How to Attract Clients to Your New Design Agency from Scratch – Part 3

In the third part of the series focused on attracting clients to a new design agency from scratch, the strategies to efficiently build a client base will be explored.

How to Attract Clients to Your New Design Agency from Scratch – Part 3


In the fast-paced world of digital marketing, launching a new design agency can be both exhilarating and challenging. Payton Clark Smith recently ventured into this realm with the creation of Best Pest Marketing, a design agency aimed at providing top-notch services to clients in need of creative solutions. In this installment of the video series, Payton delves into the strategies and tactics involved in attracting clients to the agency from scratch. Let’s dive in and uncover the secrets to successful client acquisition in the competitive landscape of the design industry.

Building Your Client Base

  • Leveraging Personal Connections
  • Crafting Personalized Emails
  • Utilizing Facebook for Client Outreach

Leveraging Personal Connections

One of the key strategies Payton highlights in the video series is the importance of tapping into personal connections when kickstarting a new design agency. By targeting friends, family members, and mutual connections, Payton demonstrates how a strong foundation of support can pave the way for future success. The short-term strategy focuses on making a launch announcement that resonates with those closest to the individual, generating initial buzz and interest in the agency’s offerings.

Crafting Personalized Emails

In a world inundated with generic templates and automated responses, Payton emphasizes the power of personalized communication. By taking the time to tailor messages to specific contacts, rather than resorting to a one-size-fits-all approach, the individual can build meaningful relationships and establish credibility within the industry. The video showcases the art of crafting personalized emails that speak directly to the recipient’s needs and preferences, setting the agency apart in a sea of impersonal outreach efforts.

Utilizing Facebook for Client Outreach

With the omnipresence of social media, Payton explores the effectiveness of leveraging Facebook as a platform for client outreach. By strategically sharing posts and updates related to the agency’s services, Payton demonstrates how to attract potential clients and foster engagement within the online community. The video highlights the importance of creating unique messages that resonate with target audiences, showcasing the agency’s value proposition in a dynamic and engaging manner.


In conclusion, attracting clients to a new design agency from scratch requires a combination of strategic planning, personalized communication, and leveraging personal connections. Payton Clark Smith’s video series offers invaluable insights into the tools and techniques needed to succeed in the competitive landscape of the design industry. By following the steps outlined in the videos, aspiring designers can navigate the challenges of client acquisition with confidence and creativity.


  1. How important is it to leverage personal connections when starting a new design agency?
  2. What role do personalized emails play in building relationships with potential clients?
  3. Why is Facebook considered a valuable platform for client outreach in the digital age?
  4. What are some common pitfalls to avoid when attracting clients to a new agency?
  5. How can a pre-built site offer serve as an alternative to traditional client acquisition strategies?
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