How To Do A Webinar WITHOUT Using Any Webinar Software!

Oh welcome Jim I’m here And I just wanted to say that funnel Scripts are so easy even a monkey could Do it pass a line in front of us not Until after funny honking live I got to Go to Aruba first is ready for right After before well I’m gonna be tan from The sand when you see me I was like you Tell my daughter and I was like dad why Is your skin whitening real well Everybody so I’m a little bit tired so I’m working extra sneakers book I was up Till 3:00 a.m. last night Wow Mountain that’s 5 a.m. here hell you Were excuse me gosh Russell you are Going to bed getting a little sleep as I Was getting to work golly I’d have kind Of heard of mocking lies so if I say Anything weird or confusing there’s a Reason and also I was kind of offended Today so you know not in my my books Have all the little things yeah cool Yeah I think the doodles are awesome Learn everything you need to their Childish and immature no I think they’re Incredibly cool in fact my best-selling Author friend Dan ray says that stick Figures is the easiest and fastest way To communicate visually so if anyone Thinks they’re counters they can kiss my Butt yes where it was snapchatting What Jim said I don’t know you do that Gestures you’ve lasted So I think a lot of saboteur means say

Whatever you want it okay well for that Person who Fanta me on snapchat I don’t Care if their chance to mature they’re Freaking cool and all and they make Money I’m kind of child to mature and That’s how it works over here in Russell World you’re out you’re officially Forever people it snapped a follow me One who’s gone now anyways alright Alright sure so I just wanna say that I Think the Internet’s awesome and it made My dreams come true I’ll make this hard coded on what you Need a better one I want to make sure we Go nice get this stuff like we’re all Good things come from the interweb the Interwebs got it on the line Oh so Jim On our site everything the impact of Everything living out of boxes nice Sounds like college it’s even more of a Mess right now who we are like wait it Was supposed to be next Friday we’re Moving a new office but we have Snowpocalypse part two yesterday schools Cancelled again and the the with three Semi trucks of glass walls and office Stuff coming through and it got stuck And so we’re a day behind so maybe next Friday we might be here we’re a new Office so anyway if not two weeks now Would be the office for sho fo sho fo Sho alright so today we are gonna build Some cool so Jim asked right before he Got here and he said if you were like

Down nothing and you were like I got to Make money tonight I got zero dollars Left what would you do so I was like Really quick think he’s minds rob a bank Robbing could be the like the most Surefire way to make it happen But as far as like yeah so I’m assuming Like we don’t have a go-to good webinar Account or webinar jam or anything else But like we want to sell something I’ve Been right now extra stickers book as You know it’s like all my brain is like How like the extra stickers book is like I don’t want root for you guys but it’s Gonna show you guys how I Presenting how to sell stuff Skyy Perfect webinar on like steroids times a Thousand which is really really cool but Like how do you program webinar if you Do not have GoToWebinar right like I do It so that’s when we talk to us for me To build a day’s webinar funnel it Doesn’t need webinar software you Actually do it through this whole thing A phone whoo phone good good to go You’re gonna phone you smartphone Somebody then you can do it so that’s Kind of a plan alright so I have eight Timer set up okay that sounds good That’ll be awesome I want to know how to Do a webinar with my phone Well do this work with Android I love it When they’re all like you mentioned a Plug-in or not a plug-in but um where

They called them things on your phone Apps you mentioned an app and the first Thing anybody screams is they have that In Android do they have a non-gaussian On Google Play like I don’t know I don’t Have an Android I have an iPhone my Brain hey I can’t still here right now Oh my god you want me to teach Clickfunnels today anyway that way guys He’s making the world change again hi There’s got it alright changing the World one expert at a time one expert at A time all right so this is open all Right okay if I switch to screen share Mode then we can start getting to get Down to you say business with a dear end City with a Z alright guys so I flip it Over to screen share mode business Business business Okay now we’re here alright so time on The clock 30 minutes so tell everybody Just real quick what are we doing Alright so what we’re gonna do is I’m Assuming right now for all intents and Purposes that you got to make money eat Like tonight the only two things you Have three things you have your four Things you have your possession are Number one you got funnel scripts not Gonna scripts icon Number three you have a smartphone it Has the ability to be Facebook live I Think you can Facebook live an Android To assume yeah

