How to Get Access to Powerful People

One of the strongest ways I've been able To gain access to people far above my Pay grade is to provide Big Value in Essence pretend the person paid me for Twenty five thousand dollars to do Something that level of effort gets Someone to say this is too much I can't Believe you did all this how can I repay You so for example a few years ago I Entered a new networking group and I Scheduled calls with every single person In the group and I prepared for a few Hours up to a day before each call with Things I thought that would help them Based on some research I did and the Skills I had and they were so blown away They asked me what they could do and I Usually didn't have anything but just Having a stack of ious up to the ceiling That I could call up whenever I actually Needed help was one of the highest Degrees of Leverage things I did in my Life on the early days when I didn't Have enough money to buy help

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