How to Find Million Dollar Keywords For Your Website

Keyword research is not just for SEO People if you have a website you need to Understand what keywords are and how to Do effective keyword research so if you Don't know yet a keyword is a single Word or phrase that people type into a Search engine in order to find a website And in the next couple minutes I'm going To break down to you exactly what you Need to do to find those keywords find How many searches those keywords are Getting every month find out how Difficult it is to rank for those Keywords and then how to implement them Into your website so let's dive into it Now effective keyword research can be Done using any reliable SEO tool and There are a bunch of them out there for This video I'm going to be using semrush But I will also list a couple additional Tools down below it's always nice for You to be able to shop out which one has The best rates and pricing this way You're not spending more than you want To but generally speaking all of these Tools are going to have a very similar Process when it comes to searching for Keywords in the case of semrush I'm Going to be using their keyword magic Tool find over here on the left toolbar Bar now when searching for a keyword the First thing that you want to ask Yourself is is this keyword or keyword Phrase a location based search meaning

Is somebody looking for something in Their local vicinity or is this a General search that could be found on a Website located anywhere in the world This is going to help you determine what Types of keywords you want to search for In this example let's say that we want To search for a dentist in Colorado Springs and we're going to search this Now there are a few different factors That we want to look for before we just Select any old keyword to implement into Our website Pages the first is buyer Intent now switching over here you can See that there are a couple different Variations of buyer intent or the intent Of the person that is searching there is Informational meaning that the user just Wants to find an answer oftentimes these Informational searches are going to lead To some sort of blog article or news Article the next is navigational meaning The user wants to find a specific page And the last to which are the two that We are going to be talking about today Are commercial and transactional meaning That somebody is looking for a company a Brand and they're looking to make a Purchase and these keywords are Certainly going to convert much higher Because people are actually looking to Spend money so let's go back here to our Keyword magic tool and let's start Looking at a couple of these different

Keywords now we could just pick and Choose the ones that fit our website Best but we do still want to consider The other factors first buyer intent Which for most of these is commercial as Are many of the local searches that People would make the next is our search Volume of course we want to pick Keywords that have a lot of searches Every month so this is average monthly Search volume for organic searches done On these keywords so looking at the very First one Dennis in Colorado Springs has Around 320 organic searches every single Month so this is plenty of search volume For a dentist if you can imagine only Bringing in five ten fifteen percent of Those searches for that one keyword that Is a lot of new patients and so it looks To me that search volume on most of These first keywords is really great for A local business the next thing that we Want to look at is keyword difficulty or In other words how difficult is it going To be for you to rank your web page for This specific keyword and so if you ever Find one that is red you're certainly Going to want to either avoid that Altogether or at least understand that That's going to take more time and more Effort to rank your page for that Keyword but luckily for these keywords Most are either yellow light green or Dark green meaning it's very easy and so

You're going to want to take these Things into consideration and weigh your Options based on is this a good keyword For me is the search volume enough that It would make a big difference in terms Of revenue for my business and finally What is the keyword difficulty and when I'm looking at these keywords I will Always always choose keyword difficulty Over search volume so let's just say That we have a keyword with a search Volume of ten thousand but the keyword Difficulty is 85 versus a keyword that Has the search volume of 300 but the Keyword difficulty is just 11. and you Can see that that's going to be much Easier to rank for and in the long run You're going to get a lot more traffic Now again that doesn't mean that you Can't pursue more difficult keywords but Just understand that results are going To take more time so in tools like Semors what you can do is you can select The best keywords and you can export Them so then you can determine which Ones fit with which pages of your site So in this case looking through these I Would probably pick best dentist in Colorado Springs they're still good Search volume but the keyword difficulty Is much lower also looking at emergency Dentists in Colorado Springs there's 140 Searches with extremely low keyword Difficulty so what I'm going to consider

Is maybe I make a page on my website Specifically for emergency dental visits Options where people can book an Appointment same day or even within a Couple hours but this this is a keyword That you could rank for really really Quickly continuing to scroll down we've Got best dentists plural in Colorado Springs we've got dentists that take Medicaid so maybe this could be a page Specifically dedicated to how the Process works when you are on Medicaid Continue to scroll down we've got again Another Medicaid specific keyword Top dentist in Colorado Springs so you Can see that the volume is getting lower And lower on these but still they are Very very rankable and it's reasonable For you to pursue these keywords so what I would do is I would go ahead and I Would export these into a spreadsheet I Would organize them and then determine Which individual keyword goes with which Page of my site and typically speaking You want to have one keyword for one Page of your website and then of course Keyword variations as well now once You've done this all you have to do is Implement these keywords into your web Pages in the title In The Meta Description in the H1 header and in the Body copy and then as you continue to Improve the content of that page and Build backlinks to that page you're

Going to be able to rank for these Keywords really really quickly so if you Found this video helpful please be sure To hit that like button if you have any Additional insights or tools that you Like to use for your keyword research go Ahead and let me know down in the Comments thanks for watching and we'll Catch you in the next video

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