And number four you’ve got what’s the For think book Doc I’m signal webinar you can run a Webinar if not gonna print webinar Series calm you get the scripture $4.95 Which here’s the shameless plug for that Dan Henry you have my simple equipment Group you got upper webinar script for Five bucks you didn’t use clicked on Through the webinar and he launched it And he did a million dollars so far and Then you join a circle with what he made From one day so like five months yeah no This is ridiculous So this is a shameless plug through to Get the script and just learnings is That important and we also have as a Downloadable wizard that when I step in For those whips yes the upon scripts Between these things you have everything You need so those are the four things Need for day so I’m assuming you have That but we don’t have remember that it Is commercially but you don’t have American Express you don’t have GoToWebinar I don’t have money so we did Our opponent said Facebook lines still Works back first time I did a perfect Webinar without using the webinar Software and have time I ran out so I Was like I just geez good like I Literally wrote on the whiteboard so he Has a number maybe member space what I Did I wrote like the one thing the three

Secrets and a staff hello I know we Still have phones Sounds like a rule of jewelry anyway so I so I did a face I had known that Prepare some roses on went more like two Minutes no conclude record on Facebook Live and a periscope I did a webinar I Got off my head and we need $250,000 in Sales from that one Facebook live which Was crazy then Brandon and Kalyn Pollan who are going to speaking [ __ ] Live they saw Vaseline in their market And they did a hundred grand I think From their very first one this was Facebook live Did the whole thing get it worked and Then they keep never seem lucky last Month they did I don’t 600 ran from a Facebook live use them for webinar Script so I’m saying is you can just do It with these as well but how do you Promote it’s not something about some Free promotions funnel to get people to Show up to your Facebook live so Basically why he’ll be there that’s not Good you want to know all right so all Right so that’s what gonna do so Copyright good start so we’re starting So weird look at me funnel I’m gonna do A webinar what are you gonna need me to Make what do you need me to do where you Start with the headline for what our Webinar is gonna be about Maybe these perk webinars continue that

One thing the three secrets is it will It give us that um it’ll take I mean it Takes about 20 or 30 minutes to go Through the whole thing right now okay And I’ll switch it over to my screen all Right so if you got if you’re if I’m Talking and you’re looking at my screen You should see the killer headline Script version 2.0 yes I see yeah okay There did it alright so who’s our target Audience for this all right let’s do us Should be sublime about what are we Selling free lunch all with cell plus Box black box here alright so this is Actually super cool so oximeter Keith Cool things by the way if you want to Get in Russell’s good side this is how You do it so Travis Cody who is Travis Cody aka the man send me this box in the Mail this box here this is clickfunnels You open it up and it has a scroll and He was trying to get me to do phone Phrase for his wife’s book which now has Been packed in a box so I can’t do that So tame that but then a few days later a Month later he sends me the next thing It comes in this box right here I open It up check this out just got a video Scream oh my god Is that cool Very cool video with a personalized Message to me then open up the thing and Most you guys know I’m Mormon so I sent You a bottle of scotch so if you know

The Book of Mormon looks like it looks Almost identical to this so this is the Book of Allah you one employee – and Then I open it up and it’s like all of The mark being in your car’s broken down It’s like Scripture but good brunson Like he sends us to music you like hey I Love your podcast this is the book of Brunson and so can we sell the book of Brunson cuz I’ll just be really fun Every awesome yes Jim I need your Permission is that okay oh yeah alright In your way this is not amazing though That’s pretty cool It is it’s saying anything before more That’s out there you’re like that looks Just like gonna freak it out cuz you Know what I’m talkin every else is like What it’s not anyway so the book of Brothers is the coolest thing ever Dress code all right should we had to Move forward on the page yeah anyway you Gotta get our son bond how about writing Is drunky like this is super cool anyway One of the cool thing they never receipt Ever so I think you could actually sell That man I I would want in fact this is Each book has I think 50 episodes so I Give you the first hundred episodes We’re not passing up some 300 so if we Were to do all of it would actually be Two four six six books and every 50 Episodes me a new book and then Encyclopedia the ultimate fanboy thing I

