How to Integrate ClickFunnels Classic with ClickFunnels 2.0

Foreign [Music] I'll show you how to connect Clickfunnels 2.0 with clickfunnels Classic using the click funnels classic Integration Doing so allows you to send contacts From your click funnels 2.0 account to Your clickfunnels classic account and Perform various actions such as adding The contact to a list or removing them From a list in your clickfunnels classic Account or adding a tag or removing a Tag from a contact in your clickfunnels Classic account So to get started with this you're going To need an active clickfunnels 2.0 Account as well as an active click Funnels classic account Well signed into your clickfunnels 2.0 Account click on the settings menu from The left menu here and then click on the Integrations Sub menu From here you'll see any Integrations You currently have connected in this Case we're going to connect a new Integration for click funnels classic so Click on the connect integration button And then click on the click funnels Classic integration It'll be presented with a pop-up window Asking you to sign in to your Clickfunnels classic account So put in your clickbunnels classic

Credentials here and sign in in the Pop-up window All right and once you've logged in You'll be presented with an authorized Required screen here where you simply Need to click the authorize button to Allow clickfunnels 2.0 to use your click Funnels classic account Right after doing that you will see the New integration under the clickfunnels Classic section for the account that you Just connected you'll see the status Will say active indicating that this is Connected successfully and you'll be Able to use this integration and this Account in a workflow If you have any questions or need help Please contact our customer support team

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