How To Make Money Online With Clickfunnels – Zero To My First $100k

In today’s video I want to share with You how I went from starting from Absolutes here or how this book Specifically changed my life and how I Made my first six figures online using Clickfunnels and the strategies that I Learned from the clickfunnels founder Co-founder and CEO Russell Brunson let’s Dive in one of the things that really Made everything for me more important Was getting pregnant my what not me my Wife getting pregnant and me waking up At 6 a.m. Being like you said what she’s like I’m Pregnant and me being like holy crap Like we’re here we can’t afford rent Barely we can’t buy food like we Literally had to go outside to my car we Found coins there and we were like hey Vito now we have food for another week And that that’s how bad it was and I let It for some reason I kind of waited for Things to click before I got started I Kind of waited for things to feel like I Was ready for like it was it was time But it wasn’t until I literally my back Was against the wall it wasn’t until I Had to take action and before life kind Of made me step up my game that I truly Went all-in so what’s at the moment that My wife told me like I’m pregnant That I realize like I’m not gonna be a Father who can’t support my family I’m Not gonna be a husband who is going to

Be a failure and it wasn’t that I didn’t Have ideas it was just that I had ideas But I didn’t understand how to execute Then I guess it comes from being afraid Of other people’s opinions I knew that If I got started like it would be hard To face the reality the society the External pressure from people friends And trust me it happened like this the Moment that I went public with like me Going into business and all that keep in Mind I was also trying to become a Professional soccer player and so like The pressure from outside I felt like it Was super huge anyways I don’t have any Reason to come up with excuses it just Like the reality it’s like it took me Eight more To get my first client and it wasn’t Until I made a decision to go out and be Like how can I find somebody and pay Them for their advice to show me how It’s done that’s it and so when people Ask me now it’s like all right I’m like Pay somebody who can show you how they Did it not Theory not at school that’s Why I dropped out of college but we’ll Save that story for another time this is The book that I saw I went online and I’m like how to make money online and I Saw Russell Brunson hold up this expert Secret was an ad like where the book was On fire and he’s like my book is on fire Um and it’s truly a fire book like it’s

So awesome I’ll put a link in the Description it’s like $7 for shipping And you get a free book it’s it’s Amazing I’ve changing and it was at that Moment that I started realizing the Power of sales funnels not just because Sales like click funnels is such a good Software but I start understanding like Wow if I can learn how to communicate on Video on trust me I was so shy I was so Nervous and so shaky when I did my first Videos like live streams It was hard but I understood like if I Can understand marketing and sales Funnels the psychology behind them how People buy it like human purchase human Behavior and purchase behavior then I Could make money going into whatever Industry I wanted to so I was I was like I have to learn this so I went online And I was like the next step is I have The book have some information I have The sparkle I have the the fire inside Of me now where can I go and learn Things to master the skill tom bill you The founder of impact Theory calls this Skill acquisition how can I get more Skills how can i acquire new skills that Can elevate my value to the marketplace And then I solve a problem and I get Paid and that’s why a lot of times I say Like the only thing you have to do is Solve problems for profit and that’s so That’s what I did so embarrassing side

Note I borrowed money from my two Younger brothers Shoutout to my bros and they actually Trusted me with I don’t know if they Trusted me or they just like whatever Bro like I don’t think you’re gonna make It but hey here you go or they knew that I was crazy but I mentioned I would Figure things out and so they’re like Okay here’s you know here’s money go and Buy the thing and good luck but they Borrowed me money I went and invested Into my first mentor my first coach and Literally I asked myself two questions Like who’s number one who’s doing what I Want to do number two who’s got the same Values and and sort of personality and Characteristics that I want to have so Like who’s ethical who’s like a good you Know human being who’s who’s like Somebody that I can truly trust and not You know just a hype marketer who’s out There trying to take advantage of people And I really wanted someone who’s like Ethical and that was you know and it Still to this day it’s very important Than anytime I look for a course or a Coach I ask myself like who’s somebody That I could truly call a friend and a Brother and family and that’s what a lot Of times I call you guys family because Like I love my audience I love you guys I love connecting with all of you and I Think I you know their specific

Personality people who are attracted to My content I try to you know just focus On doing the right thing and so anyways That’s what you want to keep in mind if You invest into somebody little side Note there and so next thing I did is Like I paid this mentor to show me and The first thing that he went through Like the ins and outs of sales funnels It was kind of taking this book and the Other book from russell brunson comm Secrets and showing me how to use it in In any industry so like how do I come up With an offer how do I communicate my Message how do I create content on Content on social media how do I grow an Audience keep in mind four years ago I Didn’t talk English Four years ago I didn’t know how to Communicate online I could never have Sold anything to anyone online and now You know people are coming to me through Inbound marketing so like I don’t have To go out and do call the emails called Calling a networking event it’s you know Leveraging social media and funnels like On social media you provide value on Funnels you convert them into leads by Giving something of value and then you Know Them things on the back end that can Change their life and help them with Whatever they value so what I started Doing is I started looking at the

