How To Become A Millionaire Using Sales Funnel Templates

Since we’re live we’re totally live What’s up man hey I’m getting ready for The new Despicable Me 3 movie he hath You through sign they did they did I Wanted to be his his brother but they Just said I could be GRU that is not Enough of that Welcome to photo Friday I doing I’m Doing great this is our for those of you Keeping track at home this is the 30th That’s 3-0 or whatever I don’t know Whether I’m forward or backwards this is Our 30th episode of funnel Friday’s so We decided to do something a little Different and so we decided to do a Facebook live and come on in kids we’re Going to talk a little bit about just Kind of what’s going on in life and then I’ve been totally amazed by Russell’s Launch expert secrets which I’m working Very hard and turning into scripts to go Into funnel scripts and so um I thought And we thought sorry not just me but we Thought that it’d be cool to get an Update on how things are going because Russell’s been going nuts with doing all Of this live I was going to say Preaching is live teaching about Everything that’s going on right there You go here’s how it works okay and turn To page I keep telling everybody that It’s funny that we get on here and now I’ve taken to start giving people page Numbers when we’re talking about funnel

Scripts and stuff you know on page 73 in Viana that this is actually the fifth of The hooks that you need to know so I Mean even on funnel scripts I’m starting To put the UM I’m starting to put page Numbers where they can read all the Background to get the script and people Are digging in it so how’s it going with The book launch I know that the you know The affiliate things ending on Sunday And so you’ve been going nuts you look Like you could lead use about three Weeks worth of sleep so what’s happening Yeah it’s been great first off thank you Everyone for like hanging out Participating being part of it it’s been It’s been insanely fun um it’s been very Tiring exhaust As we just talked about but it’s been Super rewarding and feeling it’s Fulfilling indeed it’s been interesting Like a soft camera before you start Jim After that ye is going so hard it’s been Itching cause like I don’t go to Calgary This January it’s been insane with Genuine independent certification and Were certified partners then we had the Next week on our first ever photo hack Fun event for his circle members to me Clearly if I’m not in July then we had a Couple senator circle and another circle Of the next receivers launch and then Last week we did the whole this week We’ve done the whole like expertise

Master class next we have another fat Amid and it’s just like it’s been a lot And I’m tired but like it’s been it’s Been there’s something about momentum And and I don’t know like I feel like You launch to get my momentum that diet Or if I kind of want to keep writing Because because I’ve got a message I’m Trying to get out to the world and I Don’t want it to stop And I know that what is that message I Message for entrepreneurs that we can And you can like literally change the World to what you do and actually like The momentum I don’t want it to stop and I’m very I’ve ever hearing with Tim Ferriss one time talking about how he’s 40 minutes new his 15 minutes of fame And how much he’s enjoying it I can feel That same way like anything to that and But while the iron’s hot I want to text Many people as we can but believe in What I’m doing in but we’re all doing it So it’s been fun and I hope you guys are All enjoying it Definitely today I’m a lot less meeting Them to pass out on the floor or at home Or somewhere here in a little bit kind Of kind of catch up but I wanted to hang Out do on 30s photo Friday’s and hangout Lupins catch them it will be this Episode a little different rocketed me In quick photos of model scriptures Because we’re on be live which mission

Google hangout this morning so we can’t Show anything but genetical idea for a Fun show today I’m gonna a lot you guys Watching it so you should have okay I’m Excited man so that’s happening so What’s the status of the of the the Books of the where are you as far as Sales and and all that good stuff just Curious I just try to refresh the page Of the staff keep track just because We’re so in so many cool Three days ago we passed 50,000 and Equal around 52,000 both of these is Kind of where I had Weber at which is Crazy like you know it took this it took Us over a year so how many of the Dot-com seekers book was like Consistently pushing for a year and if You had watched the live show I knew all Last week the coolest thing for me was Like the the virtual book tour we did we Like three and a half million people Have watched a video of us talking about The book throughout this virtual book Tour which is like it’s not like and the Thing is that is so far beyond what you Know like a best-selling author like you Think about like a New York Times Bestselling author they sell depending On the time of year between what five And ten thousand books that’s how you Become a New York Times best seller so You have done like 10 kinds that what it Takes to be a New York Times bestselling

