How to gain subscribers for your membership site – Watch our “Membership List Hack”

And we’re waiting in and we’re live What’s that I don’t know if I can scream But we can try there we go my Harriet How embarrassing Jim how’s it going you Got thing got sick last year I got Magical powers since I saw you last plus I mastered to you from halo master chief Of the unicorn finger warning that this Might cause somebody to have some kind Of a seizure flashing lights may cause Issues last year how’s it going things Are amazing outside of fact that Boise We went through state of emergency it’s Snowed and it rained and it snowed and We have five snow days in a row for the Kids which made my wife go a little Loopy a little loop here and then our Kitchen flooded we should probably about A hundred random damage all of our wood Floors warped our front room the walls Are flooded the carpets soaking wet Right now and other than that though Everything’s amazing how about you know Your new years my new year was very good I got two new guns for Christmas and a Moving target on my range and we had no Flooding and we had a bunch of snow days And we had the grandkids so I feel your Pain I mean I know all about the Wonderful interaction with children 24 Hours a day while trapped in a house was Awesome grandkids go home after a while Though which sounds kind of accidents Usually I figure them up there you go

You know how we evaluate whether they Get candy or not grandpa can I have Candy and then I look at my watch and I Go hmm your parents will be here in two Hours have all you want there’s no sugar In Pixy sticks have as many as you want That’s amazing well very very cool so Jim wants some cool updates from us What’s been happening that’s really cool Yes absolutely all right so did you see The market in your car funnel Launched of course I did it is doing Insanely well so everyone who’s got a Podcast you should final hack it because It’s just a sneak peek it’s doing Everything you know our full-time guy Because you’ve got the fingers I think The high school has number three but We’re still pushing I think we’ll get Number one within a week or so I think We’re doing a whole bunch of things from Different angles pushing it but it’s Working really well it’s like the offers Converting grade the upsells are worth The converted order form bump the Upselling the con our final universities Doing a big everything’s just working Fantastically and one cool thing this is A tip for everyone I showed up some Inner circle members but most of you Guys most of us have been doing stuff For a long time we don’t always have to Create a brand new product to do a new Funnel if you look at the entire

Marketing your card funnel there was Nothing inherently new about it it was My pot that’s 257 EPS on my podcast oven For two and a half years we just Packaged a little differently the order Form bump is transcripts which is the Thing but again structurally differently The episodes following you which has Been live from for over a year now and The next upsell was another site we Didn’t recreate anything we just took All the cool stuff we have it and put Them in a different order I think that a Lot you guys realize you can repackage Loss if you’ve done before and can still Do amazingly well so it’s like six Billion people in the world that haven’t Bought your stuff you don’t have to have New stuff because it’s new to them That’s a great point exactly So with that I’m gonna drop the mic see Me even brought the mic in my house five Kids honey let me explain why so we got To the office today Sea Org see my Office is like the Internet’s down so I Get to my house where my house say but He he was smart enough to grab the drop Mic before he left so he can still drop It which is cool okay and I want to show Everyone this real quick so okay turn Around check out the shirt the Stephens Wearing today it’s kind of embarrassing [Music] Yeah look at that Russell’s wearing a

Loincloth I told him it was it was from The Beast he just slayed is that Russell Space on there it is it’s called Loki Pages or confusion stuff I didn’t say That I’m allowed to say that when Russell was a hundred eighty-five a Twisted steel and sex appeal Hey I’m not anymore come on now all These arms are to scale they’re a little Small I’m not sure but you know we’ll Forgive the artist for uh their Interpretation of alright so that said You guys have not got marking in your Car yet go to market your car calm and Final hack me all right so Jim won’t Subscribe to Russell’s podcast yes Please do I haven’t been dropping some Magic bombs in fact I got one today I’m Doing that I didn’t last night as my Kids called Yolo so this is cool it’s Snowing right and winter and freezing my Kids in the hot tub all warm and cold And they’re like let’s write around the House five times and they’re like but I Don’t want it down yours out Yolo which means you only live once and They all jump out and they run I didn’t Hold podcast about that yesterday like We know they like this Yolo out Attitudes like most of us we have a cool Idea and the right oh but what if we Start freaking out and the we just stop We had the idea and then before like all The self-doubt jumps in we go yellow and