Marketplace and this kind of my first Big transition into business and this is What changed everything for me cuz it Was at the moment that I made my first Thousand dollars that everything changed For me and I realized that if I can get One client I can just get another one And this was different than having a job Because in my job I was my previous jobs Had 15 different jobs before I was 21 And I was realized that you know the More I work the it wasn’t like if I Provide more value than I got paid more It was always like if you work longer Hours you’ll get paid more but it’s Still the same seven dollars per hour or Well in Euros but it was more like eight Nine ten that you know that sort of Range and so it’s crazy to think now That I charge five hundred dollars for An hour of consulting probably gonna Increase that but it’s just because I Was like the value the the size of the Problem that you solve and that’s you Know equal to what you can charge so so That’s what I did I started learning Clickfunnels I started going into Businesses and being like hey I’ll help You with your marketing I was like hey Why you’re not using social media and Funnels and why you just doing hope Marketing you put stuff out there but You’re not tracking anything you don’t Know if it’s making you money you’re not

And I started seeing these patterns like Wait a minute they’re doing it in real Estate industry they’re doing it in this Industry and like freakin more is They’re doing it here and you should Have this and I wasn’t that good at Clickfunnels yet I just understood like The customer journey of like a value Ladder of like kay unaware people make Them aware of your stuff make them Interest and in them convert them and Sort of go down that funnel but it Wasn’t until I for the first time start Using tech funnels to get my first Client online without having to go Anywhere offline I saw the power like Wait a minute here somebody just Messaged me they saw my follow and they Want to work with me and so like I think In the beginning I did a couple of sales Calls I didn’t call them that I just Dumped on the phone And instead of being a closer I said Introverted as I am I just said how can I provide value to them ask myself that Question and I jumped on a call and at The end of the call they’re like how Much is if you help us and basically I Just said let me write you an email suck At selling I still do but because some People say like the introverts are the Best salespeople because they can listen And so at least I could like listen and Take notes for people wanted so I just

Sent them an email with what they have Told me that they wanted and with what I Knew I could help them and even if there Were things in the beginning I’ll be Honest like there were things that was Freaking me out but I said we got YouTube we got Google so I’ll first say Yes I’ll first jump then I’ll figure Things out as the pair’s you open so That’s what I did and I’m like I said I Got my first client at thousand well First I started at like 300 mm not 200 Month I actually had sometimes at 300 a Month which is crazy but I sold like my First website back then it was more like WordPress and Wix and I spent so much Time hating my life in Wix and WordPress And now it was more like me like we have Clickfunnels nowadays it’s like proclick For most is life it is the difference it Is anyways it’s just crazy to me the Power of clickfunnels and and the easy You know website builder and the power That it can have and the track ability To show people how they’re making money I can just charge more and help more People and so that’s you know that’s That’s amazing but that was kind of like My my moment of realization where I was Like bro like if I can just set up Funnels provide value convert the Percentage of those people lastly I Shared with you how I made 67% of those People who land on landing page opt-in

And actually download something provide You know give me their email address Which is a lot like 67% opt-in rate is Great like ask anybody in the industry It’s awesome it’s great so that’s kind Of the first transition that I had And then some of you know if you’ve been Following me online you know that after I grew that to six figures and a lot of People start asking me like hey how do You get clients like I heard that you’re Not doing cold calls you’re not doing Cold emailing you’re not even doing cold Outreach on Facebook you don’t mess you Know you don’t message people asking Them to buy your stuff I was like no Like I hate that stuff and so for me It’s always been like how can I provide Value for free and then I know that Sales are gonna come because I have like This servant mentality of like how can I Help more people and I think when you do That people can see it and they can be Like man I trust this person that’s kind Of my strategy there so like I said I Started making like a thousand per Client and it was great it was it it was A sense of freedom and control because I Knew I liked the power was in my hands To be like the more I work the more I’ll Make not just per hour but per client And so I actually started hiring people And I learned a ton about like who Should you hire how should you at one