Author and all the things that you just Blown it out of just totally blown it Out of the water yet just like Rodney Dangerfield you get no respect from the New York how does every thank you no Respect how do you feel about that uh It’s like the last the first book we Launched Stockholm speaks of trying to Get New York Times was I try to play the Game there’s a whole algorithm and stuff And we sold I ami doubled my book cause We needed to sell we didn’t get it and I Was like you know what I started writing It what was my purpose in wanting that Book and like the only real purpose was Vanities like that I’m a New York Times Bestselling author which is pretty cool I it is so Beza I’m like oh that’s so Cool yeah like it doesn’t sound it helps Serve more people this time around I was Like we could go and try to do it again Or we could just try so much of books And get in people’s hands which is more Important and like the real purpose Behind it so it kind of took the vanity Which I’m not gonna lie like I really Wanted that title of items to put on the Show for your focus on this and and That’s the goal that’s the cheat think About this though the whole reason why Anybody wants to be a New York Times Bestselling author is so that then they Can go speak they can build up coaching And consulting clients and they can use

It to promote their business um you’ve Already speaking everywhere you’ve Already got like a waiting list of People that want to pay you 25 grand a Year to have you Can consult with them and you’ve got a Huge business so I mean I think you’re Really past that I really want to know Is that you got it that way stay it out Yes yeah we should just go to New York Times or go to New York and so much like Going to New York best-selling author And then night people willing to stand Out times outside the New York New York Times building picture taken you know Like this like when everybody everybody Who goes to Pisa in Italy I think They’re the only person when they’re on Their way to like when I see the leaning Tower of pizza take a picture of me like This and then you walk up like oh watch Me I’m going to drop it and there’s like 300 people with 25 different languages Going I take my picture right now you Know it’s like and then you’re like okay Do it anyway you just don’t get any of Them in my picture yeah I still gonna do This okie exactly so now I think I think It’s amazing what what you guys have Done with this book and I want to talk To you about how you’re able to do this Kind of stuff that was the second part Of what I wanted to talk to about on Funnel Friday’s because we can talk

About pimp my funnel or help my funnel Sox or we can build a funnel in 30 Minutes but I thought after 30 episodes Would be cool for people who’s kind of Understand more about you know what Motivates you and get you going um and Somebody just made a really good comment What’s your local newspaper in Boise I Know it is here what I totally destroyed It you know whatever the newspaper is in Boise I want you to go down there and Have them give you an award You know the Boise beacon bestseller Yeah that’s impressive Boise beacon bestseller and you know What you could do is just take out a One-page ad if you don’t know the paper I mean just pay them a thousand bucks to Run a full-page ad that you’re the brick We can bestseller there you go I’m gonna Do that at the offer I totally lost oh I Know what I wanted to say okay so what I Want to everybody now as far as from Funnel scripts we’ve got three cool Things in the works with funnel scripts Aside from turning Expert secrets into funnel scripts which They should be available by the end of June um we have added two new features With a third feature on the way this is A super cool and I’m geeking out of it And I’m the only one that’s excited well Then I’m excited but to make it easier For people to use funnel scripts on

Their tablets or even on their phones Like if you’re sitting somewhere and You’re using funnel scripts on your Tablet this will work on your computer Too but it was kind of hard to save the Output so what we’ve done now is we have The ability for you to email yourself The output of any one of the funnel Scripts and you can email yourself the Project file for each funnel script now So that if you’re using on your tablet You can email yourself the project file And it’s in there now you can go play With it I’ll make a video on it seem to Show you what to do but you can email Yourself the project file that way you Could load you could play with it on Your tablet or your phone then when you Get home to your computer you could load The project file in and do whatever you Want on your PC or whatever it’s just Two really neat little usability things And then the third thing that we’re Going to be adding and this is what’s Going to be super cool because everybody Says in final scripts one of the things That helps them is effective examples This was brought home to me in the Recent survey that we did in the last Training we’re going to add a feature Where at the top of each one of the Funnels there’s going to be excuse me Each one of the funnel scripts um we’re Going to have example funnels in various

Different categories and you’ll be able To click them and it will auto load into The funnel script so that you can not Only see the example but whack the Button you can adapt the example if You’ve got something similar but you can Actually see it in action see the output See the questions actually filled out so It’ll make it easier for you to model The copy and get the best out of it so It’s not just looking at an example it’s Actually being able to load an example Into the script and play with it and Adapt it which I think it’s going to be Massively or cool and useful for people So yeah it’s funny we first started Project you told me right I make you Make this better better Like and I thought you never you add Five or six three scripts because you Have by 500 but then like just all the Technology side of it keeps getting Better and better as well it’s super Cool so we’re committed to making this Thing awesome and we’re using it and Having fun it’s really cool so y’all get In there and play with it and if you’re Not a member of funnel scripts yet Available at funnel scripts dot-com um It’s the only because you hate money or You’ve never heard of funnel scripts Before now you’ve heard funnel script so You need to go to funnel scripts comm And join and if you’re a member of final