Think it’s cool it’s super cool so baby Traps for being amazing alright then you Can certify people to sell those Door-to-door and became the case sewing The book of Brunson door-to-door yes I’m Pretty sure they like I’m not careful me To kicked out a church or something Run suppress anyway at the timer over at Least give us a couple extra minutes no Good Alright Whose art who is our target audience Entrepreneurs um listeners of the Marketing your car podcaster because Only people would actually probably buy It because there are listed that it Probably gonna read the book about it Right okay so fan of the marketing and Your car podcast this is a super niche Audience but cool snitch on the internet Look at all the millions of niches this Is the coolest one of all I think we Voted no motive and that’s the investor I’m gonna need a picture we have a phone Like to make yeah yeah be picture me Holding this hey guys see seems a Picture me holding this for the plan Gauge o3 what is this thing it’s a it’s A compendium kind of like all when they Put together all the comic books into a Regular book yeah I never heard that Word before but that sounds awesome Okay that sounds like a court that leaf 300 bucks and you know well cease volume

Said oh my gosh yeah six volume Marketing campaign the six volume Marketing job such a mention you’ve Talked about like it would be cool to Actually do this is like make might be a It’s a charity thing so everybody’s just Like all money goes Realty trainer to be Kind of cool that is cool it’s made Movie that it if five I got fine talk Brother Cody yeah to our religious Regime in here no no no no no I’m Keeping myself well under control you do Not How much self-control on the exercise Right now we’re very proud of you should Be I really should be I exercised a lot Of restraint I got 15 more years of the naughtiness Than you do huh you’re 50 it’s gonna be 50 this year yeah yeah nobody thought I’d make it that far you’re the only one Laughing I got started online you’re my Age holy crap Wow Yeah yeah I was young once I’m 37 so This is 13 years ago she’s 30 years but You were my age can we grab you that’s Weird That’s really cool except for only Differences you were wearing Hawaiian Shirts that were class shirts that’s Well there you go I don’t wear the Hawaiian shirts anymore But back then you were that was your Theme that was my bang that’s when I

That’s before I was 185 quested steel And sex appeal I stole that from you That’s back when I was 235 and looked Like a cheeseburger and a Hawaiian shirt What’s a pain that you’re gonna help Them avoid with the word of brunson the Book of Bernsen no no this is serious is Wasting a ton herb or spending a lot of Time trying to get down to the what Seriously what’s what’s the pain you Help them avoid wasting time on Marketing marketing gimmicks that don’t Work Yeah the podcast like it’s honestly when We started the podcast it was when Basically our mic might accompany Complete collapse know if I mentioned That yet so one gleich with my hundred Ploys down by ten and like lots of money Down to negative lots of money and That’s like we’re starting that’s like a Three year journey of like how we Happens idea of clickfunnels launched it Grew it Kind of like yes it’s gonna like take You on this path like a start-up to Super successful business and like Everything we were doing behind the Scenes Yeah it shortcuts it it original hook Was that you can learn in ten minutes a Day yeah you like yeah in ten minutes a Day you can grow your business online Sales some like that yeah okay so how

About the pain they want to avoid is Wasting time on BS marketing that won’t Work yes yeah BS B to the s bull hockey And then completes a statement even if You think you can’t sell to save your Life even if you’re in the brink of Bankruptcy like I was when I started the Book of Brunson wait to be a nun I’ve Been there like thrice since I started This business so I can relate to those Guys who have for real for real like When all the way didn’t go down to Laura’s office just to chill went down There filed the paperwork dude I was Dead broke living in a trailer park The one that’s on your shirt okay is That actually it’s photoshopped here you Go Want to put your marketing on steroids The book of Brunson the proven six Volume marketing compendium helps you do It you kids make armature like this on That word again yeah just–we’re Jim What compendium looking at the hot Headlines that’s why I’m asking this is Going out to people who who know who you Are right this isn’t just going after Cold traffic as you went after Okay so claim this proven six-volume Marketing companion the book of Brunson To discover how to make more money That’s cool that’s workable let’s do Another one well yeah we twist the Context because it’s we’re burning a