Just jump out in the snow and run it Would change our lives so that was that One last night like I go in today – so Go listen I’m doing some cool stuff for You guys the goal the game plan for Today so back in the day and you know You remember this Jim Mike Phil same Where my close buddies he came became With this concept called butterfly Marketing and there’s a bunch of cool Stuff behind it but there’s one thing he Did one strategy that was like brilliant That I’ve never seen anyone talk about It was like it was like wasn’t the Butterfly marketing strategy like it’s One little thing that he had inside of It last night what I’ve seen nothing About we should have fun on Fridays also That popped my head Like we should share this little trick Because it is insanely amazing it’s Simple to do on and it’s awesome so That’s kind of game so it’s gonna show You guys how to build lists really cool And basically the basic concepts I Sketch it out yeah this is all Jun does Even know what I’m talking about I Already told you ain’t come you 8,000 Scripts inside of final scripts like do I sense you’re drafting me I’m gonna Have to make a new script alright so Here it is so this is so typically in a Marketing right you go and you like I Need to get a lead so you build a

Squeeze page you’re like hey give me Your email address because I promise I’ll give you something really really Cool on the next side free video yeah Yeah that’s like the hook right so it’s Like oh you kind of feel like why just Give it to me if you’re really that cool Just give it to me right so what might Figure it out This is totally ninja he said uh he said Uh Jim’s don’t pass out from his army Gear yeah welcome back ok he’s like I’m Gonna create a membership site that’s Normally like $197 but today you get the Backdoor access link and you actually Get it for free it’s gonna be awesome All you do step number one is create Your account right here they put their Name the email the karo and they create Their account and then we advertise These like hey here’s the act backdoor Access of my brand-new membership site Don’t you up a nice and bucks a month Year for free think about that like the Positioning they login and then they get All the stuff so we think that really Using click funnels and then in the Membership site like what do I put in There I don’t have any stuff yet so I’m Not sure there’s another hack to build Out an amazing membership site that People will opt in for that takes you Like 15 seconds to do every game for That I’m so ready

It’s gotta be a scam it’s gotta be I Mean this sounds just too easy to be True we’re too good whatever Hey Yolo right alright so I’m going to Share my screen and start building I Hesitate to ask but what are you gonna Need me to make The biggest thing we need right now is Gonna be an awesome headline for the Free membership site that’s and that’s Honestly think this is a pretty simple Funnel look like egg tempera started Because we uh I always forget what I think that it is E dot GD timer alright so we’re going Thirty minutes on this puppy did you say Dot GD timer what you say IgG timer oh oh oh timer I was like easy Cowboy Alright so time to started The other website needs a couple of Sneaky things for the site YouTube is The other secret thing I’m gonna be Using I think my mirror so I can like Cocktails or hanging out what if I can’t Pin that to the front oh cool that’s Awesome to put it out here alright ok so First thing we do is I’m gonna click Funnels we’re gonna add a new funnel and It’s gonna be what’s the topic gonna be Let’s do let’s do real estate let’s Plank or real estate gurus or want to be Real estate gurus that’d be fun so real Estate investors yes yes I’d become like

Ah to become a real estate this member Signed out how to become real estate Investor some sales beginner rule Yeah the underground something real Estate investors is what we’re targeting Yeah yep he figures out I feel naked I Think there’s just some naked Alright so wonders I’m sure as a hack This is the hack you know the content And the member site does not have to be Yours so who are the bags real estate Gurus in the world Kiyosaki mmm-hmm hey Still that’s so hard spell okay just Start Rio sake there you go You’re the foreword for the new extra Seekers book which is pretty dang cool Which is come along you have a cool I Have a cool little hack I’m gonna tell You about once you get done with this About YouTube that okay it’s gonna blow Your mind yeah something that’ll just It’ll kill it cool nervous now yeah I’m Gonna make I’ll make a little script and Then Next week or two to help you do what I’m Gonna tell you that you can do cool All right so what I’m doing right here Is I’m gonna make a membership site so The first thing I need is a membership Access thing this is really gonna create Their account so I’ll just pick like That one and then you the actual members Area so then the Thank You page I’ll Turn into hopefully my home internet

Slow radar you gave one good thing Without all day what’s the name of our What’s the name of the membership site Gonna be Let’s call I was called real estate Hackers cuz like why not we’re on the Theme of hacking alright we’ll make a Membership site we’ll use out right There alright okay so the first thing we Do I’m gonna come back I’m making memory So I got making members it’s actually Worth someone opting in for Ike because When you’re opting you know something Email You’re basically Bryden like hey give me An email and give some amazing stuff so I’ll even some amazing stuff so I’m Gonna find ki sake sake here’s a video 60 minutes it’s actually 140 minutes so Some of those in Rome at the 60 minute Egon rich with Robert Kiyosaki that’s Time that seems like a cool training Video so I’m gonna plug that in as part Of my content in my members area so come Down here so you can move my little Video she hasn’t seen me still get Something right here I’m gonna do a Lesson section I changed the list see How do i edit the lesson sections like Yeah so I’ll call this one on rich bad Secrets nice I’ll pay that lesson there And then the first one will be called oh Wait well hot sorta video and I’m Actually this one’s gonna use the video

