How restaurants use mints to make more money

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Here's how a restaurant used mints to Make more money if you've ever seen Mints by the door at or restaurant Here's what that restaurant's doing Wrong and what you can use that same Psychology in your business to help all Of your employees make more money so When they took the mints from the door And actually gave them to the waitresses To give out when they gave the bill they All got increases in tips but the way They gave them out actually changed how Much they got is the increase so when They handed the bill with a mint they Got a three percent boost in tips when They handed the bill with two mints they Got a 14 boost and the third version of How they tried it was the best one they Handed the bill with one mint on it they Started to walk away and then they Turned around and came back and put Another mint on the platter and people Gave a 23 boost in tips and the reason This works is something called Reciprocity people feel obligated to Give back to people when there's three Things that occur when someone gives Them a gift when it's personalized to Them and when it's unexpected and so if You can weave those three things into The gifts that you give you'll have People feel far more obligated to comply To the requests that you made and so if You have a business and you have a way

Of giving something to a customer Especially before they're about to make A purchasing decision this is where you Can use the psychology tactic to make More money

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