Scripts you need to log in and use the Tool because otherwise you what Russell You hate money you hate money that’s Right okay so that’s our little update For funnel scripts it’s really cool I Mean we’re obviously working for you but Now I want to I want to take like I Don’t know Ten minutes and I want to ask you Russell because you are you are doing This how do you juggle being a father of Five right you got five kids right cool Could ever your wife seems to still like You right Your employees are always smiling when I See you you’re doing if you look at that Board back there guys right behind Russell’s head that dude does more in a Week than most people do all year this Year he is going to do more than most People do in their entire careers think About that launching a book launching a New business doing all these events the Things that you’re doing in a week are The things that people lead up to for an Entire year okay what how just mentally Okay first question how do you actually Have energy to do that how can can you Get up in the morning and and just keep Trucking all day without the use of Illegal substances maybe you are using Legal such as ice skating Wow um so so From energy side uh there’s kind of Couple things because even it’s funny

They like energy is like Tony Robbins Like that’s our event like some people Be just like food is energy and it’s Part of Accolade part is just like it’s mental It’s like your excitement it’s like how To get into state and if you’ve been Twenty Robbins one of the biggest thing To teach it how to get in state it’s yep Like most of us including me like I woke Up this morning and at 5:45 my alarm Went off and I was just like I’m so Tired like like the lasting world Wonders like get out of bed and actually Do something but then like I got Amazingly like Dave Woodward I look at My phone and get our investors meeting Another way that sometimes workouts for Me I was like I gotta wake up some but Okay I gotta get up and then I come out There he’s excited so I’m excited so Like like I don’t have energy 6:00 in The morning right you should it’s not Normal it was like you create a psyche So it’s like learning I get to stay so It’s like got there Craig music’s I try to get excited it’s Like okay now you’re gonna sting me you Can actually do it and I think that one Of the things I learn from Tony Robbins Was just a control so it’s like when I Do something I try to get into a state Because I have time to do stuff that Sucks like butter always you do the fun

Thing but it’s like you have to control You like you have to learn how to master That and it’s not that hard when you Like if you’re Toronto’s vengeance I Help the Triads like there’s three Things this year is your physiology if Your body like how you’re moving like I Was like this thing they did because I Really want and so I feel like I feel Like this right now just said and I was Like I feel like this if I came like This we all be like that so like first Step is physiology I’ve my shoulders Back my smile I look up and I like just Like if I move like you can’t help but Like feel better I’m like just like set Emotes physiology number two is like What you’re focusing on for the folks Down like this versus like we’ve got 193 People listening to us right now Jim What when people give that 180 people Listen like I look at that number I see The comments and like I think I’m Focusing 500 bucks for a course on how To do it I’m just playing good yeah good Because like I’m so excited this morning That I was like seeing a bad storm she Was using to Marlon Sanders who’s like Some I look up to like crazy and he’s Posted like you seen the last nine hours Like going on get excited I was like do You decide like I’m expressed on folks Not excited thing but it makes me more Excited and then the last thing is

Meeting like um and that’s the third Step the tribe is meeting you attach to The thing that you’re trying to Like what’s the meeting why am I doing This and there’s no meaning then you’re Right it’s harder like if you’re just Not a purpose it’s hard to have it so Tony Tommy that was six seven years no No since first event like those three Things and he’s like if you told me Event like their lawn start in the Morning you go to like four o’clock in The morning like all day all night Novak and rice don’t drink breaks no Nothing it’s like it’s 4:00 in the Morning three days in you wash your boy James Chin’s went these guys jumping Around and yeah I haven’t heat in three Days how do I still feel good it’s like Could you understand that it has nothing You that it has to do with those three Things and so I try like when I’m Attacking something to like remember That day okay you’re just this task that Sucks I feel good or I can bake okay my body And say in my mind like what am i Focusing on one night you get those Three things and then like when you tack That thing is it’s more advanced it’s Fun it’s easier and then IQ just goes Faster right home at night like I don’t I don’t work more hours than most people On the take-back time when I’m working

