How to do A/B Split Testing in Clickfunnels 2022

Right 10 different ways you can split Test your landing pages to increase Conversions get more leads and get more Customers so i’ll show you an example Here you’ll see this one is an opt-in Page we got a 43 total 46 versus 40. so If we get a ton of leads coming into our Pages it’s going to make a big Difference and this is just a small Difference in terms of conversions But some pages will see 20 versus 40. so Then you pay the same amount of money And you get double the amount of leads So you can increase your revenue without Spending more on advertising and so Here’s another example where we have a Point 85 percent in total and it’s uh One of the pages is doing 0.71 and one Of them is doing 0.89 so again we spend A lot of money on traffic you sell high Ticket which this is automatically just To order form Cold traffic Getting sales every day it’s a big Difference and you know this can go to One percent 1.5 as you continue to split Test so this is the first one vidal Versus image at the top so you can see We got an image at the top of the page Here but then on this one i got a video Right so these are things that you can Test at the top of your page on this one I have the video here instead right Whereas this one i have the vid at the

Top and then we got images as you scroll Down so again what you can do is create And i’ll show you how this works inside Of click funnels and you might be using Another platform but it’s uh if they Have split testing this is kind of how It usually looks like there’s an old Webinar that i used to do you have two Different pages you set this to 50 50 And then you hit apply changes and now It’s going to send 50 of the traffic to One page 50 to the other one and so you Apply this and you go into stats and That’s where you’ll see conversion this Is actually the one that i was talking About in the beginning 46 percent so the Winner on this one was how i became a Full-time high-ticket funnel designer And then the 40 was the one change i Made to start selling seven to 10 Funnels per month without doing sales Calls or sending up proposals that’s the First one video versus image at the top So test everything test the video with The headline see how that works you can Also test having instead of having the Video here to the side you can have the Video in the middle Right and then kind of like they have on This one right here for example unleash The power within this one seven freaking Agency And so on and so forth so that’s the First thing second is headline one

Versus two well i already talked to you About that one here where you kind of Have the same image you have a different Headline so you test the angle Of which you’re trying to get people to Do something to take an action so if You’re trying to get them to buy A bottle let’s say a bottle of water and You’re trying to get them to buy this One angle would be To say hey this one automatically cleans Your water it’s an a uv and it cleans Your water and so that’s an angle to Sell a product Another way to sell the same product Would be Uh as a busy person you can keep this With you because it automatically hooks Up in you know to your bag or whatever It is like there’s different angles and Different reasons people buy the product And so at the top of the page before you Lose their interest you come up with a Headline you want to test that all the Time The third thing is light versus dark Mode so On this one for example i could change The background to have a light Background right like i would have this Background throughout the entire page And then i could you know obviously test Different colors in terms of the button And everything as well but you test

Light versus dark so For example on my full-time funnel Designer we do a dark mode and that’s Been working great because it’s in the Design space you’ll see this a lot in The crypto nft space as well where we Have more of like a playful Dark theme So you want to test turning you know Your page into if you have a darker Theme you also want to split test it Against a lighter theme where you know You flip the text so you have a darker Text on a lighter theme background Because you know it’s typically easier To consume we read books from white Paper we read blog posts from white Background it’s easy to consume so if You have a lot of text a lot of content On the page definitely try having a Light background for an example this is A darker background And so we switch into a lighter but this Is a lighter background and then we Continue with the light theme but we Have a dark sort of the header at the Top so this would be something that i Generally would split test and by the Way i think this is a funnel that was in My account before we sent it to the Client where i kind of wanted to get a Feel of like which one do you like more In terms of the font the theme all that Stuff but it’ll give you an idea of like

Okay let me test that for for my brand As well let me make one dark one light And see which one looks the best which One people like the next one is payment Form so this one is pretty interesting Because if you take a look at this one You can go to this page that i i showed You and if you want to buy On this page you got to click this and You got to fill this out it’s an order Form on the pop-up page right I think um i think this one had the same Unleash the power within Click buy yeah so there’s a pop-up with The order form but then on this one We tested actually we tested this and This when we initially launched this Funnel for seven figure agency And we set this one to be the order form On the right And you can see it if it’s on mobile you Scroll below the video there’s not a Form and then if you go down the page You click it it’ll take you back up to The order form whereas on this one you Focus more on like hey first watch the Video so we sell them first before they See the order form and then when they Click yes i want this it’ll take them to The pop-up there’s a third thing you can Test in terms of order forms as well Which a lot of people say this increases The load speed When you don’t have a payment form on

The first page so have a separate sales Page Take them to an order form page which is A separate page when they click a button They want to buy they’re taking to just An order form or they can fill out their Information and buy the the thing this Next one is very interesting platform Specific so i’ve worked with a lot of People who are scaling with ads at an Aggressive way and they what they do is They test out platform specific angles And also tracking so they have one Funnel They split test it in two different Themes or different headlines what they Do is they have one for like organic Facebook so if they have a facebook Group there’s one page that the link is In the group when they promote in the Group it says in the link like forward Slash fb right and then on youtube they Have like tutorials and stuff and then They have a link that goes Link forward slash youtube And it’s for tracking purposes but it’s Also you know they can add some images Or change some of the language or have a Discount code if you’re from youtube you Get a discount code so so forth so this Is split testing At a massive level in terms of building Your entire social media presence so It’s not just like hey let’s do a b