Live webcast rely on the Facebook labrum And be talking about this was like okay Oh it’s like live webcast find out how To get your own how to get a free copy Maybe the position on the webcast or on The Facebook lives and they use this for Free when you you block a role teach Rate or somebody that hey here we go Here’s one foot okay so live webcast put Your marketing on steroids quickly and Easily without wasting time on BS Marketing that won’t work and then what You can do is add the it’s like a Subtitle plus find out how you can get a Free copy of the book of Brunson free Free hardcopy Yeah the book of Brunson I’m gonna send This to you don’t have to worry I’m just I’m putting it together on the screen Okay I’ll send it to you five four three Two one up I sent that to my mom sorry Thornton I’m just kidding there you go You should look a little more profit Like with them you know it should be a Whole held up you know just saying Cool All right live webcast put your Marketing on steroids who’s led comment BS marketing work alright just kind of Cool looking good nice and clean let’s See you like this little bit bigger Oh come on sorry everyone I use the Olbers the other guys click on this link Default click on the other one I can’t

Figure you right now I see you ok oh Alright so there’s this wide web cast so The live webcast assay is gonna start This lysates Let’s it’s Friday today like 5 o’clock So we’ll need this part about Facebook Wives tell age I knew it and then like Nobody knows you’re doing it on slide And so it’s like you pretty promoting People show up then you do it live then You have the post by promotion as well It helps let’s go say we’re great this Right now and I mean like fire all this On my new Facebook light overnight hey I’m new to Facebook live in six hours From now or three hours now go to Spain’s register so you get notified It’s gonna be happening buh buh buh bah Wah and that way they I’m preheating People on if I need us at email people Here I mean getting people here at ahead Of time so I’m building up some pressure In momentum then with alignment happens Boom then I can you know get on will Come fast exciting email those who Register plus I get put it on Facebook Live Plus and you can boost adapt here So that’s kind of the strategy behind What we’re trying to do here so alright There’s webinar registration page so Scream it’s done like that’s great now So I’m gonna push people Excuse me now I’m going to the next Piece is gonna be the the bank UK it’s a

Confirmation page here which there are a Couple ninja things that we are gonna do [Music] All right this one’s it’s kind of cool [Music] I’m going beat you this time be to Version 2 or mediums like TVs legend one Person TV – yeah alright so put this The access is you need the magic oh just Got the fingers mm-hmm I gave you the Fingers all right okay so says Successful booking what we sit back here This is live webcast Right i webcast so I’m gonna do then is I’m gonna basically I’m gonna have the Date time but then if I’m doing a Facebook live at where’s it going for me It goes to my fan page so I’m gonna go To Facebook Carl trust run to HQ this is Where it’ll start streaming live when it Goes live so I’m a news base in this Page the whole point is to make cooley Registered live webcasts starting in and Have o’clock this much time when it goes Live ago here to actually go watch it And push the to where you’re streaming With IDs streaming from here just like Check this out this is streaming right Now what we’re shooting this is what What this is actually going on right now Other than alive won’t ask can ask a Quick question so when you do that when You’re doing the thing and you’re Driving them to that page will when you

Start doing the live the on your fan Page will that that’ll be the very top Most thing right yeah whatever your Stream life they pops the very top yeah All right and then what happens Afterwards when it’s done He’s the love the true things live Actually shows the trailer it’s like This right here I’m always like how they Leave just to this video rice if you Click right here on natural time like Verses 24 minute or wherever this gives You the link to where the actual so you Now like that that is the actual lead to Go just to that video so after it’s live Live then you can go and change legs Beat that one now we will come they will See the actual thing and they’ll see how The comments and it’ll speak just that They just kind of cool we don’t get that Link talking back you started going live So all right on time cool [ __ ] cocaine Guess what’s happening say when the Clock It you can ask another question cuz I Actually want to do this that’s why I’ve Never done this hey let’s get some free Consulting from Russell um when you do This compared to doing like the perfect Webinar on PowerPoint and doing it with GoToWebinar something what would you say Would be the length of doing it this way Versus like a more traditional webinar Way length of time yeah so actually I