9:00 to 5:00 like that’s kind of a Normal thing and then I go home I try to Like okay like last time I it was my Daughter’s last soccer practice and so We’re all going to go play Sox so like The last dog tracks it’s like the Paris Versus the kids I was like I’m so tired I don’t play soccer but I get home as I See her little cleats that she’s super Excited I was like all right so like how Do I get the stakes for this experience But if I not I’m gonna miss it and it’s Gonna be depressing and then and I’m Gonna be a bad dad and then I’m anymore Depress and like this whole cycle so I’m Like okay I’ve got an hour to go play Soccer with my kids I got my fee of State and so like I just got into a State and recited it and then when we Played it was amazing with summer spun And it was like the coolest thing now I Said not in went to bed like with that Cool memories posted like that Depression of I could do it right you Know so that’s a big part of just like Any concerning how to control of state As the thing right before you attack it And then that’s part of it I think the Next piece is like that like we all Spend on hours a day I just during those Hours I’m here I’m trying to go crazy so You’re making a conscious choice late at Night you’re gonna use the resource of Time and you’ve got something in that

Bottle what’s in the bottle this is blue So I that I hope back my whole life I Was very anti caffeine and then we Launched click funnel we pull these let All-nighters everything every Like two months right two weeks as I was Todd dolan and they were drinking Caffeine and i were tired now it was the One thing I had like it was like a Pre-workout so I would be incopy or near That side of pre-workout I was like I’m Not tired This is why they have a mild caffeine Addiction which helps everyone’s a while So this is a one of my friends has a Company called Rhino rush this is these Little things he added it tastes like Candy and make you wake up so this helps – that’s cool so how do you how do you Stay balanced as far as I’m going to ask This though this may not come out right So because we’re just kind of talking But I’ve seen in the past a lot of guys And gals who haven’t been nearly as Successful as you that turn into Complete jackasses once they get really Sick says no no you we’ve seen these People it’s like you you see them you Know when you first meet them and They’re on their way up is there Everybody’s friend and and they’ll talk To you at seminars and stuff and then Five years later they’re you say hey What’s up and they look at you like you

Know get away but you’re you’re nicer Now than you were back then so let’s not Play it but I mean how do you how do you Stay grounded with being Russell Brunson Um so funny he never tell you am I your Jimmy Edwards Anyway I got to go clean a chicken coop Later today dutiful who your dog no I Think I think the reason why is that I Am fully fully fully aware that this is Not russell brunson lake like this this Is not me I was a piece of it I just happened to Be the one that’s like the faces in Front so I get a lot of the credit which Out the credits always do they’re like There are so many people who make this Happen if sushi I was on I remember Glenn’s built and crashed my company I Think three three to eight times while Bill has been through the right like Consult with a bankruptcy lawyer luck Might never bankrupt but it was like Close twice it was um vertebra and I Meant Guys will always be coming a little While later and the first thing after They come your story about like your Turn I had told him that from the dam That he was like oh good you cycled and I’m like what does that mean he’s like He’s like you failed if you both Physically crash like to call it cycling And he told me is like I won’t working

Entrepreneur an entrepreneurial it’s a Cycle of at least one and first I was Like left sounds way better than failure I like that so I cycled twice and then But he made a good point like he’s like A lot of times later entrepreneurship First time you do it like this whole Thing is happening and you think it you Are like God’s gift to the world your Greatest in the world And then the first time you cycle you Realize that like there are so many Conditions that make things possible and Like anything amazing it happens it’s Not because you are amazing and it has To hard work and hustle all kind of Stuff but it’s like there’s so many There’s so many things that are in your Control and it’s like those need to be Taken away so fast and right um you I Look at I look at just what’s happened In the last 290 years for us like it was Like 10 years be trying to launch a Stuff meeting some amazing people along The way and then came this perfect storm Of like caused a person having the Ability to be able to build quick Dylan Jones having the ability to go be editor Me having the ability to be able to Market and that even with that said like It was a tiny being we are so blessed on The tidy we started building Clickfunnels when the word funnels Wasn’t sexy and I look at the history of