Template delete okay so I’m gonna add a New lesson we call this one Rich Dad Secrets name is lesson is 60 minutes to getting rich I’m going to Use the video template when you give Them immediate access so no drip play on This when I get it all when they give me Their email then open the editor okay I’m good I’m good for the next time [Music] Alright shake my fat head down CEA’s can See the thing there we go all right so Get that and then I delete this stick it Out you’re doing somebody that’s like Who are the top well-known gurus in your Space you can like leverage their names Alright and do this with caution because Maybe someone will see you and I don’t Want to gag well Richard you’re a key SOG you saved me like well yeah these Things that since I’m YouTube is Technically yeah he’s kind of shared He’s probably good for him he’s gonna Get more views make sweet Kate thank you Sake stuff going to debt and get wealthy Oh it’s kind of cool you rich has ten Rules for success that’s like are you Kidding me someone’s advertising in his Video alright so there would be this Right here someone might actually do a Pre-roll video on somebody else it’s Video why would someone do that such a Jerk again What was a success yes and then make a

Video lesson and we’ll we’ll give it a Zero give me a media access as well Alright so we got we will have to Kiyosaki who’s really good real estate Guru Diaz like you just Dean Dean Dean Is my new buddy so we can give him some Love for success So this is the sneaky wait the way I Learned this trick isn’t like really Membership sites to plug it in out with The YouTube videos is I have a friend I’m not gonna name names but if I was This rash I’m just my friend you know as Mandy I’m sorry what so yeah you create A whole company you know vermilion bugs This company and all he does he created Membership sites and then copy and Pasted YouTube videos times I’m not Saying it’s the right thing to do I’m Saying it’s what he did and he sold it I’m just not saying you should do that But that’s how I learned this strategy I’m doing the ethical way just there you Okay million your success happens with Dean that’s a good one but I’ll just Tell you the thing that you can do I Can’t really demonstrate it for you Right now but there’s a way to do a There’s a way to do a playlist where you Can take a video that like this like You’re saying here and you can make your Own introductory videos and then put the Two of them together as a playlist so That you can have your video of you

Introducing the video play first and Then immediately it will play the video That you’re curating after it so it Looks like even I mean you’re not Violating any Terms of Service or Anything because you’re using YouTube’s Code but that’s it that’s the next step Up from this that’s pretty lucky to be Able to curate the videos which is Really what you’re doing you’re not Doing anything wrong you’re just Curating the videos and putting it Behind but you’re not charging anyone For it for free so are you email alright And yes this is live supported yes it’s Live as today’s January 13th Friday it’s Cool 2019 18 a YouTube video boom the Russell’s is too easy in the past I Would have hire programmers and Developers to do this well not when you Use what does get a pitching off the bat Pitching clickfunnels oh yeah so Consciously virtual All right I got headlines I got a bunch Of headlines if you want me to read some Offer okay so let’s just pretend like I’m emphasized done but now that’s That’s the bay right oftens robbed a Bait like what school bait now we got School bait of like if I you add 10 more Videos with like 10 hours of real estate Marketing hacking training stuff so That’s time to move to the opt-in page Jin’s and start giving some killer

Headlines to get people to create their Free account okay I’m just gonna start Reading these off real estate hackers The I guess I can show my screen huh all Right if anybody cares oh I care I want To see can you guys see my screen yep Okay so I filled in a bunch of stuff Beginner real estate investors real Estate investing make money in real Estate real estate hackers name of its Membership side under the radar make Full time income with real estate create Passive income from real estate Instantly seven-day investing any of Your own money and even if you’ve never Invested in real estate before I know a Little about this market so now you can Make a full-time income with real estate Instantly with real estate hackers you Can make a full-time income with real Estate almost instantly how to make Full-time income with real estate in This little seven days it might be a Little much but um how every begin a Real estate investor can make a Full-time income with real estate uh Let’s see surefire ways to make Full-time income with real estate faster Never dreamed possible the truth about How to make a full-time income with real Estate and avoid investing any of your Own money that’s a good one The truth about every how every beginner Real estate investor can make a

