How to Integrate Aweber with ClickFunnels 2 0

Foreign [Music] Video we will go over how to integrate Your click funnels 2.0 account to your Aweber account Before getting started please make sure You're logged into your clickfunnels Account and your aweber account on Another tab So we're going to start it off from your Dashboard the first thing you want to do Is Click settings from the main menu Then click Integrations from the submenu Now your your Integrations page might Look a little different depending on if You already added an integration in the Past you might see your list of Integrations But if you haven't created an Integration yet you might see the Connect integration button located in The middle of the screen Regardless of where that button is found Just click on connect integration We're just going to open up this pop-up Model and this example since we're Connecting aweber go ahead and select Aweber from the list of Integrations You will automatically automatically get This new pop-up window which is Basically a confirmation of what you Will be allowing uh clickfunnels to Access from aweber just go over the Bullet points right there uh in my case

Um the login name and password is Automatically pre-filled with my Information so you will have to enter Your information in there and once You've done that just check the I'm not A robot checkbox and then hit the click The allow access button And you will get that pop-up window Confirming you've already created the Connection in this example Um we already have that connection Established right here so that basically Just created another duplicative access For aweber or integration with aweber Right here down the bottom you can see That's today's date and the time Timestamp right there you might see this Differently on your end this might show Up at the top but regardless wherever You see it on the page you just want to Make sure the status of the integration Is active and you'll be good to go Congratulations you've reached the end Of this training video if you have any Questions about this process please feel Free to reach out our awesome customer Support team have a great day ahead

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