How To EXPLODE Your Business In 13 Minutes … With Dan Kennedy

– If you don’t know by now, Dan Kennedy is one of the greatest marketers to have ever lived.

He is so good that I’ve bought all his courses, I’ve read all his books and even acquired his company Magnetic Marketing!

If you didn’t see that announcement, go watch it right after you watch this video.

In this video I share my 1-on-1 conversation I had with Dan on stage at Funnel Hacking Live where I got to ask him some awesome questions which he gave even better answers to.

So if you want to learn how to explode your business in 13 minutes, then watch the full video because Dan shares some extremely valuable strategies and advice.

Also since Dan Kennedy dropped so much gold in this presentation, I asked my editor to share the notes from the video for you to copy and paste into your own notes.

You can find the notes under the chapters.

0:00 – Intro
0:48 – Welcome Dan Kennedy
1:29 – How to personality in copy to create customers for life?
2:56 – How to not bore your customers?
6:45 – How to control your legend?
8:33 – The principle of high concept
10:13 – Welcome to profit status

Video Notes:

There has to be a relationship, not just a series of transactions
– Things change and costs are variable
– Customers for life are key
– Requires a relationship.
– Interesting personality
– Essential

1. This game is easiest if you’ve got the match right
– Superman: Not Relatable
– Batman: Somewhat Relatable
– Spider-man: PERFECT MATCH
– Built for a particular Audience

2. Understand the Audience, and WHAT THEY WANT MOST
– Under Appreciated
– Disrespected
– Overworked, underpaid
– Zig Ziglar – Perfect salesman for his audience

3. Craft your character/personality/voice to suite the audience

4. DELIVER to your audience
– SHOW UP for your customer
– Can’t sustain a relationship via booty-calls
– Email
– Paper and Ink
– Audio
– Video
– Can’t become a one-trick-pony

If you succeed at getting people interested in you
In a relationship with you
They will talk about you to others

YOU MUST CONTROL the conversation
– Could do a lot of damage
– George Bush Sr.
– Bill Bennett
“Well, he’s not as dumb as most people think he is.”

– Pizza
– Burgers
– Ice-Cream
– Pancakes

– Omits a few things 🙂
– Simple solutions to complex problems

The Principle of HIGH CONCEPT
– Miami Vice = MTV + Cops
– Music videos with Cops

There is a way of doing things
– An Establishment to enforce the WAY

SOME people will be quietly questioning all the rules
– Lutherism
– Blew up Catholicism
– Questioned the rules and the dogma
– Started New Way

– It is Magnetic
– The most welcome profit, is the least welcome to the establishment


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Foreign Pop quiz you guys know that Dan Kennedy Is famous for saying that everything he Talks about there's no BS right And you guys know that the mascot of the Magnetic marketing brand is a bull Who here knows what the bull's name is Oh someone said it say it again Bruno the bull is the name of the mascot For magnetic marketing and we're pretty Lucky Bruno bull actually came to funnel Hacking live today to be with you guys On the ball He's the coolest That was the greatest thing ever Okay so tonight I want to do a very Special session the session I wanted to Do is some of you guys saw earlier today That we just finished a new book uh Called magnetic story selling and so for The next two hours I wanted to do is I Wanted to go deep with Dan on all these Principles all these things because this Is like some of my favorite thing in the World talking about story and how we Story to build customers for life and to Get engaged people get them to be part Of our communities and so I am pumped to Begin this off if we can all stand up And put our hands together for Mr dad Kennedy Foreign Hacking live thank you so glad to have You back well I'm excited for tonight's

Interview because one of the very first Things when I first came into a camera Was the first Super conference or info Summit one of the ones I went to like I Heard about copywriting I heard about Your direct mail all marketing all these Kind of things but it was the first time That you talked about it wasn't just Like copyright to get a customer but It's like how do we create customers for Life and the lens you talked about was Uh using this thing called personality And copy so I love to kind of Kick this Off by asking you how to use personality Copy to create customers who will last a Lifetime There has to be a relationship not just A series of transactions so the customer For life was always my goal in business Because the only thing you ever really Own is the customers you have a Relationship with everything else can be Disrupted taken away media can come and Go it can be affordable one year and Unaffordable the next so the only thing You could ever really own is the Customer who is your customer for life And that requires a relationship so one Of the requirements of a relationship is A interesting personality hi Billy Mays Here for OxiClean if you're in a Relationship with somebody and you start To bore them you tempt fate so it's a Essential element

How do you create something where you're Not boring people especially like in our World you know we're running ads we're Sending emails what are the mechanisms Or things that you do to keep people Engaged and excited in you and your Personality I think four things to keep In mind and here This game is easiest if you got the Match right in the first place I'll give you example Stanley and Jack Kirby created most of the Marvel Characters the first one that worked was Spider-Man before Spider-Man you had the DC Comics so Superman really nobody Could identify with Batman some people Could identify but you know not really So Kirby and Stan Lee were the first Ones to say let's design a character a Personality to match a particular Audience and who will buy more comic Books than anybody else pre-teens and Teenagers whoa Spiderman so let's build The character for them so they made the Character match the teenager they built This for a particular audience The second thing is really understanding This audience and what they want most And often it is whatever they aren't Getting much of business owners for Example they feel Underappreciated disrespect to Overworked and underpaid so they want Appreciation respect