Know I know exactly because last night I Was editing the book I went and found to Talk about this in the book there’s a Chapter inside X procedures called Webinar hack it’s like here’s not a Hacking and so I won that I did it over Twitter 50,000 ourselves 26 minutes long So it’s about third as long as if I was Doing it like a nympho webinar and Brandon and Kayla is usually about to Say that usually under 30 minutes and What’s cool thing so we I did it I said I got all my stuff on a whiteboard wait Kaelyn did when she did her was awesome She said he’s the paper toast secret for One to two secret three and then the one Thing she liked having things she’s like Facebook like hey everyone this one We’re talking about become all excited Like shows me your friends bring it Pretty on where you talk about this and She heard the one thing they should put That paper down a secret number one if She show the thing that she told her Stories based on secret of one then she Held paper to and the paper three and Then the back she had to stack written On the whiteboard and she had like Pieces of paper over each thing so she We rip it off the shake went to the Whole stack so same thing but yeah bout A third is yeah you tried to say under 30 minutes I want you guys who are Listening to this to understand the gold

That Russell’s giving you right now the The I just want you guys to understand What he’s doing and he’s not even Charging you for this I would charge you But that’s why this is Russell’s show And I’m just like Ed McMahon you guys Didn’t know who at McMahon was right is That he know I heard that name you’re For real you don’t know who had McMahon Is Martin’s right-hand man forever Johnny Johnny Carson just kidding I Actually so sorry commissioner Robin Leads actually met Robin weeks one time I should go sanding I picture dumping so Also look at the Ferrari he’s giving Away what you’re able to do with first And clickfunnels the lifestyle of final And famous anyway so ed mcmahon huh All Schafer would that be better I’m Paul Shaffer your David Letterman i Stove and ela actually delayed David Letterman one time and I went to lie and I saw it in like one of our one of our Members I was a producer for the show he Bite of this and like I’ve seen there The audience they were laughing I was Like I think I don’t understand his Jokes like he’s my father what loves David Letterman know so I think that I Missed that generation to Jimmy Fallon Right I know I know that guy really does He have a sidekick but he’s awesome I Know I’m Baby Bop and you’re Barney do

You remember that big uns and hit no I Want to be Magnum Steve Higgins Higgins From magnum p.i now is it morph to make It viral okay Jimmy quads net and one Second we finish last cage save all Right cool so the most part of this is Done so I’m what gets described more Times you’ll see here again all right so This is the page that never sous-vide Okay this is the first page right so I’m Going to promote this probably the With Facebook live that I’m probably Like we can advance like maybe the day Or a to the day before 8:00 tomorrow Middle aisle webcast I would be talking About this I probably Facebook live Promoting my upcoming Facebook live I’d Push people to stage get them to Register so I’ve got a list of people There’s some momentum being built up Right so it’s it’s filling up the stuff Before the face – that happens then After I registered then they’re taken to Thank you page which is like coolest is Happening when the clock hits zero the Facebook live is happening and then they Click here this we have taken to my Facebook fan page if I haven’t started Yet or if it’s already started and work Over I’ll change the link with the link That does the actual videos kind of Shows you and then people would come and Then I email the list of people who Register like hey it’s starting come

Coming to the fan page we’ll watch this Thing so there’s some momentum people Are coming in waiting and then it Happens right now the cool thing about I’m gonna take it off of a screen share Mode because I wanna let’s see you’re Gonna get your magic pad of paper okay Well just to kind of talk about a Strategy so it’s cool about this when we Did it the first time it was literally In Africa it wasn’t something that we Planned out like Oh Russell this is a Brilliant strategy like it was literally I was supposed to write a webinar to Help this guy cross product and I ran Out of time And there was an affiliate contest and The winner of the affiliate contest Associated BMW and I didn’t want to be a W but I have my I wanted to cryosauna Which was they happen to be the exact Same price as a BMW it’s my message my Friend I said hey if I win instead of Minding me BMW we buy me a price on it Euro back and said you are a freak why He wants us weird things I was like best I wanted it sure if you win you can get Across on 17 dozen guys like yes it’s so Minutes later I was like okay if I’m Pitching this product because I think it Sells process was very good I was like And so I’m like okay I got it like I do This thing so I didn’t have the purple M&R wizard at the time had I’ve had that

