How To Add a Background Color Gradient

Foreign We will discuss adding a color gradient So color gradient is known as a color Ramp or a color progression This is a gradual transition from one Color to another which is a technique Allowing you to add contrast to your Background colors One important reminder the background Color gradient is available in most Elements where this option is available Before we get started what you will have Or should have are the following a click Funnels account And an existing page with sections rows Or elements So let's get started So you can see in the background I'm Already inside the page editor Uh the first thing you want to do is Just hover over settings Then select background from the drop Down menu Okay so once you have the background Side menu make sure you enable the Background toggle to on And then click the background color bar To open the color Bar menu On the color Bar menu click the drop Down that says solid and then select Gradient from the drop down menu Selecting radiant will automatically Display the default color selected in The app so it's black and white from

Here you can adjust the gradients Style According to your preferences Or color When you're happy with the changes that You've made you can click on the save Button right here at the top right Corner Now I did mention earlier that this Option is also available in other areas Inside the page editor so you can do This inside the row So just go to the row settings Find the background option so right here Click the enable toggle for background And following the same steps click on The background color bar which is going To open the color Bar menu Click the drop down and then select Gradient from the drop down And again you'll see the same following Option uh the app automatically displays The default color which is black and White Which is something that you can change Freely According to your preferences And you can repeat the same steps for uh The element so as long as the uh the Option is available I mean the The gradient option is available you Should be able to add a color gradient Inside of your page editor so right here We're inside the element this is a sub Headline element

Locate the background let's enable the Background and then click on The background color bar And click the drop down for the style And select gradient And you can again see that the element Automatically has that default right There Let's change that to something That So you can freely customize this According to your preferences And and again when you're happy with the Changes you've made just click on the Save button on the upper right corner of The page which is going to lock in all Of the changes that's done And that's it Uh you've reached the end of the video If you have any questions about this Process please feel free to reach out to Our awesome customer support team have a Great day ahead

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