How to Access Course Settings in ClickFunnels 2.0

Foreign [Music] We're going to show how to access a Courses settings To do this click on site and settings on The left hand side of the dashboard Then go down to courses and click on Courses Now find the course that you want to Access the settings to so in this Example we're going to say test course Three And then go to the right of it and click On the gear icon And now you've accessed the settings of The course now at the bottom of this Article we'll have links that will show In detail what each of these settings do But once you make changes in here you Can then click on update course either At the bottom of the screen or at the Top or if you made changes but you want To cancel those changes you can also Click on discard changes either at the Top or the bottom Alrighty if you have any questions Please let us know by contacting our Support team and I hope you have a good Day

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