Full-time income with real estate and Avoid us investing any of your own money Top real estate investing expert reveals How to make a full time income with real Estate that one’s not bad you could Change that to experts if you’re gonna Have more than one top real estate Investing experts yeah None of these are doing it for you are They um nobody I’m sure you guys have a Pre alighted position so the way the Butterfly marketing stuff worked in the Past was like so I so if I like free Like backdoor access to my a nice $10 a Month membership real stay hack Membership like that real estate hackers I put that in quotes hackers membership [Music] And like yours yours free today please Please don’t you think please don’t Stare this link even though you clicked An ad all right so that’s like the pre And then let’s have a hell I actually Pitch them like yours gonna be years Away they’re like why I actually want This because it’s like other than it’s Just a free thing again I’ll just whip How to create passive income from real Estate as a little 7 days even if you’ve Never invested in real estate before However oh here’s here it is this is it How every beginner real estate investor Can create passive income from real Estate without investing any of your own

Money cool what’s that one Okay oh look I’ll just push the copy Button next to it and then I’ll go on to Facebook and I’ll Facebook message it to You real quick and then it’ll just be Copy and paste simple that with that Copy button it’s just it’s almost too Easy You don’t even have to actually cut Highlight you just don’t all you do is Point and click and profit my goodness Just like clickfunnels final scripts Makes it point click simple to get the Results you need without the heartache Or technical difficulties of the past by Today no longer did to highlight this Infomercial Jim is dead oh he’s back From the holidays did you I said to me Yeah I can’t even read my own instructions You need to change it to investor I did Plural instead of singular bad Jim bad Jim he so Russell’s not charging for This membership site this is free so It’s like Brian position yeah Positioning it is like this is a paid Membership site but because you have got This page you get free access to it so There’s higher perceived value in it and That’s kind of the strategy so it’s the Squeeze page you need bullets yeah let’s Do some bullets okay that’s what I’m Able to just toss it in there yeah if I Was charging them there’s other things

But like it’s just it’s the same as be Opting in and sending me email by K Check out this YouTube video it’s Amazing yeah it’s clever quick all right So do you want Let’s give me four bullets we say yellow Or something Yolo Yolo my kids are so Far we should add you Stephen next week Do you do a thing I’m like sure everyone How you make everything mobile awesome Yeah I think that is a skill that I Don’t know how to do I don’t know how to Do but it’s really important you’re Gonna get at least 30 percent of your Viewers visits to be mobile trend Another finalist even goes through does Another thing that long always things Take like a year but then you do it real Quick and then like looks awesome Mobley In fact we have 50 minutes maybe we’ll Put you in the hot seat because this is Gonna be done pretty soon yeah you can Show these guys the magic have you guys Once have you just want to see Steven Show you how to make these things mobile E magic it’s all assert you got this Shirt is easy you got the certs easy I never stood in Russells Cherica Marketing cars you get it done I suppose Move all this up here make this now I Get my liberation my product gives you The the the confidence to find in Fund your first deal fast ooh as a good Literation – I’m alone in the woods

Obviously I come hang create your free Account and I have a cool thing to tell People well yeah I want to hear it There’s something to share two things to Share actually regarding funnel scripts Your one-stop solution the best on the Web for helping you to create copy and Offers and all the things you need just Saying just saying okay where’s the time Can I make this like curve on the sides Or not because it’s the background okay Can your software do what you want Look at that of course the case Clickfunnels duh duh of course you kid My work here is done I’m putting my Magic gloves back on I was working on a Phone yesterday Jim and we needed some Headlines and I hope you two like help Me I thought you’re gonna say you almost Used to funnel scripts that would be Like really bad to say live he actually Did his final scripts but I was like There’s something about having Jim do it For you is just cool you can call me Anytime Probably people always want me to like Build their funnels for them right I just want Jim to Maya headlines for me You’ll get inside okay so did you face With me that bullets I did I even heard The ding on your end ding all right goes Back here and this obsession with dot Dot dot so I guess I did too I I do it all the time again it’s I

Can’t write even emails to my mother Without doing dot dot dot my text Messages my wife’s like we text some of My phone act like it’s me they always Know what you cuz all the dots Okay I can’t not do it my thumb likes The dots hey do you guys know what this Emoji means I’m not sure okay so I like Chocolate I happy chocolate ice cream I Thought maybe my daughter’s obsessed With the poop emoji for Christmas you Got poop emoji pillows poop emoji cups Poop emoji like bracelets watches Earring everything so yes napkins so is The poop on the other side different cup I got two cups dude holy cow yeah Satan Emoji and there and the poop emoji it’s Not really Satan it’s like little devil It’s cute it’s not like you know life And death biblical stuff dude it’s a Copy that’s not politically correct Somebody needs to be offended by this or Else what’s the point Exactly hey I can offend some people Soon I mean you just say the word I can Turn it on like a faucet my friend done Anything bad yet Jim watch college humor Like their videos yeah did this whole One I like being literally correct it Was hilarious groups like someone says Something like oh that’s not PC and then They individually each person says Something it offends everybody else by The end they’re all like Oh anyways