Expect when it’s going to X just to Think through like what’s the one thing Where my three secrets what’s the offer Instead I sent him a whiteboard wrote it All out got got two phones and a Periscope and a Facebook like a quick Record and I just went at it and I Presented his product way that I would Present it and I told the stories way Out and we just did this thing right and I didn’t free promote I wish if I would Have moved them better I just did it and On Facebook like maybe had a hundred People and on periscope 50 or 60 right so like 150 200 people Maybe saw me do this thing live and it Was over and we made some sales but the Cool thing is as soon as it’s finished On Facebook live then that that video That ask that you just crave is now is Is the thing in facebook and then you Can go in so John went into Facebook and Over the next I think it was like four Days left missus affiliate contest Everyone else it sold tons of stuff win Sold anything yet He started boosting it and so he start Putting money behind it and and then I Eve on my list I can’t she’s a facebook Live go watch it here and so we start Driving all this traffic to it and What’s insane over the next four days Made over a hundred thousand people Watched that Facebook live which ended

Up equaling over two hundred fifty Thousand dollars in sales and Russell Won a cryosauna which was awesome and so That’s the cool thing like like the cool Thing on Facebook live is is after like Like you build up as a menu happen but Then after this is done there’s this Long tail behind it because you can Promote it Brandon came and took it the One that they did in November at six Hundred grand I mean they did like they did over six Figures live and then it was like the Promotion of that pass that they’d Created over that month that just kept Selling and selling and selling and Selling so that’s the power of Strategies just have you a webinar and GoToWebinar like when it’s done it’s Kind of done you push you a replay but We do in facebook live like Facebook Facebook rewarding all of us room live Stuff they want that’s all doing that so Usability now Newcomb boost it and Promote it and in long term so that’s Kind of strategy we think Jim you did One oh yeah yeah absolutely that’s I’ll Finally use my MIMO or [ __ ] that that Camera that I bought and used once that You know sitting over there in front of My whiteboard and stuff huh no it works Great but let me ask you a question for Those people that are watching this or Like we don’t have a list rofl how would

You prepare you do the pre promotion of This thing it’s easy you have a list but I don’t have a list how would you pre Promote the webinar cool so I have pre Pro webinar the same way that I’m gonna Promote webinar so I To Facebook live so cool thing about Facebook live is again give me a zero Nietzsche to Facebook live to your fan Page if you’re the only fan doesn’t Matter so you do Facebook live and Awesome that ass that has been created So I face the black saying hey guys I’m Doing a webinar tonight I’m talking About the book of Ruxin it’s so amazing It’s gonna be cool and new the Facebook Live nobody shows up nobody watches it Does not matter because it’s done once Again that video is an asset on your fan Page you can go in and let’s and you can Pay Zuckerberg he rides are never gonna Check and he will start showing people That they would be interested so you say K anyone who likes marking your car Podcast or anyone who likes whatever Entre on fire podcast anyone who likes Tony robbins anybody likes whatever it Is you can you find that audience get I’m out of facebook guru john in the Other room is but then Zuckerberg will Push it those people and they’ll start Seeing that ad and so that they see that Ad they come register for the event and That that facebook live you do to

Promote the Facebook live becomes Actually from the arm list Awesome it’s pretty amazing yeah you Guys have so many gifts so uh it really Is like a really amazing yeah yeah Absolutely Oh timer we actually did it we great Channel for hanging out too good 30 Minutes is way too long you guys Especially the new editor like the Editor and small script people need Anything else let Nick man that was fun That was awesome Johnny good job what Was Barney’s the girlfriend’s name again Baby Bop a baby Bob that was awesome Wow [Music] I’m goose he’s maverick and I’m goose We’ll play some volleyball while we’re Out there Here Jim did 17 for yesterday’s a man in A row what was your old record before You 1716 I want to get to 20 because That when I was post girl in the Marine Corps that was the max and so I could Max it when I was 19 but then I want to See you now that’s my goal in my 50th Year I want to be able to max the Pull-up so to be able to do 20 in a row I’ll hit it this year that’s amazing Does he seem to do so I want everyone to Challenge you guys because knowledge That implementation is useless it’s like A big piece of turd sitting there doing Nothing right so I want some you guys

