How to Get High Ticket 5 Figure Clients

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Hey listen before you dive in this is a Paid program video from photo funnel Designer 3.0 which is out now and so I Wanted to share this with you for free Because I appreciate you so thank you For being in the community now let's Dive in all right so how did you get High ticket dream clients as a funnel Builder instead of having to work with Nightmare clients how do you work with People you actually enjoy and get paid Up to four and five figures for them we Have this client ladder that I am going To use in this video and it shows you From zero starting out to that best high Ticket dream client right so starting From zero how do you get to those five Figure clients and you can't skip steps You gotta go through one of them each Step by step to get to this point right So what are those steps okay so you Start with a free plus testimonial so This is the testimonial strategy where You say I'm gonna build my first funnel For you for free and then if you like it You can give me a testimonial if they Have other funnels from that you can Turn them into paying clients because They gonna pay for the next one so if The first one is free the next one could Be 500 or a thousand which you'll see in The next one there we go redesign Funnels for little ticket so now you've Done your first funnel for free and now

You have some star in your portfolio Right and you're starting to get out There and add more people to your Network on social media you're Optimizing your profile and you're Getting closer to you know actually Charging for this so you're gonna pick a An existing business owner and the Reason why that's so important is Because they already have money and an Existing offer they might even have a Website or a sales funnel they might Even already be using the platform they Use if you use click funnels or Something similar so it's an easy sell And now you have a free funnel that you Built so you can show it like here's the Quality of my services right So 500 to 1000 for a redesign I Recommend 500 because it's very low Ticket for people but you still get paid Essentially to learn this new skill Right and the next one is get paid to Build your portfolio so your mindset Should be okay I'm getting paid to build This it's not that I'm getting you know Having to work my you know work hard to Get to those big clients which a lot of People see as like a struggle to you Know having to have patience so 10 core Clients these are the ones that you work With let's say you work with coaches so You work with a coach multiple coaches Try to get into their referral system

And and you know sort of use those and Leverage them to get more coaching Clients to build funnels for them could Be home pages application Pages webinar Pages whatever it is that the coaches Need and you just like stay focused and This is the momentum phase you're Looking for momentum where you get paid You know anything above 500 again you're Getting paid to build your portfolio Right so then we have the fourth step is Getting close to the right people so I Remember when I had my first influencer Client he had this community of other People he also had a coaching program of High Network individuals net worth Individuals sorry so when I got him as a Client he would just send me more people As clients and you know he wanted a Small referral fee eventually he just Grabbed that and he appreciated me in The communities I made his life better Because he he looked good to his friends And his Network because he's you know he Sent me to them as the the solution for Their final bills okay so that's the Fourth step the next one is getting into The right rooms so Inner Circle coaching Programs masterminds of intelligent People so for example This could be if you know that Russell Brunson has you know for me it was Russell brunson's Inner Circle people Paid 25 000 to be there they wanted not

Just one funnel but multiple like a Funnel ecosystem so all these different Front-end middle and back-end funnels And so when I got into that space into The right rooms not just you know not Paying Russell Brunson 25 000 but Working with like we saw here the Influencers right because I have a Portfolio because I've done the work up Front and I started with free testimony Right so that's why they go you know in This order once I got into the right Rooms I could literally just pick and Choose who I wanted to work with and say No sorry I don't have time right now yes I would love to work with you on this One it's going to be 3500 it's going to Be 4 000 or 5 000. okay and then this is Where and Russell has even said this Himself Augustine is the celebrity Funnel Builder you know when you get to This position which is really where you Have the five figure clients you have The dream positions you have maybe a Full-time position maybe you have a Collaboration where you do everything For them right you build all their Funnels you become their go-to you're Invaluable they don't want to cancel the Contractorship with you or the Relationship because you're so valuable To their business you can not just Design or do one thing but you can Actually take a lot of their plate and

That's so valuable they don't they never Want to let you go okay so where do you Even start right if you're going to Start from zero like how do you know What to charge at each of these steps And how much are they actually worth at These steps well if you look at the Total value per client starting from Zero and getting to Russell Brunson in In my case right for you could be Totally someone else this is a free plus Upsell next funnel so these clients are Usually worth 1 000 plus and you know if You reach out to people you can choose Who you reach out to but if you just Post content and people reach out to you Then you leave it more up to chance so If you reach out to specific people then You know that one person can be worth 10K but I'm saying General directly like 1K Plus for these like freebie clients Because you might feel like you're doing A service to them and and you're doing All this work but actually because of The work you do for them you're actually Going to benefit from it more due to you Having a portfolio and skill set and all These things right now that's going to Build you up this ladder to your dream Clients those five figure clients the Next one is cheap plus upsell so this is Again is you know this way typically You'll see the first one is 500 and then You can sell one for 1500 and then one

2K and what I've seen from me and my Coaching clients and people like these Usually they get a few funnel bills from You and then you don't really hear from Them and that could be because of Multiple different reasons but 3K plus You can make from these if you're asking Yourself like how can I milk as much as Possible from these this just like a Guideline for that the next one is Bundle packages so once you gain moment Time and you start getting more clients And they pay you like 1K 2K what you Want to do is upsell a bundle package of Everything else they need so you can Have a conversation like I remember how With one a client that built a homepage For actually the first one I made was a Book funnel but I ended up building a Home page a book funnel an event funnel And a coaching application funnel that Was a bundle that I could charge in Total more than 5K for but the first one Was a 2.5 k because I gave a great deal So Next one is the go to funnel Builder Where you become their goal to for an Influencer right a Creator a big Personality brand it could also be a Software it could be like a big brand But you become their goal too and They're like okay now we've found that One person so we're gonna hire you for All our projects does have to be like

Okay now we're gonna buy this bundle of All these funnels because they might not Know what they need in the future but You're their goal to they always come Back to you for more So next one is the where they can cancel Their in-house funnel Builders or a lot Of times I I feel like I get into a Company and I see that they have someone Who's supposed to do something else who Also does funnels but they're not a Specialist so you're the specialist Which means that the in-house person can Now focus on other stuff maybe product Development or whatever it is so last One is the unlimited upside potential Because once you are the celebrity Funnel builder in any industry you now Have the opportunity to partner with Them to charge them monthly retainers That are like six figures from just one Client I've done that I've also done Like a 36 000 package for another one I've done uh 20 000 from another client And so these are the unlimited upside Potential where you can also do rev Share and all these and you can do that With influencers and people from these People's Inner Circle and all of that But you're following this step by step And the more you work and the more you Get better your specific skill and Billing funnels the more you can charge The more important you become to them

And the more they're going to share you With their friends and now their friends Thank your client because they have Found you and so everything Builds on Top of each other which is why it looks Like this so hopefully that's valuable If you have any questions let us know Below or in the private community and I'll see in the next one

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