Awesome there you go well there’s your Warning folks there we go it’s a visual Definitely this is not the thing you let The little homeschooling kids watch I’m Just saying Tell me to calm down one time they were Like oh we got homeschool kids read well That was your first mistake okay we had Someone yesterday cancel click funnel And their reason was because they Couldn’t handle Russell’s profanity Which I was dying what I have sworn Thrice in my life three times what you Say that’s like one thing I’ve never had Issue with this where I’ve said three Ever and then since click falls alive so I don’t know I did how anyway I was just Like of all people that’s not my issue Maybe they missed it maybe they mistook Me for you and you know they were like That guy in the funnel scripts he sucks All right so we’ve got 10 minutes 51 Seconds where it makes do you Steven the Change real estate investors to real Estate investor Make it singular please wait where it Says how every beginner real estate Investor all right thank you yours Aren’t bleeding yet toughen you up he Makes these things mobile-optimized Because this is this is the magic and I’m using the letter Daniel the new Editor actually this is easier I’m Better with the old editor I shouldn’t

Practice enough with the new one on Making it mobile so what I do is I grab We first get it the way we want it to Look on the actual web and then there’s A whole bunch of like web or mobile Emulators you can put your sites in but They still don’t perform the exact same As if you just open up on your phone so I literally have my phone in one hand And then I look at the site on the other It was sensitive sensitive Mouse all Right so my mouse as men do as men do All right so then I copy the URL right Here at the top and I just send it to Myself so I know if you have a texting App or I don’t see milk you know where’s The computer it’s right there copy it oh Yeah so I don’t just send it to myself And I open it up on my phone inside of My phone browser when we’re done with This I’m gonna I need to ask you guys a Couple questions just thinking as Someone you know as the consumer on this One people watching I got a couple Questions about what the one would do Next after you got this all set up as Men do as men do these situations ah Alright you must come to you you should Have hopefully there’s two seconds email With you see the link all right so I’m Gonna open it up on the phone actually Pull up that email James said quick Rustles have the phone my hands are Still it is funny how many people got

Mad at me the first time I started doing This to you early Yeah you suck at recording stuff it’s Hard to build funnels okay all right you Can really tell people if they give you Too much crap you could just say hey Look you know I didn’t want to talk About my recent diagnosis but the Shaking is not on purpose and that make Them feel like totally terrible they’ll Tell you I’ll send you all kinds of free Stuff we’d like through my bag Disclaimer has gone up yeah okay so I’m Just screwing around sure I do this come On this quick is this is what it looks Like on mobile okay all right it’s huge Massive doesn’t look that good um so we Do and it looks like you got exists as Like the last step so I’m gonna go back Inside the editor here it is the end It’s going to say two headlines Yeah it looks jacked up so I’m so we’re Gonna do is I’ll go in and I literally On my phone look at the fur I just go Top to bottom all right so it looks huge On the phone so I’m gonna click on this First source first headline here and I’m Just gonna open it up and click on Desktop only you cloned it right yep I Cloned it and I come back here inside Settings and then go mobile only and Then I drop it down to finish 17 ish All right then I go down to the next one So yours free today that’s the next

Thing on the phone it’s huge then I copy It mark the first one is desktop only The second one mobile only and I shrink It down to just as an aside when you say Please don’t share this link you know Make sure you don’t have like Facebook And Instagram links the effect this way Copy-paste here but I your mobile only The local thing the new editor let you Do this reason headlight you double Clone it yep But other elements doesn’t do it with so There’s a hack in the new editor to make The headlines better but conceptually if You have images other things you stuff To come do this all right so then I come Down there you go to your phone right go Back to the phone here and it looks fine On this this part so I probably won’t Change at all it’s got the login create Your account down at the bottom you can See that so doesn’t look that crazy There it was just totally blown out up At the top so let me save it and it Usually takes 20 seconds 30 seconds for Effect to show up Mobile on your phone Whatever you just did so we’ll wait a Second in the And I when I do those I click preview And make sure I didn’t accidentally put Anything weird in the actual website Version the browser version so if you Shrink that browser it’ll kind of pops In there too so you can see as well

