How to make clients stick with their payment plans

Here's what to do if you have clients Whose payments are declining and they're Not finishing out payment plans there's Two things the first thing is that you Actually have to get the customer to Fill out the application for the payment Plan if they fill it out they feel Actively more ownership over the Decision the second thing you do if Before you sign up for a payment plan For something that's really expensive The sales person asks you hey are you The type of person who sticks with your Commitment the reason they're asking you That is a psychological thing called Commitment consistency which is if they Give you a label that's positive you'll Associate with that label and then be Far more likely to actually own the Commitment or decision that you're Making and it's so that you don't Decline or default on the payment in the Future you can also use that as a Salesperson in Reverse to get more People to stick with the commitments That they're buying it's one of those Easy psychological switches that can Make you more money if you like that Video like follow and comment I'll see In the next

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