How to find the right partner

Finding the right partner it comes down To do I need a partner and what do I Need a partner for typically somebody Either has to have expertise you don't Have time you don't have or money you Don't have if this person doesn't have One of those three things that you don't Have you shouldn't work with them Because there's no point and this is Honestly the number one mistake that Most people make is they're like you Like guitars I like guitars we're Friends we should totally do this but You share all of the same things which Means one of you is irrelevant which Will eventually create conflict every Single business needs an accountant it Doesn't mean you need to partner with Account it means you just need an Accountant there are functions that must Happen within a business it doesn't mean You necessarily need a partner and so It's really just a balance of like what Does the business need and how rare is That skill and what am I willing to pay For it it's going to come down to time Knowledge or money

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