Right yeah it should There you go see it snaps over to the Mobile version when you shrink it down Like that so you can use meaning what All right so now I’m checking out on my Phone oh is this password I’ll fly to Boise you steal my phone do you refresh It already 34 yep there we go look at That back directs us nice wait so much Shudder I shrink advanced a little bit More but that’s it a YouTube folks son Was that you didn’t show it to the YouTube folks you want to show to the my Facebook and Instagram people there Brother All right here we go look at this Everything’s shrunk down quite a bit Text size it’s still pretty big I don’t Want to full screen full of just text so I might go in and on the mobile version Normally start putting you know Background colors breaking it up so I Treat them once we get how you like it Well then we’ll Street has almost a Whole separate you know it’s a different Experience so you’re gonna statistically Get at least 30% of your actual Following people who visit your site to Come from mobile zero no folks on that But it’s pretty easy click funnels so Just know that when you do a lot of you Hi lot of stuff in mobile it’s not Hitting in yeah because there’s just too Much crap the eight yeah we use the same

Rules if there’s a video we’ll put it Above the fold a natural mobile version Everything loads from the left side First over to the right on columns so if I want this right here to show up in Front of the actual watch I’ll get Inside I’ll just clone it the whole Section say desktop only come move this Back inside here and say mobile only That’s it so cool yeah it’s actually Pretty quick so that way it pops on the Mobile it pops on top but a desktop Stays normal yep yep so looks normal on The actual browser right there but on Mobile itself boom it totally worked What clickfunnels is awesome That would take me 22 programmers in the Passages sure really vessel that would Cost him 10 grand Hey Russell got me again oh that’s so Cool Ok let me ask you a couple questions cuz I know people are wondering this once we Get our little thingy like we get our Free membership site set up how do we Make money from this what’s the strategy Cool this strategy so I’m assuming if I’m going after real estate if you’re Gonna if you’re gonna do this can you Make your little window where you’re Gonna show the thing bigger for the People on good call good call please Just to show my screen yeah there you go Alright so here’s the strategy so if I’m

If I’m making a real estate free Membership site to build a list I’m Assuming that either I have a real Estate product I’m selling the back end Or I’m an affiliate for a real estate Product or some combination of the two So the way I look at it is I once had my Big whiteboard or anyway but we’ll do it So here’s a member Society so they’re Coming in rabbit traffic creating the Free account and for me this whole Business is all about this like customer Looks like that’s that’s the that’s the Secret sauce right look at metrics for Every person you have on your email list You should average on the low end one Dollar per month per name so that’s kind Of thing so what I do is I’m driving People in here they come the thing they Create an account and then what happens They is they go into the members area Right there remember yay but that person Drops down here they’re now on my email List okay and then the next person comes And they opt-in and then I might see This hopefully and so everyone’s coming Through the adding my list so every Single time something up saying I’m Giving myself a raise give me myself a $1 a month or a so I keep like my Business like the KPI really has how Many leads today are we getting into our Business like that’s what we’re always Consistently looking at because I know

Every single person comes in it’s at Least a dollar a month race finding out A thousand people a day $1,000 a day Raise them giving myself so everyone Should be thinking like how can I get Myself race today that should be your Mantra everybody how can get myself race Today it’s all tied to like getting more People on your list right so then that’s On your list then they’re doing this Content here they love you Hook him up a bunch of free stuff then You got them on emails and you start Sending them emails about things first Thing I would say about emails is giving Them to build a relationship with you so That you’re not because you’re given Free Robert Kiyosaki and Dean grassy OC And Robert Al and whoever else the stuff You’re doing so that’s good but uh but You want them to build a nice ed with You so here’s where I start telling my Own stories and I start you know getting To know them and then I start figuring Out products so usually I’m looking at If I’m gonna be an affiliate or sell my Own whatever it is like I know that for My customer there’s a sequence of things They need to go through to be successful Right I’m always looking like here’s Here’s the here’s the result what I want To try to get these guys right they’re Gonna be real estate investors make a Bunch of money so how do I get them

There well the first thing they’re gonna Need is they need to understand the Strategy so my business right I want you Guys all building funnel so I’m like What strategically do you need well First thing you need to know understand Funnel so for me my first thing I’m Selling my first emails we’re talking About my book so might be two or three Emails or I’m trying to sell my my book Cause if you in the book that’s the First step that you’re reading you’re Right Oh like Jim you read the book first time Remember you told me you’re like I can’t Actually good and you’re like wow like I’ve never done I think you told me some Like I can count over a million dollars Money I missed because I wasn’t doing This stuff right you know yeah yeah Don’t don’t you don’t need to talk about That now just keep teaching you lost a Million bucks but not read my book Earlier so if you haven’t read it yet Like you’re like spewing money into the Crash anyway there you go now let me a Clarification thing this isn’t this is a Giant autoresponder sequence right this Is not broadcasting this so all of this You can set up inside of clickfunnels You can load in all these emails keep Loading emails on the back end so you Don’t have to have everything that Russell’s telling you to do done in