Split testing run facebook ads to it It’s we’re getting traffic from tech Talk instagram facebook and youtube Let’s customize the pages a little bit And also keep them separate so we can See where we’re getting the most sales From and now there’s software so you can Do that with as well that’s a great way With funnels and one of the good things Reasons why i love it is because you can Easily just duplicate it one click it’s Going to duplicate the page you change Out one thing you launch it to that Platform you add that link specifically To the platform it’s it’s genius all Right the next one is copy short versus Long pages and the angle again like how Do you write the copy how do you Structure it all that good stuff but one Thing that i’ll say is sometimes in this Again really depends on the niche like If you sell Health supplements then you might want To do more like a story you know a lot Of the the problem like really dive into Why the health industry isn’t helping People with this thing but this Supplement is helping you and like tell The stories and everything whereas with A more visual brand You might have less text and you have More images to really illustrate what You’re trying to explain so always test Longer short obviously i wouldn’t have a

Complete sales page that’s like super Short and you just have like one section You know if you’re trying to sell Something i wouldn’t even test it but For an opt-in where let’s say you get a Free pdf I could test where you can’t even scroll It’s just a headline sub headline A button and an image of what you get It’s free click here and i would test That usually i’ve had conversion rates Up to 70 80 percent on a freebie maybe Even 90 And you don’t have to have a long Long-form page to sell something that’s Free because sometimes it’s just like Curiosity hey what’s this thing awesome It’s going to help me with this specific Thing let me download it and the next One seven is price so pretty simple just Try to change your price from 37 to 27 or from 97 to 75 or you can test out In the same range-ish but you just test Out different prices you can do this Before you launch a product as well i Remember i saw one time A person said the the only way they Launched a product to cold market Is they test out first different prices For the same product so they’ll uh spend Money in another country to get initial Like feedback and not just like to a Specific country like to multiple Countries to get good data and they said

We’ll do the same offer let’s say we’re Thinking about launching it at 37 we’ll Do 27 37 and 47 Three different pages the same ads just Change the price and you’ll be surprised That sometimes i remember they once Mentioned they had more people buy from 37 than seven dollars so it could be a Perceived value thing where it’s like if It’s too cheap then it’s probably not Good right it’s the same thing with Pretty much everything like an iphone is More expensive therefore it has to be Better right and so one thing you can Test as well the next one is upsell Pages and offers so This is an upsell page right here it Says wait one more special offer almost Complete watch this exclusive invite Only a video and then it’s pretty short It’s just this right here i’ve seen very Successful people use an even shorter Upsell page where it’s just this not Even a video it’s just wait one more Special offer hey do you also want this Thing then there’s a headline that sells It there’s an image and then there’s the Price you can click yes i want this Or no i don’t want this here’s another Example this is super short so so i want To create an account step two customize Order by the way this is a template Inside of clickfunnels not mine whereas This one is mine

And uh this is well this is another Example i’ll show you here in a second So this one is super short before you go Check this special offer upgrade to add This yes no thanks i don’t need this and Like i said this one order customization In progress step three don’t refresh Your clothes page one more special offer The social media pack bundle 99 I don’t know if this one is live because This was an example that i built for a Client but you can see that it’s longer And we dive into like everything that’s Included instead of just saying Like hey you get this bundle it’s this Much normally and right now is this Instead we have like more content diving Into what it is how it’s going to help You risk free you can even have faq all That good stuff Like on this one we had a instant Perfect headline that makes people want This like you can have like a three-step Process how it’s going to help them all The good stuff and like i said this one Way shorter but sometimes at a lower Price point It can uh work better so you would Always you want to test it again keep Coming back to that test test test And that leads me to the next one we got One more after this one but this one is Pretty good it’s also Testing adding payment plans so whatever

You’re selling right now just test Adding if you’re selling something at a Thousand try adding three payments of 400 three payments of 397 then yes it’s More expensive than 1k which can have Two effects people who don’t want to Spend 1k or they can’t afford it they Can get into your offer they can buy it At a lower price initially and then they Can sort of split into a monthly Payments Or some people who Would normally feel like man a thousand Bucks that’s kind of expensive they’ll See the payment plan and it’s like four Payments of 400 so that’s a thousand six Hundred Well i’ll just pay the 1k because at Least that’s way more affordable than 1.6 so analytical versus emotional Buyers that’s you know psychology behind It It definitely works to have payment Plans i would recommend you add it if You haven’t already to your pages then Finally number 10 testimonials now Consider whatever offer you have right Now and you have what do you have an Image or a video You got your pitch at the top and and Below that scroll consider adding at Least if you can above the fold add a Tiny testimonial so like you know adding That trust in the the beginning of the

Page but then below that consider adding Depending what you’re selling a bunch of Testimonials so for example i’ve had Clients where we have like an Application page and the first thing we Do is we have a ton of testimonials Below the you know above the fold and so Right after that we just have a bunch of Proof like Instead of trying to sell you why don’t We just show you that kind of psychology You can add like a ton of testimonials Or what you can do is have at least one But a strong one i’ve actually done this For all my offers again i’ll just show You this because i have it here when you Scroll down we have a testimonial a big One right here course review we have one You click it there’s a video and then on Some pages i have more so like Screenshots of what people are saying or Just a tiny image of them the person and Then the text of like here’s you know What this person said about working with Us with i said hopefully this was Helpful if you want to learn more and go To photo funnel designer where we have Video trainings tools templates Everything you need to either build Funnels for your own business We go in ton of different trainings and We go in depth in terms of design copy Offer creation to make sure you have High converting funnels for your own

Business or if you want to do this as a Business owner to other people you build Funnels you sell funnels you help other People for a living people want to pay You thousands for that as well we teach That in full-time funnel design as well Hope you have an amazing rest of your Day this discount below in the Description by the way i always want to Mention that so you don’t leave it out Because sometimes people pay full price But anyways that’s it i’ll see in the Next video

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