How to get PERFECT testimonials from your clients

If you're a freelancer or a designer This is the best way to get great Testimonials from your past clients the First thing you need to do is set the Expectation so at the start of the Project what you're going to ask them is Once I do a good job on this project Would you be willing to leave me a Testimonial this is going to set that Expectation and then at the end of the Project once you've done a good job you Can remind them of the great results That you got and they're going to be way More motivated to leave you a Testimonial now at this point you don't Just want to ask them to write out Whatever they want in this testimonial You want to give them some guidance and Structure so you can do this by creating A questionnaire or a survey or if you Feel comfortable enough with the client You can just write out a testimonial and Send it to them and ask them to either Approve it or make updates and tweaks More often than not they're going to be Totally fine with this it's going to Save them time and you can get Testimonials that say exactly what you Want them to say

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