Order to get started you can start this With a page with the funnel with a Couple videos and a single email to get Going oh that makes it did it begin yes He’s right so initialism answer on the Product you can plug in like let’s say Your you can be an affiliate for me and Like plug in my book or if you’re in Real estate find idean gracioso is got Free book offer for real estate people Like plug that in as an affiliate you Get paid now here so I think that first Thing is the book then for me the second Thing Need is they need clickfunnels so I have Clickfunnels and I’m looking like what Are all the things they need in order For them to get the result they really Want and I’m putting those in logical Sequential order and I’m gonna have two Or three males talking to each one Convinced him to buy and invest in the Different things they need so they can Get to the end result it’s cool about This this comes back to everything we Teach in a feeling Duke camp if you guys Will have your free fact Illidan camps a Good example is we give as a free Membership to boot camp you go to boot Camp comm you opt in anyway now say we Practice we preach or anything but we Kind of practice we please how does the Soap opera sequence and the attractive Character which are taught in Russell’s secrets How do those factor into the sequence or Do they they definitely do so soap opera Sequence for me is happening all through Here at the initial sequence you’re Telling your stories your weave media in Like your stories about why is this First offer is important why the second Or so this is like a soap opera sequence Chapter what six and book or seven money Or whatever it is and so that’s the Initial broadcast right it was cool we Happened to say you’re in facebook right And you’re spending let’s say you spend Like a dollar and Facebook ads what Happened is you’re coming down that Opt-in and then day one you might not Make your dollar back and people right It’s a scam I spent it all on Facebook At your spend on Facebook ads that make Anything it’s like this is not like okay Yes Zuckerberg is a scam me everyone This whole time no like it’s a sequence We coming here and like first team of Talks about the book and the percentage People will buy and the second one Happen and somewhere in the sequence Like if you do that average like okay Based on this right now I’m spinning it On Facebook and after day one I’m Averaging like 10 cents and then by day 2 by 3 and someone you’re like day 5 or Whatever that is is your break-even Point day 5 like you made from all the

Emails you broke even like you made your Money back and when you find that your Break-even point could be a date 5 Writer date and a date whatever that is For you lose your breaking point you Know like I spend a dollar Facebook ads Today next Friday I will be a break even Then on Saturday anything itself Saturday and for the rest of that the Relationship with that person down here Is pure gravy its money you can just eat This dollar had a bite out of it already So it was not hey we eat Chapter seven page 72 of secrets Book get yours today for free just pay Shipping and handling seekers Book calm yes so that’s the strategy Guys so you carrying a really cool lead Magnet bait to get somebody in on this Membership strategy we showed you guys Today drive people in and then your Figuring out what are all the things That these customers need to have Success and then you sequentially put Those into a sequence aside action etics And that’s the magic there’s another all Your business right there you know the Funny thing is is that everybody’s doing Free webinars and lead magnets I have Not seen anybody doing this for like ten Years which means it would probably work I mean it’s one of those things you Every oh well this is something new when People see it as opposed to you and I

Know they’re offering this free training At 11 o’clock today or 12 o’clock or 1 O’clock but it’s just a scam juice funny Gym like we’ve been over the last like Few months thinking about 10 years ago What’s all stuff to work and bringing it Back like we did a fire sell in December Remember fire sells how like I do I do They pissed me off because I was like Those are awesome they used to make 23 Fire sells a day like 10 yeah yes no Because like what happened is Phyllis Time did one I’d into a couple and Phil Sending a course called fire sell Secrets and then like literally every Day there were twenty to thirty fire Sells for like a year and a half that’s Not working and then in order to seven Dollar sales and dime sales and all that Stuff nobody does that stuff anymore so The good thing about me being around Since the beginning of time me and Jim Is I’m remembering all the things that Used to work and we’re bringing them Back from the dead and it’s like if we Kill the fires if you did many sites Again maybe I actually saw your meats Like creator course yesterday in my Office we’re cleaning our office of Packing up and I was like this is Jim’s Mini-site crater course so threw it away In the dumpster but uh what’s cool so Suppose that someone fire sells so like You saw the funnel immersion launch we

