How to Create 2 Columns inside a 2 Column Row adobe

Foreign [Music] We will discuss how to add two new Columns inside an existing two column Row There are going to be instances where You already created an uh A column where it will a row with maybe Multiple columns and then you decided That you want to add more columns inside The existing row this serves as a Workaround on how you can achieve that On your existing Road Right so before getting started you want To make sure you have an existing page And click funnels 2.0 account So let's get started first thing you Want to do is just click on settings Then go to the editor settings Which is going to open this right side Menu Click the check box next to section Behavior What this does is it allows your Sections to behave as elements Or sections now take note that this is An experimental option so use this for Workarounds to achieve what you want to Do right so let's continue So first thing you want to do is just Add your sections rows Etc okay so in my Example I'm going to go with adding the New section Then I'm going to choose my width so I'm

Going to go with full page And then I'm going to choose the number Of rows that I want to have for this Section so I'm going to pick two columns Now I have a two column row on the right Side I'm going to add a simple image Element And on the left column is where I'm Going to add or insert new columns now You can insert as many columns as According to your preferences you can Add three four two uh really up to you How many columns do you want to add in This example I'm just going to add two New columns inside this two column row Right so next thing you want to do here Is choose the blank element which is Going to serve as your new section Inside this two column row So I'm going to click blank And then I'm going to choose the width Of the section so I'm going to choose Full page Now you can see uh that it's a row Inside a two column row right I'm going To now choose the number of columns that I want to give this new row so I can Choose 2 3 and again according to your Preferences uh feel free to choose how Many columns you want to have so in this Example I'm going to go with two There you go so I now have two columns Uh and I have I can insert new elements Inside this new

Uh to column row so I'm going to add a Bullet on this left side and then Another bullet on the other side And then maybe I'm going to add another Row And I'm just going to add a simple Sub headline in there So you can customize this however you Want to customize it you can see there's A little bit of Margin difference right there so you can Edit that you can go to the settings and Adjust the padding the top padding Maybe the bottom padding as well You can also edit the The section itself and remove the top Padding again so you can sort of align That with your image There's multiple ways that you can Customize this according to your Preferences but that's basically how you Insert new columns inside an existing To column row or three column row and Then customize it according to your Preferences once you're happy with the Changes that you've made you can click The save button at the top right corner Of the page So you can complete the changes You've reached the end of the video if You have any questions about this Process please feel free to reach out to Our awesome customer support team have a Great day

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