How to Change a Module Thumbnail in ClickFunnels 2.0

Foreign [Music] We're going to show how to change a Module thumbnail image to do this click On site in funnels on the left hand side Of your screen then click on courses Then find the course that has the module In it and click on the name of that Course Then go down to the module and click on The gear icon to the right of the module Then expand the image settings under Thumbnail image click on select image Now you'll be able to select any of the Images that you already have uploaded or You can upload more by clicking on Upload images you also have the option Of searching for images using unsplash Here's an example where I'm looking for Funnels using unsplash Pixabay Same thing it'll give you pictures Similar to whatever you're searching Icon finder Same thing is giving me icons that are Similar to what I'm searching right here And then of course you could also use Funnel images to create more images also You have the option of creating new Folders that you can add images to to Keep them organized the all images Folder will show all the images that you Have uploaded So for this example I'm just going to

Click on this image right here And now you can see that it's been added To the module and I'm going to click on Update module in the top right hand Corner

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