Did a fire sells like you have a thing And every day the price goes up and then It ends and like that means there’s Built an urgency and scarcity daily and We saw that go nuts Cypress anyway like it’s just all those Things like I’m gonna keep bringing it Back and testing them but yes you Watching clothes what we’re doing Because like we’re bringing these back To the dead through working amazing well I don’t want everyone doing this I’m not Gonna like do fire sell secrets 2.0 but For those who are student or watching We’re leaving we’re leaving trails of What’s working so watch close they’re Good speaking out like this is a really Good thing you guys should all do this With your and this came back I did free Mp3 players eight years ago might Remember that Mike with micro-continent You were teaching you I bought micro Continuity on an mp3 player yes so I’m Bringing it back Like what’s old is new what’s new Anyways although the fighting this whole Business you guys is pattern interrupts Right like what happens it’s like Somebody does something interrupts the Pattern and there and then like the next Like ten people who do it in a market All have success and often like whoever Does it and then it becomes the pattern And that you like oh so you gotta find

The next thing so I mostly get what’s The pattern interrupt pattern interrupt But eventually like the pattern it Becomes a pattern and then you have to Feel what’s next pattern interrupt but Then what happens is that after a while If people like stop using is to stop Working so well and then also that Becomes next pattern interrupts oh I’m Like going back to the beat to the roots And like restarting that’s why he’s they Should make internet marketing history Books cuz I would be cool to like just Anyway he’s bringing back PDF Brander or Zip brings it Radner form fortunes with All my first products I had I thought Zip Brander was cool you know you unzip And it’s got an ant on it I thought that Was really neat I was really proud of That was my first big idea and after I’m Everything I was like I’ll never an idea Like this again I you anyway well cool Jim thanks man that was fun today I hope that’s a good idea some new Things can I tell cup can I tell a Couple things that are coming up in Funnel scripts yes please do okay so two Cool things that are coming up in funnel Scripts Um we’re gonna have a gigantic amazing Announcement of a new wizard next month In February we are going to be releasing The star story solution script Finally as a downloadable wizard to help

You do that Let’s go starts resolution it starts on Page 183 in the book right cuz right Here and you can see all my notes and Everything that I’ve been making I’ve Been slaving over this thing forever to Turn it into soft For you guys and I’ve got the first Draft of it done today and I’m gonna the Working version of it done in time for Phone-hacking live so it will definitely Release in February The other cool thing that we just did is Where we’re expanding our funnel scripts Lineup so we just released a new script Called the Amazon ecommerce script that Helps you write physical product Description specifically for your Amazon Funnels and for you know for regular Funnels but for physical stuff and when We do our training on Tuesday our Monthly training for funnel scripts I’m Gonna be doing a big demo of that and we Did that in conjunction with Ben Cummings who’s a huge very successful Amazon seller and basically he showed me How he does his listings and stuff and I Was able to hack that and turn it into a Really cool funnel script that I got Permission to share with all of you guys So that’s very cool very exciting it’s In there now if you want to play with it But we’re gonna do a big demo on Tuesday So that’s it from the funnel scripts I

Want to hand you mics you can drop it Cuz I I’ll drop it in behalf of you Three two one go boom it’s pretty baby Better and just yeah Jimmy I had a Meeting last week about funnel scripts And about how high we should raise the Price at our year mark because it’s Coming up on a year mark so why the Price will be getting jacked up here in The very near future so if you don’t own Final scripts yet and one it probably Means you hate money and number two Means you messed I might know where to Go so we just go to funnel scripts calm Awesome otherwise J money like that’s The only other logical reason why you Have you like working harder than you Need to yeah I like it means you don’t Want to put proven copywriting Principles that have worked for over a Hundred years to work for you and your Business a hundred times faster than you Could ever do on your own the manual way Final scripts com do it today and if you Act now a third a second script if you Act now we have several valuable bonuses That come along with the training Including funnel blueprints to show you Exactly how did where to use individual Funnel scripts to build out all the main Funnels that you need to build a million Dollar business This is not an income claim you’re very Results may vary no scripts calm as men

Do very cool thanks Jim an awesome times Anything seven for hanging out with us Appreciate you all I want to see some of These funnels on these membership Funnels on let’s see some lists being Built you guys reporting back letting us Know how it works and with that said I’ll see you think next week right yeah Largely know hopefully that I’m Hopefully I’m crossing my fingers the Next week Dylan’s gonna have the new Survey element done if so maybe we’ll do Some more survey funnels because it is The most ninja amazing cool thing on Planet earth and all y’all get it for Free I just said that like I’m from Texas I’m not but all you all get it for Free as part of a click funnel if you’re A click funnels member which is cool so And we’ll be able to demonstrate Reid Demonstrate the amazing easy survey Script that is already available inside Funnel scripts as part of your yearly Membership in funnel scripts you good With that right cool thanks everybody Thanks Jim see you guys all you next Week great job Russell fine

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