Point had three employees and I was like You know I kind of learned how to be a Manager but not to the point that I got Really good at it I didn’t and this is Interesting I think it’s a big lesson For you as well if you’re growing your Business is to make sure that you’re Keeping the role that you want to have Not just the role that is like natural For the progression of the company and We’ve seen this with companies like Jim Shark the founder of Jim shark is a Young founder and he decided to step Down as a CEO after making millions of Dollars because he realized I’m not a CEO I’m a marketer so he stepped down to Be the chief marketing officer and not The CEO and they hired someone for that For me it was kind of the other way cuz I realized like um I don’t want to hire A CEO and grow a huge company yet I want To be in a creative role and so I ended Up letting people go and they you know Thank God they found like good you know Other positions but for me it was like It was so hard for me that I even Questioned why I become an entrepreneur In the first place I went from being a creative person who Can build stuff and take someone’s ID And bishan and turned it into reality Through website social media and sales Funnels I became a manager and had to be Like and I suck at that like directing

And leading people like hey here’s what We do next and and that sort of thing Because I had no background I’m a College dropout how how should I know How to you know manage client Communication versus client expectations And then employees and team building and System building and I’m just the kid in You know what I mean it’s like it was Hard and so I ended up letting them go And I ended up I just focusing on Becoming really good at what I did Instead and and a lot of times I’d said No to two clients because I was capped I Was like no this solo you know this is All I can do for now and and I think if I would have made a decision to be like I don’t care about what I love doing I just want to become that leader and Grow a huge business I would have grown So much faster because I would have Hired people then focus on selling Selling selling hiring people to fulfill And getting more leads sell and then Fulfill so it’s like attract convert and Deliver but I didn’t want to do that at That stage I still don’t want to do that At this thing I want to be in a creative Position because I’m happiest that way I’m I feel fulfilled by being creative And I think that’s a huge lesson as well I shut down my six-figure agency I shut It down and I realized like man I’m not Doing what I want to do I’m not working

With my dream customers and nothing Wrong again it’s like the customers that I had but it was just like I want people Like me I want people who think like me Who act like me who talk like me who Value things like me and that mine you Know that might sound weird to some of You but the reality is that I just Wanted to build a business that gives me Freedom for me and my family while Making sure that my pursuit of becoming Better every single day is like I stay True to that so I don’t just try to go Out and build business to make money I Try out I try to become better person to Have more discipline to I grow a set you Know Like acquire new skills and skill stack If you will and I don’t know like solve Bigger problems for clients and it’s Happening it’s like I’m getting bigger And bigger clients but now it’s my dream Clients my dream customers because I Know who I’m targeting I know who I’m Speaking to And it only happened once I became true To myself it’s like who do I truly want To work with who do I you know what I Mean and so that’s that’s like a big big Lessons a lesson that I learned and I Think if you apply it to your life your Your luck will never be the same that’s Freedom is like being able to do what You love and not focus on the millions

Of dollars yet but focus on making sure That you do something that you love to Do something that you’re passionate About and that there are gurus they’re Gonna tell you that passion comes later Just do something you know for 10 years And build a business without focusing on Your passion then you can live your Passion on your free time I’m a little Bit different in that sense that I Realized that man I want to make my work Not feel like work and I’m I can Confidently say that that’s what I’ve Reached right now where work doesn’t Feel like work okay I’m literally sitting on my computer Building funnels and doing all of this And I’m like time has passed so fast I Didn’t even look at the watch and I used To work in my other jobs I used to work At jobs where I would literally look at The time every 15 minutes being like When is this day over like when can I go Just for like a break and go home and Fridays and all of that and that’s what I want from for everyone that’s what I Want for you it’s like finding a thing It doesn’t have to be a business it Could be a job but making sure that you Do what you love because that’s the goal Is happiness fulfillment and not just Money right like money is good it’s a Tool is great and money is not evil Don’t even get me started on that point

That’s another video but and so to wrap This up if I were to leave you with Three actionable steps that you can take It number one what is your passion Figure out what do you love to do what Would you do if it has to be free if Money wasn’t a thing you Have to do it every single day what Would you do number two ask yourself Where are you qualified to actually help People so like whether it’s a course What are you qualified to teach people If it’s consulting where you qualify to Help people number three is what is the Problem in the marketplace do you see People having so like you can google it You can look up books you can you can Look at YouTube videos and you can ask Yourself like what are some of the Things that people are asking for like What is the problem that you solve in a Marketplace if your personality brand it Could be like I help single women get Over their eggs or I help married Businessmen create a business and a Marriage that they’re proud of so like Think about the specific outcome that is Combining your love for psychology for An example and then your qualification Of marriage and business to then be like Pair those three together so hopefully That makes sense if you like this video Make sure you hit that subscribe button And you smash the like button that way

We can help more people that’s kind of How YouTube works and my question to you Is what is it that you want to learn More about when it comes to clickfunnels To Salesforce marketing just comment That below and I’ll make a video and Covering the most requested ones and That’s it for today’s video thank you so Much for being here Love you all and I’ll see in the next Video peace [Music]

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