How to become a ClickFunnels Affiliate in ClickFunnels 2.0

Foreign [Music] With the customer education team and on This video we are going to go over how To become a clickfunnels 2.0 affiliate The first thing that you need to do is To visit this page Scroll down a bit and click on this Button Here you need to provide your full name The email address and a phone number Please make sure to use the same email Address that you are using for your Clickfunnels 2.0 account and also if you If you are going to transfer your Affiliates from clickfunnels classic Make sure that you use also the same Email address from there once you have Completed this information click on Become an affiliate Once you have done that you will see This page here on the top of the page You can find helpful links you can reach Out the affiliate portal from here or From here So if you click here you will see this Login Um page where you need to enter your Email address and you can sign up Requesting your magic link or using your Password Once you are inside of the customer Center you can click here in the Affiliate center link to reach out this

Page or if you are inside of your Clickfunnels account You can reach out your affiliate Center From here by clicking here and then Clicking in cf2 affiliate Center So once we are in there you will see This checklist You need to set up these two steps the First one is to set up payments which is Managed by T policy so you only need to Click here you need to provide your Personal information Once you have completed this information You need to click on next To select your payment method here you Have the options uh wire transfer check Or PayPal Once you have selected your own Information you you need to click on Next to complete the tax forms when you Have completed the tax forms you need uh You will be completed this process Now let's go back to the affiliate Center This will appear in With a check mark once it's done but Please keep in mind that after Completing this information it can take Some time for deposit to verify this Information The other step is to accept the Affiliate agreement So this is the affiliate agreement I Suggest you take a closer look at this

At this information and then click on Accept Once you have completed these two steps You will be ready to to start using your Links you can find your your links uh Here You will find the active campaigns link And you can grab the links from here you Can find your future pending pads from Here your commissions if you need to Request an invoice history of your Commission you can click here and you if You click this option you will be Downloading all of your information from Here Um so that's it I hope this information Is helpful um this is Alejandra from the Customer education team and I hope You're having an awesome day thank you

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