How to Earn Your First $1,000 When You’re Stuck at $0

I’m thrilled to share my tips for how I was able to earn my first $1,000 after being stuck at $0. It’s a feeling of frustration when you’re working hard and not seeing results, but it’s essential to persevere and keep going. In this post, I’ll be sharing the strategies I found most effective in breaking the $0 barrier and growing my income online. If you’re struggling to earn your first $1,000 or even the next $1,000, keep reading! My experience might just provide you with the insights you need to succeed.


Hi there, I am excited to share my experiences with you on how to earn your first $1,000 when you’re stuck at zero! When I first started as a designer, I was lost, and I struggled with making a consistent income. I recently conducted a poll where over 60% of surveyed designers earned less than $1000 monthly. I understand how challenging it can be to start earning money while feeling confident in offering design services. I want to share some tips and tricks that I learned along the way to help you start earning money as a designer.

Start Small:

It’s okay to start small and not feel embarrassed if you’re not making a lot of money. We all have to start somewhere, and it’s essential to remember that. When I first started designing, I was only charging $50 per project. It wasn’t a lot, but it was a start. Never underestimate the power of starting small.

Breaking Through Mental Barriers:

The first $1000 is the hardest to make, but breaking through mental barriers is essential. It’s easy to get discouraged when you’re not making as much money as you’d like. That’s why it’s important to push through and not give up. This is where the power of positive thinking comes in. Believe in yourself, and you can start to earn more money.

Overcoming Impostor Syndrome:

Impostor syndrome is common and must be overcome to feel confident in offering design services. When you’re just starting, it’s easy to doubt your abilities and feel like you’re not good enough. However, it’s important to remember that everyone has to start somewhere, and with practice, you will improve. If you’re struggling with impostor syndrome, find a community of designers who can support you and offer feedback.

Developing a Valuable Skill:

Developing a valuable skill is necessary for people to pay for your services. This can be challenging because there are thousands of designers out there. The key is to find a niche that sets you apart. Maybe you’re excellent at logo design or creating custom graphics. Find what you’re good at and focus on that. Clients are always looking for designers who can deliver high-quality work.

Learning and Practicing Design Skills:

There are endless free resources to learn and practice design skills. When I was first starting, I would watch tutorials on YouTube and take free courses online. There are also community college courses and design schools if that’s more your style. The key is to keep learning and practicing.

Getting Paid:

Getting paid is essential, but starting with services like PayPal or Venmo is okay. When I first started, I used PayPal to receive payments from clients. It’s free and easy to use, which is essential when you’re just starting. As you grow your business, you can start to use more advanced payment processing systems. However, starting small is always a good idea.

Offering Your Services:

To start making money, bundle up your skills and offer them for a reasonable price. Find someone who needs what you know. When I was first starting, I offered logo design, website design, and social media graphics as a package deal. This made it easier for clients to book me, and I was able to make money from my design skills.


Earning your first $1,000 as a designer can be challenging, but it’s not impossible. Remember to start small, push through mental barriers, develop a valuable skill, learn and practice, and offer your services. You can do it!

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