See movement this if I did the first Facebook live doing this in front of you Like over a year ago Guess how many people knocked it off one Day only bucks with a so far yeah Brandon and Kaylin knocked it off nobody Else did it they saw the night I talk About on a market probably the book of Brunson chapter who knows like I talked About it I was like this look like I’m Gonna drive home and I was like oh my Gosh they’re like holy cow they listen And then they implement it and then they Made a crap ton of money since then in My inner circle I told this story but Actually happened to everybody hunter Your minor sort of every single person Yes who did it I didn’t see anybody do It Oh nobody Hey and so like use this it Says there’s an entire chapter in your Expertise books tied this called third Webinar hackling thang I’m gonna do it I’m gonna do it I’m Gonna do it good I want you to know what Everybody do it like this crowd works You guys like don’t just listen bake That was cool game that was cool I’m Gonna go do it and then go do it like That’s the only time it actually matters Like um so I hope that you guys gonna Implement because I got a whiteboard I Got some post-it notes I got a camera I Got a mouth I can do this anybody the

Sheriff on you can tweak it to match Your design but you’re gonna share photo With Roswell holding up Grunts that it’s copyrighted trademark But uh yeah like it’s this stuff work This is testing like the biggest thing Is just jumping out there in fact one of Our circle meetings this is probably and Eight months ago or so we talked about Facebook line or cleverly you gonna go To the facing lab tonight and then guess What two or three people did almost Nobody but one guy did then Jamie Amos JB yelps dental practices get launched And he went home and went that night Hotel room and just like get it and they Came back next day and his presentation Is like we’re also said that Facebook Live thing I did it and I booked two Clients or somebody that his clients his That was clients looked like seventy Thousand dollars who’s like yeah I made Like over 100 grand doing that Facebook Lodge because I just did it so just do It and what’s that one behind the said You just do that Shia LaBeouf yes just Just just do it do it don’t let your Dreams be dreams hello miss kitty come On the side this is just do it don’t let Your dreams and that’s the and that’s The theme because you remember guys Dreams can come true yeah Jim shirts yes The kid so there you go dreams do come True you want a double-wide you can have

A double-wide everyone hey today session You gave my quote something for the book I would do we need to bow our heads are We good All right all right okay I just open to The Book of all you 1 less than 10 it Says your opinion does not matter it’s Like that’s it that’s the only thing you Gotta say like yourself in verse it’s Already in print dude it’s there there’s Like there’s like bleeping out swear Words in here on tranqs I don’t swear Some tryna figure I’m really that’s Really that’s where the swearing Allegations of coke rum published I read This I do not remember saying any of This right here and like I’m really Nervous right now That’s funny alright so this is how I Read this real quick so oh okay actually That’s right okay so this is back I’ve Never stuff so now so you guys know There was a network marketing company That they hired me to do the video stuff Before it’s called Brooklyn so has never Remember that and so I wrote all the Video scripts and stuff I got we Launched it and and it went viral like Here but we got 1.5 million members in The first 90 days and then like Unfortunately people that the company Never finished the product so that was Sucked but like it was often right and So I remember right after we launched

Him with viral two days later I woke up In the morning there’s text my buddy he Was like he’s like dude you made it on TechCrunch I was like well I I’m a Freaking Ally I love TechCrunch I’m so excited right Because I think a big deal for a tech Entrepreneur gonna tikrit and then his Next sensotec said it’s not good so I Really bad but go ahead and so I ready To read this article and the article Talked about how I the script i dro like He would like sense my sense of how bad It was and like how it was the worst Thing in the world and like you know Some of my finest work it was some Unfinished copywriting I’ve ever done in Fact he got 1.5 million members in 90 Days like the test was that was true but Him as like a traditional tech guy I Thought it was like was it who knows Whole article about how bad my video was It stops us about was like dude like Your PIN Does not matter the only thing that Matters is what actually happens at the End of it I was like the only thing I Care about and this is the port for Everybody to understand like the only These care got like that’s why I’m kind Of like not anti services there’s value That’s serrated so by that like you like Oh I buy that I’m like okay flavor Credit card like you only think it

Really matters is it people if you’re Customers they’re gonna vote with their Wallet they will pull a credit card out Of the wallet and give you money it’s The only vote that matters only opinion That matters everything else is just Whatever yeah All comes to it yeah so that’s all Matters you have your MasterCard and Visa do I want one ISO sticker on the Wall in the surprise hanging out you Have your marking we’re doing a contest This week we can get in point $20 every Single for every freaking mp3 player to Give away that’s huge yeah so like You’ve got I even though the week left In this contest if you guys are here you 20 bucks you wait by the cigs I pay you A hundred bucks you wait ten to two Hundred didn’t wonder now you do Webinars plug for that that’s all that’s All I got you Eddie else on your side Yeah we could we could tease people let Them know that everybody for the star Story solutions and it’s pretty awesome I’m going to be demonstrating it for us So as soon as we’re done here and then The official release date will be the Monday after monthly training leasing it And training everybody how to use it it So it’s not that long from now in the Interim I have to go to Aruba for a Couple weeks and then I’m going to be a Funnel hacking live and then we want to

