How to Integrate Mailchimp into a Workflow

Foreign I'll show you how to integrate your MailChimp integration into a workflow So to get started you're going to need To have an active MailChimp account and An active click funnels 2.0 account And you'll also need to have a workflow In your clickfunnels 2.0 account So to get started you're going to want To open up the workflow where you want To add the MailChimp integration step I'm going to access a workflow here Through marketing workflows and just Click on my workflow here Now you'll need to click on the plus Button little bubble between any of the Steps where you want to add this Integration step So click there And then scroll down on the list that Appears to find the other section and Click on the third party integration From here scroll down or search for the MailChimp integration Now click on the account that you've Connected otherwise if you don't have a An account connected for this Integration you can do so here by Clicking the add MailChimp account And for step-by-step instructions on Connecting MailChimp integration with Your clickfunnels 2.0 account please see Our documentation on that

Once you've selected the account here Click next Now you'll need to configure the MailChimp integration for this step so Select the action from the drop down Menu that you would like to perform Such as adding a subscriber to a list or Removing a subscriber to a list Let's start just a couple examples And fill in the rest of the required Configuration settings here that you'll Need Depending on the action you selected All right once you've filled in the Required configuration settings click The next button at the bottom of this Modal And you'll be presented with the confirm And activate screen here just confirm Everything was how you wanted it and Click save If you need to go back to any of the Previous steps you can do so by clicking On them up here in the top with this Breadcrumb menu I'm going to go ahead and click save on The confirmation screen And you'll see that the integration is Added here at this place where I place This step here so it can also be moved Around just like any other normal Workflow step so if you have any Questions please feel free to contact Our excellent customer support team for

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