questions People are going to ask is how much does It cost for a website and it might be Really tempting just to dive in and say Oh it's a couple thousand dollars it's Five thousand dollars it's ten thousand Dollars but if you answer this question Without any other knowledge of what they Need it's just going to scare them off Because number one you don't know what To price it at because you don't know What the project is going to look like And number two you haven't had any time To build up the value of your services And how great is going to be working With you so if early on in the call Somebody asks you how much does it cost For a website it's okay to say well you Know it really depends and so let's talk A little bit about what you're looking For and that will help me get a more Accurate quote and then you can spend The following minutes talking about what They need asking great questions really Understanding the project and then Giving them an accurate price quote that They're going to feel like it's worth it

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