How my first online course paid me 350k… (and counting)

I launched my first online course a Little over two years ago and since that Time I've made 357 thousand dollars in Core sales now making online courses is A fantastic way to make money online Number one because it's probably one of The most passive ways that you can make Money number two because you're Providing a lot of value to the people That buy your course and number three There is very little overhead in making These courses so once you make the Course when people purchase that most All that money goes into your pocket and So what I want to do in this video is Talk to you about everything that I've Learned over these past two years from Creating my online course and finding The best ways to sell it and creating Real value that people want to spend Their money on plus I want to talk at The end about how you can make and sell Online courses without coming across as Spammy or like a untrustworthy Guru so Let's dive into it so the first thing That I learned about making an online Course is you don't just want to dive in And make a course without having someone To sell it to you need to have some sort Of audience or a plan of how you're Going to reach people that are going to End up buying your course for me I Started building my online audience in Two different places I had a Facebook

Group with a few thousand people that Were specific to the type of course that I was creating and number two I have my YouTube channel here now when I first Launched my course I only had a few Thousand subscribers so you don't really Need a huge audience to get it started But you want to make sure that once the Course is finished you can do some sort Of announcement to get the word out There and hopefully get some course Sales right off the bat because this is Going to help get the ball rolling get Some good feedback some testimonials Some reviews and the word of mouth is Going to start to spread now along with This the other thing that I learned is You want to make sure that you create a Course in a very specific Niche if your Course is way too broad it's going to be Really difficult to compete because There are other people that are bigger Experts than you and you want to make Sure that you can kind of nail down a Very specific box that only you are Competing in and the nice part about This is then and when people come to Your site and they find your course They're going to say wow this is a Perfect fit for what I'm looking for They're speaking directly to me and this Is the only solution this is the only Online course for this specific topic That I'm looking for and so by choosing

A specific Niche it's going to make Course sales much easier now in my Example the first course that I put out There was a search engine optimization Course and there are a lot of SEO Courses out there and so what I decided To do was rather than just make a General SEO course I made an SEO course Specific to webflow which is a web Design platform and the nice part about This is it was a more specific Market it Was the only course of its kind and it's Been a lot easier to scale in a smaller Box a smaller industry rather than Competing with a lot of the big dogs now If you have an audience the best way to Get this whole process started is by Doing pre-sales pre-sales is a really Cool way for you to basically sell your Course before you put the time effort And money into building it now this Might seem a little bit scary itchy but There is a really good honest way to do This and the best part about pre-selling A course before you make the course is You can see what type of demand there is For the course you can gauge people's Interest and if you sell enough you're Basically getting paid beforehand to Build a course now there are a few Things that I want to make sure that you Understand about this is you have to Make sure that this is a 100 honorable Pre-sale and the best way to do this is

Just to be upfront with people about the Fact that the course is not done yet and It's going to be launching in one month Three months however long you feel that It's going to take you now if you offer This pre-sale and you start collecting Payments and then you realize that the Demand is just not there there is Nothing wrong with scrapping the project And changing your direction the Important thing is you've got to make Sure to refund those payments you cannot Collect payments on a pre-sale and then Keep those payments and then not deliver On what you promised and so if you're Going to do this pre-sale make sure You're up front with people let them Know what's going to be inside your Course when it's going to launch you can Kind of feel out where the demand is and The interest is and if you feel like There are enough people from your Audience that are interested in it you Can go ahead and keep those payments and Go ahead and move forward on creating The course now one thing that's been Really really important for me since the Beginning is I did not want to become One of those people that we see on Facebook ads where they are the online Guru saying hey take my course and you Can make a million dollars in the next Three months and it just seems really Gimmicky and I think because of those

People online course creators or online Education platforms have kind of gotten A bad rap because people just think that You're trying to scam them for their Money and because of this I've tried Really really hard to make sure that I'm Not selling a course on any type of Gimmick rather I'm selling a course on a Very specific type of skill or tactic or Strategy or something that truly has Measurable results and that I know People are going to be happy with once They finish the course and so my course On SEO rather than telling people I'm Going to make you a million dollars in The next six months by offering SEO Services which probably would sell Better I'm telling people I'm gonna Teach you how to run an SEO campaign and Increase the rankings on your websites And then I'm going to teach you how to Offer SEO as a service and so I'm being Really clear about the skills that I'm Going to teach them and then I know in My heart that what I'm teaching them in The course is truly valuable and I'm Teaching them the best strategies and Things that I've learned from experience And I'm not teaching them anything that I don't know for certain is going to Help them and their business so if You're looking for an idea of a cool Course to create you can look into maybe A course on a specific no code tool or

Something specific that you've learned In your career or an experience that You've had in your job whatever it is That you feel like is specific to you That you could consider yourself an Expert at if you have some sort of value To share with people that's a great play Place to start in creating your first Course and the nice part is even though You are starting in a smaller Niche like I have you can eventually expand that And make it a more General Course once You've exhausted the niche now another Thing that I just really want to Reiterate is the quality of your Education the last thing that you want To do is put out a crappy course that Doesn't have any valuable information And have everybody requesting a refund And people bad-mouthing you and saying That you're a scam this is the worst Thing that you can do so make sure that The quality is truly there to do this You need to make sure that you're Spending a lot of time and effort on the Content of your course you want to make Sure that as you film it and create it You're providing resources and Everything is just top tier because it's Going to come back to bite you really Fast if you put out a crappy course that Doesn't have what you promise and so This is something that we're constantly Trying to do in fact we are just working

Now on our third revamp of our SEO Course we continue to update this as Strategies change and and we learn new Things inside our agency and so I'm Doing my very best to make sure that the Quality is always there because I know That people talk and I know that if I do A good job and put the best content out There that I possibly can people are Going to be grateful people are going to Give us great testimonials and reviews And they're going to tell their friends And so at the end of the day and this Goes for anything that you do in your Career make sure that you're doing your Very best work and that you're Delivering on everything that you Promise and it's going to scale itself It's going to grow organically because People are going to appreciate the work That you put into it so if you have any Questions about creating your own online Course don't be afraid to drop those Questions down in the comments and I'll Be quick to respond and if you are Interested in looking into my SEO course For webflow designers I'll also drop a Link to that down in the description Thanks so much for watching and we'll Catch you in the next video

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