How to make over 1k day in profit while still in school

You can earn 1120 per day in profit not Revenue Meaning you're above the one percent Earning in the nation while you're still In school number one you don't want to Sell tutoring you want to sell the Outcome of tutoring which is to get into Either a job that's going to pay more When you get into a better school that Has a material difference on the network The companies that recruit and so you Can a very real way tie the increase of Someone's test scores to how much money They're going to make don't do One-on-one do semi-private it's still a Small group setting they still get the Personalized attention but when they're Taking problems you can have them take Turn doing the problem versus teaching Someone on the problem you're just more Optimized for your time from a money Math perspective you charge 35 bucks It's cheaper than the 60 that someone Would charge one-on-one but you have Eight people you're making 280 an hour You do four of those hours a day you're Making eleven hundred dollars a day for Four hours of work Thank you

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