Like everything like that January in the Middle of building quick problems Writing diets and Perry Belcher did this Traffic conversion summer 2500 people They talk about funnels entire thing and Funnel became the sexy by word and Everyone was became photos leaders on Consultants and the next like six months My phone’s became the sexy seeing the World while we’re building quit funnels And Todd and Dylan I write like this is Becoming like a cool thing and then also Mike I think the time he was like so Perfect I wasn’t like he came out and They holy crap this thing was perfect And hear me think so there’s timing That’s involved there’s all sorts of Things are but I know every single day I’ve been through business cycles where Everything is going good and my I’m Fully clear that tomorrow strikes could Shut down my account and this like I Give you in a whole world of hurt um you Know I last earlier this week I Everything’s going good Shut me down like and then Monday they Brought it back you know they’re like Like we’re so much at the mercy of so Many different things since I tried a Diverse never be clever in that but you Have nothing else but slice saying that I eaten be gone tomorrow and like it has Nothing how smart I am hurt has I’ve Moved me it’s not me well I think a

Crowd you’re a good I think that you are An excellent example though because it’s The Hugh it’s a combination of the Humility and the experience too because You wouldn’t have recognized that Opportunity if you couldn’t get out of Your own way and then you’ve you’ve had Enough experience to be able to see how Todd and and everybody else could come Together to create something that would That would fill that market need but When you start believing you’re the only One with the ideas and you’re the one That has to make it happen then that’s When nothing happens and you have the Quick and fast crash and burn so that’s Really to be commended so last question I went through what I share one quote This is my favorite I primary coat and It kind of because I agree I I mean I I Put my dues for ten years before like This opportunity was ready and I’m not The first person tried to build a quick Funnel I tried to go to three times Until like everything I don’t have People try like it’s not like I was like I had some pious some guy was telling us People that he was want to give me the Idea to put funnel I’m like dude like I Tried to go to quit phone three times When first time cell cliff calm calm Sick times called cliff be calm their Time itself quick phone stock I’m like This was my third time I’m trying to

Strike 70 years right and you know what Like no one gave me the idea for click Like it wasn’t like my ideas everybody’s Idea it just we happen to two dead ones Executed on correctly but a secure it Winston Churchill he says each letter Comes in a lifetime that’s about special Moment in there figuratively capped on The shoulder and offer the chance to do A very special thing you need to them to Finish their accounts what a tragedy at That moment finds them unprepared and Unqualified for that which could have Been the finest hour and I don’t think Alike you know those 10 years of me Preparing and trying and learning and Failing are the arms up and then Mike Goes because I have prepared also is Like hey here’s this really cool Opportunity You’re ready for it and assignments so Grateful for like I wake up every Morning I can’t believe that this is Like this is the thing I get to do like It’s just the coolest in the world That’s awesome and you know you think About how you and I kind of came to Create funnel scripts was just a series Of little teeny events that seem totally Unrelated that that it just blossomed Into this tool that thousands of people Are using now to go along with Clickfunnels I mean we met 10 years ago had lunch

Kind of sort of talked we were both not Real but it’s hard to believe guys but We’re also we’re each not really like Hyper social we’re super aggressive and We’ll go like Erica was I hey too cool For me and he finds him standing out and I thought the same thing each other and Then so we saw each other on the Marketers cruise and didn’t even talk I Feel Alana’s coming in okay and then and Then I got his book and I read it book And I got it I said I got it somewhere It’s like right here I keep holding it Up whenever we did sure out here it is So I mean it’s all marked up and stuff And Ike and I said Russell this thing’s Awesome man a man sent him a message on Facebook and so that just kind of Happened and and he had had the idea and I had the idea at the same time but I Knew how to put it together and he Didn’t have time so that’s where click Funnels funnel scripts came from I’m Trying to take credit for click funnels But i’ma tell you that this book is Better and the reason it’s better is Because it’s almost like this book Should have come before this book Because once you go through this book Then this book makes more sense if that Makes sense And it’s not a cut it just is but I’m Telling you if you want to become an Expert and you want to have I mean I was

I spent a good friend of mine whom you Know who I will not say his name on here Just because I don’t want to embarrass Him but I spent 20 minutes this morning Explaining to him why he needed to read This book and this is somebody who’s Been in business online for 15 years Because he’s all scattered and it’s it’s What is going to bring You success going forward online and Offline okay is not being a Jack-of-all-trades it’s being the best Person you can be Who is known for what you are known for And you carve out your own blue ocean And maybe I’m answering the question I’m Leading up to asking you but but why for Somebody who’s you know got the book and Then they haven’t read it or they’re Just there they’re hesitant or they’re Feeling you know Who am I to be an Expert who am I to hold myself out there Because you lay out the whole blueprint On how to become the expert in your own World and carve it out but but why Should people do this now Russell why Can’t they all just go be an affiliate Marketer I’ll go you know just throw up Funnels to sell you know oil fur for Mechanical chickens that I buy in giant Lots from China um you know why is this So important for everybody to to execute What’s in this book yeah I yeah I didn’t Because I’ve been in a lot of businesses

