How To Earn 10X More Money By Doing The Same Thing

Here's a little tip of why this makes You so much more money for no more work You make far more money because of how Much more valuable they are not because Of how much more valuable you are but if You sell to a more qualified customer You in a very real way can make them More money for the same work so if I did Cro so conversion rate optimization for An e-commerce business that was doing a Million dollars a year and I added 10 They would go from one million dollars a Year to 1.1 million dollars a year now If I did that same work at a business That's doing a hundred million dollars a Year they would go from 100 million to 110 million so same work I made a Hundred thousand dollars of value here I Made 10 million dollars of value here Who do you think I can charge more this Guy which one was more work neither they Were the same work but I get a hundred Times the output so it wasn't because of Us it's because of them and so if we Pick the right customers we're able to Charge significantly more and it's Because we really are in a real way Providing more value

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