Acknowledgment Admiration for who they are Zig Ziglar With Zig was a fairly hardcore closing The sale sales trainer inside of you my Friend there really is greatness Two-thirds of the speech is Zig telling Them what they most want to hear about Themselves that they aren't hearing from Anybody else you're not stuck either With who you are or where you are you Can grow you can change and then here's How to be even more successful at what You do and here's some stuff in these 12 Recordings with over 18 hours of life Changing and then the third thing is the Match of these two things really Crafting your character your personality Your voice to suit And then the fourth thing is delivering That to those with whom you wish to Maintain a relationship in a very Prolific manner relationships you kind Of got to show up a lot and you can't Just show up to sell them things that's Like doing booty calls not maintaining a Relationship and you can't sustain a Relationship for a long period of time Doing that unless you're paying Um But another is the deliverable Mechanisms you use to deliver content That alone can cause disinterest so if All you ever do is email the out of People and you never deliver paper and

Ink you never deliver audio you never Deliver videos every audio you deliver Is a monologue Now you could have templates for how you Do things but You can't become one-trick pony-ish in Anything that you do so you have to be Prolific but you have to be prolific With a Multiplicity Of media One of the things I want to talk about So a lot of the the work in this book Came from the influential writing Workshop which you did I don't know how Many years ago uh when you ran that Event the first time one of the points Of it was like creating a legend so that There's this aura or Legend where people Beside you are talking about what you're Doing I'd love to hear you talk it's Your thoughts about that so if you Succeed at getting a lot of people Interested in you They are going to talk about you To other people and if you don't control That God only knows what they will say Meaning well but Perhaps doing A great deal Of damage one of the former presidents We had was George Bush number one Bush Won not pushed her and I don't think he Even understood what he said but Bill Bennett the Reagan's education secretary

Was on the program sometime too and so The first time Bush was coming on I saw Bill the city before that in the green Room and I said I'm going to meet President Bush and we're going to be in The Green Room for at least 10 or 15 Minutes together is there anything you Can tell me and Bennett says well he's Not as dumb as most people think he is Now this is not what you once said about It has your Legend right you want to Control it which means you kind of have To package it so it can be memorized by Osmosis and then said the way you want It said in order to attract more of the Audience You want Next thing I have in the notes the the Principle here that you were talking About is the principle of high concept A lot of great successes come from what In the entertainment business is called High concept so if you remember the TV Show Miami Vice Soul with a two-word pitch MTV plus cops So the time MTV was you know music Videos and that's what Miami Vice was To his music videos with cops and the Meeting was over and everybody signed a Deal and they went and produced the show In advertising one of the great High Concepts ever is eat the food lose the Weight as a concept how do you beat that Because of everything it says by

Omission no exercise no dieting eat the Food and lose the weight and by the way Look at the food It's pizzas Burgers ice cream sundaes And pancakes you can't do better than That and whoever wrote that concept down I hope they got paid a million dollars Because it's worth Every penny in many respects your great Line about being just one funnel away a It's eat the food and lose the weight it Kind of omits a few things It's simple it's instantly Understandable and it's high concept The last question I want you to talk About is a constantly called Welcome the Profit status yes so this is really Useful in every population there is a Way of doing things here's how you're Supposed to do this and there is an Establishment that dictates and tries to Enforce the Dogma that will be what is Going on anywhere you go to sell Anything but the second thing that will Be going on is there will be some people Who will be quietly privately Questioning All those rules and Dogma they won't Have voiced it because they don't want To be the only one who stands up and Says wait a minute right there's a cool Book called brain Luther it's about the Start of the Lutheran religion and you Know he blew up Catholicism by attacking

His Manifesto on the church door which Really questioned the rules of the Dogma And there were people waiting to follow Luther because they were already saying Well wait a minute like this doesn't Really make sense to me but nobody wants To stand up and be the first guy so Nobody knows it it's a third of the room Because nobody says it So if you march in To an environment like that and Authentically do that you say if you've Been thinking that this is if You've been thinking that there has to Be a better way to do this than what You're being told I'm here to tell you You're right there's a segment of people Who have been waiting for that profit to Arrive it's very powerful That's not the only way to play the game Of course but it is a way to play the Game it's a chosen Personality is the radical contrarian Prophet arriving for the waiting Radicals I love that one through the Audience is waiting for the radicals to Arrive so good Dan I appreciate the last Two hours it's been insanely cool let's Stand up and give her out of Applause Thank you Dad Foreign

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