A lot and I’ve tried a lot of stuff and It’s like big and this is the estrogen Right she’s like after you make like is Personally but like for me I’m like I Think a million boxes like that you make Eighty right Wow I go got to go to work on our wealthy Yeah you’re like your wife sworn to take The garbage out like your fellow one Care your parents still like oh nice so We you find out really quick that it Doesn’t matter but the one I think the Money does it gives you Billy would yarn Back out of fear because it’s like you Have these base needs met and I honestly Believe like they keep laugh like what It like Russ what’s your mission and It’s funny cuz I got I’m teaching Entrepreneurship and business and things Like that but like that’s not my real Mission My mission is if I get you guys Everybody to spot where their stabl and Like they’re doing that my ro mission is Back for seeker stuff because then we Got fear like fearful it’s kind of like The whole mouth off hierarchy needs Right like like he’s you know like first Get to have food and then you get food Get that water then you have to have Shelves and then when those needs are Met then it’s like oh cool now we can Like do cool stuff and it’s like When you’re at financial needs are met

You have stress set up next paycheck Things like that Then like you can shift your focus to Like other people and makin faster you Can get to that point the better so like I the tools vehicle that I use it years Complete transparency the vehicle I’m Using to influence you guys is business Because I think it’s the fastest way to Get a stable ground I don’t really care About your businesses that much I care About the impacts that you can have Another people and that’s like armsie Hawaii I do that you because when you’re A stable ground and you have stressed Out about finances now you’re looking Around and being like how can I help People so yeah it’s like like this Canyon think we do right like this Reason we go to Kenya and help people With kids like it’s a good as Financially can help there so you guys Maybe that finances not gonna make sense But it’s like you can create a course Helping whatever like I got a call from Someone that’s yesterday that I have in St. announced respect for that they came To me to ask my be helping if I would be Willing to help with this project that’s Helping free children that that are Caught in sex slavery and I was up all Night last night like looking at Studying like how can I help this Organization help free these kids it’s

Just like like you can do so many quick These talents these tools these things That we’re doing like they’re cool but I But like they say they’re a means to an End it means to get you guys all above Ground at cut above water so you can go To serve people in my desk that’s Honestly not like all really care about That’s why this book is so cool because It’s going to get you like here’s the Platform you need to get your your needs Met but then it’s like now like your Message is what really matters like That’s that’s not to be attacked on the World that I care about and that you Guys really care about and this business On trips and vehicle to get you guys to Get with you that so that’s actually why I do what I do that’s always awesome and That is what you’re going to show you You can help but how people can support Yourselves in the process I mean that’s A cool thing you can live your purpose If you get Russell’s book go in assuming That you all have it already but if they Don’t have it yet Russell where can they Get it de lengua did you like that Transition No good okay I’m down low right there Yeah there you go speakers calm yeah I Hope you get what they get you mentioned Like expert seekers should come first And they didn’t because like I wasn’t Ready for I could they keep

Actually in resident book like it took Me 10 years to be prepared right that The dot-com seekers book took me an Additional to be able to understand to Be able to do the the extra seekers book And play I took my heart and my soul and My life into it and it’s the goal of Spiritual for you guys so I hope that You guys look at it that way take it and And that’s that’s my that’s my real goal For everybody so use it use it with Other people and it is exciting so yeah I would say that this was a very Successful 30th episode of funnel Friday’s and I’m glad that we did it This way because this you know we can Always pimp somebody’s funnel or do Something like that but I think this is Really cool people getting to know more About about you and and this whole Wonderful machine that you’re setting up To make difference in people’s lives so That’s incredible good for you thanks Medics for remember pretty long if I did This would be a despot I appreciate that I mean by weekend so I’m going to pick An app that was really cool I appreciate That it makes going to do that awesome Everybody have a great have a great day Have a great weekend enjoy the spring Weather hopefully you’re having spring Weather where you are we are the max Here today yeah we’re good cool great Job Russell they said we’re praying out

Today appreciate you all you guys all Good thank you probably on photo Fridays Bye bye bye

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