Make sure that we give this the proper Rollout because this is the script Everybody’s been yelling for here I’ll Even give it Oh would you like a little Just a little taste Here’s what it looks like yeah and I Mean this is walks you through all the Stuff you’re against the wall story your Benefits your backstory all that stuff It’s amazing but that’s all you get to See for now so this is forget money Video sales letters this is the script From a doc MC book how we do video sales Letter so yep Whoa I don’t know I know what to do Sorry so anyway it’s yeah it’s done Russell is about to see it we’re gonna Do the final quality control on it and Then we’re gonna get it hooked in with With funnel scripts and it will be Available on the Monday after funnel Hacking live so yes yes I went through a Lot it was hard to do I keep on writing Copies at the heart bi and then think Through it Jim’s never read a copy for a Thousand people and feature backwards to Be able to create the questions and the Outputs to actually create the script That will sell the right I could never Do it he does because I I couldn’t do it At last Yeah so yeah everyone who’s in final Script she’s she’s sending Jim the book Of Jim like birthday presents Christmas

Mike whatever it is cuz like that was a Labor of love for all of y’all that’s Big gift but don’t now don’t ask who Wins it available it will be available The Monday after funnel hacking live so It’s not into a lock you live we’re Jacking up the price of photo strip so Do I get a pitch why they should get it Now because the price is going up it’s Funny you should ask Because what y’all need to understand is That funnel scripts helps you with all Of your sales copy needs no matter what Type of funnel you are creating we’re Constantly adding to it we’re Up over 30 scripts now plus three Downloadable scripts we’re at gonna be Adding this one I’m actually going to be Releasing another one before funnel Hacking live and we’re not charging Enough for it So we’ve agreed to that right now you Can get in for 297 bucks a year that’s a Steal and we’re getting ready to we’re Gonna raise the price by at least a Hundred dollars if not two hundred Dollars based on what all this stuff Does we got a whole line up new scripts Planned for you for the next year those Of you did already in obviously you are Grandfathered at the old price you want To make sure you get in there now Because all the great stuff we’ve Already got in there as well as the

Stuff that we’re going to be coming up With everything from the VSL wizard to The perfect webinar wizard to the survey Wizard then we’re gonna be adding the Star story solution wizard all of them Downloadable that work on both PC and Mac as well as over 30 individual Scripts that help you do everything from Come up with killer headlines object Lines brunson bullets I’m gonna be Adding a new script on how to do fab Bullets and so it just keeps getting Better and better and better based on What everybody’s giving us feedback and Asking for you tell – because I don’t Know why Amazon people like a new Amazon Script tell them a test more than we got Asleep from our Amazon sellers we just Did a we just created a new script to Help you write Amazon and e-commerce Product descriptions and we got a Testimonial in from one of our users who Actually used it before even did their Training this past Tuesday and she said That she took the output tweaked it just A little bit with for her keywords and Was able to triple her conversion Overnight yeah 3x oh my goodness that Means that you’re making a hundred Dollars I mean three hundred thousand Dollars a year right that worth the Trace of the year you hate money that Bad You’re not even final scripts you must

Get in there so yeah absolutely jump in There now because now it’s this is the Best price you’re ever going to get it And we’ve got some amazing things Already in there and some amazing things Come in people love it alright well that Said I’m gonna say goodbye Everybody thanks so much for hanging out Thank you Jim makes everybody on Facebook and everywhere else you guys Are watching in I hope you guys had a Good time on Fridays hopefully next week We’ll be in the new office if not we’ll Be there two weeks and I’ll take us on a Tour we do that laptop to little hole Anyway we’ll take it on to work as it is Basically a pharma building Mecca it’s Gonna be amazing you guys are gonna love It it’s so cool can’t wait awesome Thanks everybody thank you Jim See you guys all again soon how I’m Doing funnels bye-bye everybody forget I’m away right right

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